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Miike Snow’s reputation has been growing ever since their initial outburst onto the scene years ago. The band has three upcoming shows at the fairly large Terminal 5, which are all sold out. So it was a great opportunity to catch them at the more intimate Music Hall of Williamsburg.

They kicked things off with “Enter The Joker’s Lair”, the opening track from new album Happy To You. The band came out with their signature masks but soon removed them for the remainder of the show, a message that they will never forget their earlier roots, but also a notion that they are clearly moving on as a band.

The band weaved in and out of new songs and old, pleasing and dazzling fans in various ways. The new songs sounded great, but the songs from their debut were the ones that really shined. The band has spent plenty of time developing these familiar cuts into blitz formation, making it sound fuller, and giving it more room to breath with extended outtro’s and jams.

Miike Snow is a full band, but don’t get it wrong, it’s frontman Andrew Wyatt’s show. He has a demanding stage presence up front, putting out a show with his various microphones. His voice registered very well live, proving that Miike Snow isn’t one of those electronic bands who rely soley on the studio. No, no, these dudes are the real deal.

Hit the jump for the set list, and for more photos.

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[new]: Miike Snow – Black Tin Box (Feat. Lykke Li)

By Will Oliver, January 24th 2012 — with 1 comment

“Black Tin Box” is yet another new track from Miike Snow’s upcoming album Happy To You. It features fellow Swedish pop mind Lykke Li. It has a darker tone than most of the upbeat stuff that the band usually offers. This isn’t the type of Miike Snow that instantly clicks. This is going to take a few listens to completely sink in.

Take a listen below.

Happy To You comes out March 27th via Downtown Records/Universal Republic.

[new]: Miike Snow – Paddling Out

By Will Oliver, January 20th 2012

Miike Snow are releasing new album Happy To You on March 27 via Downtown/Universal Republic.

In December they shared “Devil’s Work” with us. They are now streaming the albums first single “Paddling Out”. It’s a glitchy electronic heavy track that doesn’t hold back in any way. These guys know how to write a dance song. Vocals are reminiscent of Passion Pit, which makes sense since the two bands aren’t all that different.

The band have announced new tour dates that include SXSW and Terminal 5, on April 24. You may find me at one or the other. Find full tour dates after the jump.
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[new]: Miike Snow – Devil’s Work

By Will Oliver, December 6th 2011 — with 1 comment

Miike Snow
is back with a new track called “Devil’s Work” and they didn’t leave any of their pop excitment behind. It takes a different route, adding a dramatic piano and horns, but the Swedish pop-hooks are plenty. It’s good to have them back.

A new album is in the works, looking at a release sometime in 2012. For now, stream “Devil’s Work” below, a catch a film accompaniment that the band also released today, after the jump.

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The Suzan – Animal (Miike Snow Cover)

By Will Oliver, November 2nd 2010 — with 3 comments

While waiting for Kanye’s surprise CMJ performance, I had to sit through a lot of Fool’s Gold’s acts. One of these was a Japanese pop group named The Suzan. One of the coolest parts of their set was their cover of Miike Snow’s “Animal”. It was a good fit for the band, and I think it’s a enjoyable song that may help you get through this somewhat sluggish week.

[mp3]: The Suzan – Animal (Miike Snow Cover)

Here’s the original, while we’re at it:

[mp3]: Miike Snow – Animal

Miike Snow

By Will Oliver, January 6th 2010 — with 3 comments

Miike Snow’s debut self titled album’s was a pleasant delight in 2009. It was a solid album that was so front loaded it wasn’t even funny. The first half of that album is filled with incredible pop song after incredible pop song. The first five songs of the album are filled with sweet hooks and delightful memories that most bands would kill for. I never got around to posting about these guys, but it’s not like I am adding anything. These guys got blogged and remixed to death in 2009. I guess it was better for me to let the dust settled so that you guys can enjoy Miike Snow for what they really are, fun pop songs. Two of the guys in the band are professional pop song writers who write songs for the likes of Madonna, Kylie Minouge, and Kelis. They even won a Grammy for Britney’s Toxic (guilty pleasure much?).

It was hard to choose two songs to post out of those first 5, but these should give you a good enough idea about what these dudes are all about.

[mp3] : Miike Snow – Song for No One

[mp3] : Miike Snow – Animal

If you like what you hear,

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Governors Ball 2016: Not a Total Washout

By Anthony Bauer, September 13th 2016 — with 1 comment


When you’re a music festival organizer/promoter, you’re hoping & praying that the chosen weekend will zero chance of rain or severe weather. It’s a huge risk, and as we’ve seen in the past… it can literally go either way. This years Governors Ball Music Festival literally had its fair share of both good and bad weather, but that didn’t stop it from still being a memorable weekend at all.





Day 1 and day 2 were chock full of outstanding performances, and the standouts for me were Black Pistol Fire, Christine and the Queens, Action Bronson, Big Grams, Father John Misty, Beck, Block Party, The Strokes, Torres, Lord Huron, De La Soul, Miguel, Miike Snow, The Killers and M83. Were things started to get a little complicated was during Haim’s set on the main stage when the weather decided to finally turn from questionable to dreadful in literally a split second.
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Who To See At Governors Ball 2016

By Will Oliver, June 2nd 2016

Gov Ball 2016

Ready or not, Governors Ball is tomorrow. I don’t know when 2016 decided to throw the summer at us, but it’s happening whether we like it or not. Unfortunately the weather may bring us a weekend of rain, but even so, there’s enough great talent at the festival to make us excited to battle the elements. This year, I decided to do a little breakdown of who to see each day, in case you’re not sure on who to see, or a little torn on a conflict or two (although there’s not too many this year, at least for me). Find the list posted below, and be sure to return next week for our coverage.
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