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The Bottletop Band: New Project Feat. Matt Helders

By Will Oliver, December 14th 2010

The Bottletop Band is an exciting newt charity project that teams up Brazilian and British musicians. All proceeds from the project go to grassroots education projects, through the Bottletop organization.

The group consists of UK musicians such as Arctic Monkeys’ drummer, Matt Helders, Gruff Rhys, Reverend and The Makers (Which includes original Arctic Monkeys bassist Andy Nicholson), Eliza Doolittle, Tim Burgess, Carl Barat, and Drew McConnell. Check out the photo above featuring Matt Helders and Andy Nicholson. Cool to see Andy again.

They will release their debut album Dream Service on April 11. You can grab the dreamy first single “Fall of Rome” below:

[mp3]: The Bottletop Band – Fall of Rome

Watch a trailer for the project below, or head here for more information.:

Matt Helders Is Playing In P Diddy’s Backing Band

By Will Oliver, June 14th 2010 — with 2 comments

By now you should probably know that Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders is good buddies with P Diddy. There is even documented proof. Now it looks as though the two have taken their friendship to the next level. Matt made a surprise appearance as the drummer in Diddy’s backing band when Diddy performed his new single “Hell Good Morning”, on the Jonathan Ross show.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw Matt drumming during a P Diddy song. He’s completely out of place. Good for Matt though. Looks like the boys are moving on to bigger things with every passing moment,

Don’t know why I didn’t report this sooner, as I saw it before but didn’t post it. We all know how much I love covering the Arctic’s, so I apologize for not being on top of my stuff. Watch it below:

[Video] Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys) Sings “Last Christmas”

By Will Oliver, December 11th 2009 — with 2 comments

I am going to see Arctic Monkeys tomorrow at Terminal 5 in NYC! I cannot wait. They also played last night (Thurs 12/10) and in the middle of “Fluorescent Adolescent”, Matt Helders did a quick cover of “Last Christmas”!

I gotta say, Matt has really developed his voice! He can really sing now!

Anyway, the video is great! Thanks to Blake for recording the video, and sending it to me!!! Check it out below! :


They better do the same for me tomorrow :-) !!

Royal Blood at The Marlin Room at Webster Hall (October 16, 2014)

By Will Oliver, October 29th 2014 — with 1 comment

1_Royal Blood_Marlin Room

On October 16 British duo Royal Blood played The Marlin Room at Webster Hall along with Kan Wakan. It took me until the end of the show to realize it, but it was a special show simply for the reason that Royal Blood are already too big to play small places like that. As UK fans have been aware of for some time, these guys are destined for much bigger things.
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Arctic Monkeys @ Madison Square Garden (February 8, 2014)

By Will Oliver, February 9th 2014 — with 3 comments


Last night was a big night for all Arctic Monkeys fans alike. I was sure that seeing my favorite band headline their biggest show in the states at Madison Square Garden was going to be a seminal moment for all. It should have been their tour de force, their big moment where they finally captivate the audiences that they have deserved here for so long. This arrival was long overdue for sure. With that said, I expected to leave late Saturday night from one of the best gigs of my life, possibly one of the most memorable Arctic Monkeys shows in the United States, period. Maybe that was my fault, because if I’m being 100% real and honest, the show was pretty standard and by the numbers for them, which left me quite perplexed. Read the rest of this entry »

Arctic Monkeys MSG – J.T. Hill

By Will Oliver, February 7th 2014


Tomorrow is the big day. Arctic Monkeys headline MSG in their biggest American show to date. I asked you guys, their biggest fans, to share thoughts on the show, and what its significance means to you.

A few of you guys took the time to write something, which is easier said than done, so thanks to you guys that actually took the time to participate. I appreciate it.

Instead of compiling all them together, I’m going to release them one by one, so each person’s post gets their own individual spotlight.

Find J.T. Hill’s heartfelt post below. Find J.T. on twitter as well.
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Review: Arctic Monkeys – ‘AM’

By Will Oliver, September 10th 2013 — with 3 comments

Arctic Monkeys - AM

Arctic Monkeys – AM | Domino Records | September 10, 2013 | Purchase

With every band there will be those fans who cling onto the bands past doings, digging their nails deep into a certain page in the bands history book, holding no room for change or alteration of that memory. You can’t be one of those if you’re an Arctic Monkeys fan. You just can’t. But with two instantly successful albums with Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not & Favourite Worst Nightmare, you will always have fans whose necks are permanently craned backwards. That’s fine. Arctic Monkeys are moving right past you, with slicked back hair, leather jackets, all while riding on motorcycles and in convertibles, with your girl by their side. Every step they take is a new exploration, a new passion, a new feeling. You can either get on board, or hang on to the past.
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Arctic Monkeys @ Madison Square Garden (March 22, 2012)

By Will Oliver, March 25th 2012 — with 3 comments

So Arctic Monkeys finally played at The Garden. Though they’re not headlining quite yet, an opening gig for The Black Keys is still an awesome thing.

The Monkeys didn’t sound lost at all during their set, which was dedicated to the heavier, faster-paced songs of their catalogue. Starting things off with banging versions of “Brianstorm”, “This House Is A Circus”. and “Still Take You Home”, the pit had no problem getting into things. From there the heavy riffs continued to dominate with demanding versions of “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair”, “The View From The Afternoon”, “I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor”. I shouldn’t have been surprised by how well the tunes filled out the massive MSG, but I couldn’t help but be in awe. This was a big stage even for these guys, and it made me very proud to see them dominate it so well.

I was glad to see that the band brought “If You Were There, Beware” out, since it’s one of the best early showings of the darker sound that the band now occupy’s. “Pretty Visitors” is always worth it live just purely to watch Matt Helders tear up his drum set. “Teddy Picker” eeriely brought back memories from the first time that I heard the song ever so long ago. The urgency of “Crying Lightning” has gone no where, especially with Turner’s hilariously creative guitar pick trick. He’s certainly been practicing.

“Evil Twin” and “R U Mine?” are ideal thrashers for a bigger stage, and boy, did they translate with an enthusiastic bang. It was a great end to a trying performance that hopefully transformed some of the Black Keys fans into fans of the Sheffield 4.

Photos and setlist are posted below.
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