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POP ETC @ Bowery Hotel (July 22, 2012)

By Will Oliver, July 23rd 2012

POP ETC made their live debut early last night for free at The Bowery Hotel. This created a light-free feel-good environment that the band definitely benefited from.

Only Chris & Jon Chu, and Julian Harmon remain on-board from the Morning Benders, as bassist Tim Or has left. There are two new band members, one taking over bass duties, and another who played keys, making the POP ETC head count at 5. The band rocked all of their debut album, bringing the songs to life effortlessly. While some people may feel mixed on their new direction, it’s tough to deny the fun nature of the songs live. They are vibrant and bouncy live, a whole lot of fun.

I loved The Benders, and naturally was sad they didn’t play any of their older stuff. But they are moved past their old stuff, and headed into this new direction. As long as you go into their live show with an open mind and realize that this is now POP ETC, you will definitely enjoy what they have to offer you.

[album stream]: POP ETC – POP ETC

By Will Oliver, June 5th 2012

POP ETC’s new album, and their first since they changed their name is currently streaming over at MTV Hive. The album comes out next week (June 12) on Rough Trade. Head to MTV Hive to give the album a good listen, and to read Chris’ interview with them.

What are you waiting for?

If you have yet to watch their performance of “Keep It For Your Own” for Yours Truly, you should get on that.

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[watch]: POP ETC – Keep It For Your Own (Yours Truly Session)

By Will Oliver, May 30th 2012 — with 1 comment

POP ETC have returned to the always great Yours Truly, performing their fantastic new single “Keep It For Your Own”. Their 2010 Yours Truly performance of “Excuses” really helped them break through, and this time they use the session as their first real performance since the name switch.

The session starts with a noteworthy explanation about the current state of the band, and then the bands kicks through a mighty strong version of “Keep It For Your Own”. It’s great, and it’s posted below. for your viewing pleasure.
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POP ETC’s New Single: Keep It For Your Own

By Will Oliver, May 15th 2012

“Keep It For Your Own” is the first single from POP ETC’s new album. It’s a great choice for a first single as it combines everything that I love from the Morning Benders as well as the new stylings of POP ETc. The best of both worlds.

Buy the single on iTunes. POP ETC comes out June 12 via Rough Trade.

[new]: POP ETC – Live It Up

By Will Oliver, April 30th 2012

“Live It Up” is a song from POP ETC’s new self-titled album. They just released self-directed video for “Live It Up” that features frontman Chris Chu singing straight at you, full of emotion and expression. It’s a simple video that does the job.

The song continues the trend towards expressive r&b that features auto-tuned vocals and plenty of soul. It furthers the new direction that they are taking.

Catch it below.
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POP ETC Announce Album

By Will Oliver, April 9th 2012

If you don’t know by now, The Morning Benders are now known as POP ETC. Read why here.

They’ve announced that their first album under the new name will be self titled, and released on June 12 via Rough Trade. Frontman Chris Chu spilled the news in an interview with Pitchfork. That’s the album art posted above.

The band is officially a three-piece, as bassist Tim Or has left the band. The album will include “Halfway To Heaven” and “Everything Is Gone”, both which appear on the POP ETC Mixtape that the guys are giving away for free.

The album is mostly self produced, but the band did get some assistance from Danger Mouse and Andrew Dawson. Fans should note that this album will sound almost nothing like Big Echo. I think their mixtape should give you an idea of the new r&b flavored pop direction that the band are looking towards.

Head here for the full interview. Here’s a little excerpt about what the band thinks about possible reactions to the new material:

I can’t really think about that. If I did, the results would be some watered-down attempt at “Excuses”, or whatever it is that people want from me. I think people will connect with seeing artists that really believe in what they’re doing and are excited about it. We’ve committed to our new sound, and we’re not ashamed. We’re not trying to sneak anything by anybody. We are what we are– and, hopefully, you’ll like it.

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