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Within minutes of Palma Violets taking the stage at Baby’s All Right on Monday night, kicking into opening number “Rattlesnake Highway,” the band were pelted with beer. They took it very much in stride and used it as fuel to kick the song into a fierce gear that set the tone for the rest of the evening. This was one of the wildest shows of the very early year, a point made even more clear within the first two songs when one of the ceiling sound absorbers was knocked off and was dangling above right near my head until the bands tour members and venue workers eventually took it completely off.

The last time I saw Palma Violets was at the main stage at Lollapalooza, but this show reminded me of their first New York City shows at Shea Stadium and Glasslands.
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[new]: Palma Violets – “Danger In The Club”

By Will Oliver, February 24th 2015

Palma Violets

Brit-rockers Palma Violets will return with new album Danger In The Club on May 5 via Rough Trade.

They’ve let go of the first single and title track “Danger In The Club” in the form of a rather epic music video shot showing the band playing in a rowdy pub. This is a rowdy little anthem that quickly builds up steam and lets loose in a big, big, way. I’m already looking forward to hearing this one live when they return to New York for a show at Baby’s All Right, which tickets are still on sale for.

Check out the video below and check out their mini leg of U.S. dates and the album’s tracklisting.

1. Sweet Violets
2. Hollywood (I Got It)
3. Girl, you couldn’t do much better (On The Beach)
4. Danger in the Club
5. Coming Over to My Place
6. Secrets of America
7. The Jacket Song
8. Matador
9. Gout! Gang! Go!
10. Walking Home
11. Peter and the Gun
12. No Money Honey
13. English Tongue

Tour Dates:

March 16th – NYC – Baby’s All Right
March 18th-21st – SXSW
March 24th – SF – Rickshaw Stop
March 25th – LA – Echo
March 28th – Burgerama Fest

Palma Violets @ Lollapalooza (8/4/2013)

By Will Oliver, August 7th 2013 — with 2 comments


The last time I saw Palma Violets was in the more contained Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn, back when it was still snowing out. So seeing them play the biggest stage at Lolla in the summer heat was a very big difference. But the band still brought the same excitement to the stage and did a great job sharing their fun energy that got me hooked on them in the first place. These youngsters are very exciting to watch live, and I recommend that you go see them before they take off even further.

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Palma Violets @ Glasslands Gallery (January 23, 2013)

By Will Oliver, January 24th 2013

I went for another round of Palma Violets in Brooklyn last night, this time, at Glasslands Gallery. Their first show was enjoyable, but their second show was a tighter performance. Not sure if nerves were involved on Saturday, but the band definitely seemed more comfotable and at ease this time around.

Many peoples qualm with modern music is that rock is dead. Palma Violets are my counter offer. They may not be changing the game, but they are making rock music enjoyable again. Song after song of no bullshit rock and roll was pumped out of these 4 Londoners, with an attitude reminiscent of The Libertines. Are they worth the buzz? Who cares. I had a great time watching them rock out, and that’s all the matters.

Getting to hear their songs a second time around made me realize that they got a solid arsenal of rock tunes. Hopefully all of them translate well on their debut album 180.

Hollerado gave a lively opening set with plenty of feel good hooks, and plenty of stories. I caught the tail end of Brooklyn natives The Teen Age set and enjoyed what I heard.

Check the jump for the photo galleries of Palma Violets & Hollerado.
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Palma Violets, Indian Rebound, The So So Glos @ Shea Stadium (January 19, 2013)

By Will Oliver, January 22nd 2013 — with 3 comments

Palma Violets had a huge 2012 in the UK making the Londoners one of the hottest bands coming into 2013. They made their first trip to the U.S. over the weekend playing at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, making it their first American show ever.

There was that special feeling in the air during their set. Many people automatically dismiss bands that get a lot of love from the NME, arguing that their popularity will be short lived. I don’t know if Palma Violets are going to save rock and roll and all that nonsense, but I do know that they put on a solid rock and roll live show. There was a special buzz in the air during their set, the type of feeling that only comes at the start of a young bands career. Seeing them play to a young, high-energized crowd was something special. Everyone lost it during “Best Of Friends”, the breakthrough single that launched the bands career.

If you have a chance to see them in intimate venues during this exciting start of their career, please do.

Indian Rebound were one of the supporting acts of the night. They continue to improve literally every time that I see them. The guys are growing up, and they are improving with their playing along the way. Their set was concise, fast, and explosive, making them seem more and more like a fully formed act than ever before. They are really coming along.

The So So Glos, and Soft Black opened as well and also gave the crowd high energy sets that were easy to enjoy.

Check out galleries of Palma Violets & Indian Rebound below.
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[new]: Palma Violets – Step Up For The Cool Cats

By Will Oliver, January 10th 2013

Step Up For The Cool Cats

Palma Violets debut album 180 is on the way on February 25.  They just released a new track from 180, titled “Step Up For The Cool Cats.”  It’s going to be tough for the band to live up to the expectations of all their material after how successful their debut single “Best Of Friends” was.

Thankfully, they didn’t set out to recreate it. “Step Up For The Cool Cats” isn’t nearly as immediate, but after a few listens, it’s beginning to work its way into my wheelhouse. These guys have the ability to create young summer anthems that have their way with you.

If they can crank out a bunch of solid tunes that will go well while you are hanging out with a few cold ones on a hot summers day, that would be a considered a successful debut in my eyes.

Damn, Palma Violets nail this performance of “Best Of Friends” on Later… with Jools Holland. Has all the energy and attitude that makes the song great. Can’t wait until these lads come stateside. It’s going to be a wild show, that’s for sure.

The band has announced that their debut album is due out in the UK on February 25. Don’t know if that means anything for the U.S. but either way, our ears will be getting a whole album from this exciting band rather soon.

Watch the performance below.


[Introducing]: Palma Violets

By Will Oliver, September 11th 2012 — with 1 comment

My friend Peter attended the Bestival music festival at the Isle of Wight this weekend. He just pointed me in the direction of Palma Violets, a new band from Lambeth, London. Their fairly new, and haven’t quite spread stateside ..yet.

One listen to their passionate anthem “Best Of Friends” will have you committed to every move that this band makes. Imagine a boozed up garage version of The Libertines. Big riffs and a chorus that just begs for drunken singalongs live. It’s their debut single , and I’m enjoying it a great deal.

Watch/listen to the music video below.

The single is available to purchase on iTunes and will be released on 7″ & CD on October 21.

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