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Phoenix at College Street Music Hall (October 15, 2017)

By Will Oliver, November 26th 2017 — with 2 comments

This year French rockers Phoenix returned with their sugar-coated new album Ti Amo, which was released via Glassnote Records.

Their lone New York date came when they headlined Governors Ball over the summer and it doesn’t seem like they will be back here until possibly next year for a proper headlining date of their own. But I couldn’t pass up a chance to see them just a few hours away at College Street Music Hall, which was a pretty intimate chance to see Thomas Mars and company do their thing.
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Phoenix at Governors Ball 2014

By Will Oliver, June 11th 2014


I’ve had my fair share of Phoenix of late. Their Governors Ball set over the weekend was the fourth time I saw them in the past year; though I’m not complaining at all. Truthfully I went into their set not all that excited, and yet, those glorious French bastards wheeled me in again and reminded me why I love them so much.
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[music video]: Phoenix – Chloroform

By Will Oliver, November 14th 2013

Phoenix - Chloraform

When you’re in a band, and you’re married to a well established director, it would make sense to collaborate together. That’s exactly what Thomas Mars, frontman of Phoenix did, as he is married to director Sofia Coppola, who directed this year’s film, The Bling Ring (see my review of the film here).

She directed the video for “Chloroform” which captures emotional female fans during one of the bands live shows, shot in lovely black and white. Head to MoMa PopRally, who premiered it, to watch the video.

Phoenix | The Vaccines @ Barclays Center (10.2.2013)

By Will Oliver, October 3rd 2013


I still remember sitting in my mom’s car as she picked up our pizza pie to go as I anxiously unwrapped my copy of Phoenix’s new album It’s Never Been Like That on CD. This was back in 2006 (I was 15), when CD’s were still a thing. Still at that age I read music blogs and remembered discovering “Sometimes In The Fall” on one and instantly falling in love with this French band that I had a hard time finding stuff about on google. Eventually I traced them back to Lost In Translation, and next thing you know, I had all their material. So seeing their amazing ascent to the top in 2009 with Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix was truly a pleasure. I’ve now been lucky enough to see them rock venues all over the place, and last night I got to photograph them in the photo pit of Barclays freaking Center. Surreal to say the least. Read the rest of this entry »

Watch Phoenix’s Full La Blogothèque Performance

By Will Oliver, September 11th 2013

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 11.11.02 PM

If you thought Phoenix’s performance of “Entertainemnt” for La Blogothèque was good, you’re going to enjoy the full deal.

La Blogothèque put together a full 21-minute movie featuring performances of “Bourgeois”, “Trying To Be Cool”, “Countdown” and of course, “Entertainment.” It was marvelously directed by Colin Solal Cardo, who captures the band playing in a plane during their flight, playing in a boat, and in a small garden. It’s quite an amazing watch.

Phoenix @ Made In America (8/31/2013)

By Will Oliver, September 3rd 2013 — with 1 comment


Out of all the bands I saw this weekend on Friday, I knew going in that Phoenix were likely to be a highlight. I caught the tail end of their set at Lollapalooza this year, and even that was enough to blow me away.

This time around I caught the entirety of their 13-song set that featured tracks both old and new. One of the coolest things was where they started playing “Too Young” and blended it simultaneously with “Girlfriend.” It was a blink and you miss in transition that caught me off guard, but showed just how far these guys have come as musicians over the years.

As an album Bankrupt has grown on me a lot. “Entertainment” has turned into an instant highlight, and “Trying To Be Cool” is indeed effortlessly cool live. But what really shines live is their classics: “Consolation Prizes”, “Too Young”, “1901” and of course, “Lisztomania.” No “If I Ever Feel Better” hurt, but I was able to get over it after I witnessed Thomas Mars climb a high pole 20-30 feet into the air, and then climbed into the back of the pit and crowd surf all the way to the front. He gives his all during every performance, and you can’t help but give it all right back.

Can’t wait to see them again at Barclays next month.
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[watch]: Phoenix Play “Entertainment” for La Blogotheque

By Will Oliver, August 29th 2013 — with 1 comment


Phoenix have returned to La Blogotheque, recording a session with the famed live session filmmakers. Phoenix are captured doing a cool performance of “Entertainment” on the streets of Paris, outside the Palace of Versailles. There are some pretty amazing shots of them playing in the air, with great use of drone cameras. It’s a must watch.

Find it below.
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Phoenix – Trying To Be Cool (Remix Feat. R. Kelly)

By Will Oliver, August 14th 2013

R Kelly x Phoenix

Well that was fast. Just yesterday Phoenix teased that an R. Kelly featured remix of “Trying To Be Cool” was on the way. We had no idea that it would come the very next day, but why wait I suppose.

R Kelly and Phoenix work together far too well, in a combination no one saw coming (prior to Coachella) yet it works almost too well. It’s a treat, and something fun to get you through the rest of your hump day.

Enjoy the remix below.

Phoenix @ Lollapalooza (8/4/2013)

By Will Oliver, August 7th 2013 — with 1 comment


After catching some of The Cure’s set, I went a mile journey across the Lollapalooza festival grounds to catch the rest of Phoenix’s set. I am glad I did because they sounded fierce. I got there a little past the second half, luckily catching their performance of “Consolation Prizes”, one of my favorite songs of theirs.

I also got to enjoy “S.O.S. In Bel Air”, “Armistice”, “1901”, “If I Ever Feel Better”, “Funky Squardance”, “Rome”, and a reprise of “Entertainment.” Not bad. The real treat was watching Thomas Mars enter the crowd during “1901” and crowd surf literally from the soundboard section of the crowd, all the way to the front. it was an amazing thing to watch, and even more amazing that he trusted all those strangers not to drop him. Bravo, Thomas.

I was lucky enough to run into Thomas and Deck D’arcy before their set, they were incredibly kind and took time out of their busy interview/press schedule to snap a shot with me.

Find some more shots from their set posted below.


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