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[new]: Memoryhouse – Untitled

By Will Oliver, January 23rd 2013


Memoryhouse shared a new track simply titled “Untitled” in the form of a music video. They uploaded on the site with a post thanking their fans for the support. Here’s an excerpt of the post:

We wanted to share this music video for everyone as a way of saying thank you for sticking with us this past year. You’ve dragged us around the world and we have been fortunate enough to meet so many of you, and we feel that a sincere, heartfelt, weirdly familial, sloppy hug (in the form of a song) is in order.

The song is just as lovely as the video that accompanys it. Check it out below, and head here to read the full letter.

UNTITLED from Memoryhouse on Vimeo.


[new]: Memoryhouse – Walk With Me

By Will Oliver, January 30th 2012

Memoryhouse are back with another stunning cut from new album The Slideshow Effect. “Walk With Me” is a dreamy cinematic cut that is right up the band’s comfortable alley. The song really takes an upbeat positive turn at the end rising high up above the rest. It captures the feeling of being in a moment too good for you to truly realize how good it is. The moment’s there for the taking.

The Slideshow Effect drops February 28 via Sub Pop.

[mp3]: Memoryhouse – Walk With Me

As a new years treat, Memoryhouse recorded a cover of The Zombies “This Will Be Our Year”. It’s a calm reassuring cover that is super smooth. Here’s the message that the band posted on their tumblr.

In light of the new year, Evan and I have decided to record a cover of one of our favorite Zombies songs, “This Will Be Our Year”. Thank you everyone for all of your support in 2011, and I hope this song helps motivate you to lose 5 pounds, stop smoking, and watch less reality T.V. (or is that just me?). Lots of exciting things are in the works this year, onward and upward!

Download the cover below. Here’s the original.

[mp3]: Memoryhouse – This Will Be Our Year (The Zombies Cover)

[new]: Memoryhouse – The Kids Were Wrong

By Will Oliver, December 17th 2011

“The Kids Were Wrong” is a cut from Memoryhouse’s debut album, The Slideshow Effect.

The lush dreamy sounds that they generate act as a warm comfort. The upbeat guitar rushes through moments of hazy glory, providing a contrast that binds both worlds.

If you enjoyed what they did on their The Years EP, “The Kids Were Wrong” will surely be an easy listen.

[mp3]: Memoryhouse – The Kids Were Wrong

The Slideshow Effect will be released on February 28th via Sup Pop.

[CMJ]: Memoryhouse @ Glasslands Gallery (10/21/2011)

By Will Oliver, October 23rd 2011

Memoryhouse delighted with a lush set full of dreamy songs that reminder me a whole lot of Beach House. They played a solid number of tracks from their The Years EP, which translated very well live. It was hard not to crush on the adorably cute lead singer Denise Nouvion who had the crowd in her palm.

These guys set the mood alright. Wouldn’t hesitate seeing them again.

Memoryhouse – Caregiver

By Will Oliver, October 15th 2010 — with 1 comment

Memoryhouse’s new ballad “Caregiver” is a beautiful moment that will break down even the hardest hearts. It’s as honest of a moment as they come. It makes sense that the band recorded the song in a church in rural Ontario.

“Caregiver” is a perfect partner in crime to the changing seasons, providing an adequate soundtrack to the falling leaves of fall. We got ourselves a keeper:

Memoryhouse- Caregiver by dangervillage

“Caregiver” is going to be released as a 7″ on Suicide Squeeze. You can pre-order it right here. Their debut EP, The Years, is available for free download right here.

We All Want Someone To Shout For’s Best Albums Of 2012

By Will Oliver, January 3rd 2013 — with 13 comments


Thanks To Camilo for this great artwork.

Looking back at 2012, there were plenty of albums that I loved. Was it the best year of music in recent memory? Maybe not, but it was a damn good year in its own right. There is a lot that we may look back on and remember well into the rest of the decade.

This year I listed my Top 40 albums, as well as a few honorable mentions that were as close to making my list as they come. I didn’t get to listen to everything that I wanted to. As the only writer, it’s tough to balance listening to everything, and listening to everything well. That is something I hope to become better at this year.

Ready or not, here are my best albums of 2012:

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We All Want Someone To Shout For’s Best Songs Of 2012…So Far

By Will Oliver, August 22nd 2012 — with 6 comments

Shit, it’s the middle of August already? Did I really wait this long to make my best songs of the middle of the year list? Yep, Will Oliver at his finest hour.

Ah whatever. No matter how late this list is, I still fell obliged to share what I found to be the best songs of 2012 at the middle (or 3/4) point of 2012. This year saw a lot of great stuff from a lot of my favorite bands, as well as a lot of young, new, talent. I am so impressed by this group of songs, that I couldn’t even keep to my limit of 50 like I originally planned. Remember, this is just my preliminary list. Things can and will change come December.

I got mp3 downloads of some songs, and links of streams to others on each individual track. I also got a spotify playlist where you can actually stream the entire thing. Find that here. Not a bad deal.

Thanks to my good friend Riley for allowing me to use her awesome photo, which Camilo edited to allow the addition of some text.

So take a break from your work, stream the playlist from your phone while your at the beach, and allow me to soundtrack your move in to your college dorm. Here are my favorite songs of 2012, as of right now:
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We All Want Someone To Shout For’s February 2012 Mix

By Will Oliver, March 7th 2012 — with 4 comments

First things first, Camilo really outdid himself with this month’s album art. That’s a work of beauty posted above. Honored to have such a talented guy on our side.

February brought out some really cool songs, some mellow, some upbeat, some all over the map. I added a spotify stream along with the usual mp3 stream and zip download. Hope you enjoy.

1. Beach Fossils – Lessons
2. Sun Sister – Growing ur hair out
3. Chromatics – Lady
4. Yellow Ostrich – The Shakedown
5. Work Drugs – License To Drive
6. The High Strung – The Luck You Got
7. Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?
8. Weird Dreams – Little Girl
9. The Kills – Pale Blue Eyes
10. Here We Go Magic – Make Up Your Mind
11. Memoryhouse – Bonfire
12. Theme Park – Two Hours

Stream it on Spotify

Zip Download (newly updated as of 4/5/12)

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