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Ryan Adams at The Beacon Theatre (May 2, 2017)

By Will Oliver, May 15th 2017 — with 1 comment

On May 2 Ryan Adams kicked off his two-night run of sold out shows at The Beacon Theatre as a part of his tour in support of his new album Prisoner, which he released in February via Pax-Am Records.

Kicking off with Prisoner‘s opening cut “Do You Still Love Me?,” Adams eased the crowd into the show, before nonchalantly diving into a more fast-paced version of one his biggest songs, “To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High). Within the first notes of the track, the seated crowd rose from their seats, and remained standing the entire way through.
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Ryan Adams at Rough Trade NYC (February 18, 2017)

By Will Oliver, March 13th 2017 — with 1 comment

On February 17 Ryan Adams released his new album Prisoner via his own Pax-Am Records. To celebrate the release, Adams announced a very intimate performance at Rough Trade NYC the very next day on February 18 (he also played a much bigger show at The Apollo a few days before). Of course, the show sold out in seconds, so Adams added an acoustic instore performance that would take place a little earlier on the same night, all fans had to do to get in was buy the record from the store.
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Ryan Adams at Governors Ball 2015

By Will Oliver, August 10th 2015

1_Ryan Adams_Governors Ball 2015

Day two of Governors Ball came down to headlining sets from Ryan Adams or Deadmau5, probably the easiest headlining “conflict” of the weekend. Adams himself even found time to poke fun at the conflict (and the bits of the producer’s performance that bleed over to Adams’). After a heartfelt performance of “Kim” (from his most recent album), Adams called out to Deadmau5 with a obvious dig toward the producer: “Try to make this song on your fucking iPhone.” He followed it with one of the most memorable (and relevant) quotes of the entire festival: “It’s like we’re living in a fucking Terminator nightmare.”

Adams had plenty of more hilarious moments, but it didn’t deter from his magical headlining set in any way. This was my first time seeing Adams live, and I have to say, even with all my expectations, he managed to blow me away with every single song. He’s a true songwriter and a real sincere performer, and he found a way to connect with every single person in the audience, something that’s not easy to do.

His performance at Governors Ball made me a fan for life, and I will be sure to catch him live the next time he stops in New York for a show of his own.

Find more photos of Adams’ performance posted below.
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Ryan Adams – Gimme Something Good

By Will Oliver, July 19th 2014

Ryan Adams - Gimme Something Good

On September 9 Ryan Adams will release his new self-titled album via his label Pax-A. He’s already released the album’s first single, “Gimme Something Good.”

It’s a rollicking bit of americana-inspired rock and roll with plenty of soul and grit to go along with it. This track could have come out in the 80s, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Stream “Gimme Something Good” below.
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[new] Ryan Adams – Lucky Now

By Will Oliver, August 24th 2011

“Lucky Now” is a new song from Ryan Adams, off his upcoming album, Ashes & Fire, which is out October 11 via his own label, Pax-Am. He’s made the alt-country delight available to hear via a soundcloud stream. Check it out below:

As Stereogum points out, Ryan Adams just posted a cover of Vampire Weekend’s “Mansard Roof” on his facebook page. The cover seems to have been done literally right in front of Adams’ computer, as bare bones as you can get.

It’s certainly a different version of the song, and not a bad listen at 2 a.m. Head to Ryan’s facebook page to listen/watch.

Update: Watch it below:

Either way, enjoy the original version below. Damn, this music video seems like forever ago…doesn’t it?

We All Want Someone’s Best Songs Of 2017

By Will Oliver, January 12th 2018

[artwork by Anthony Bauer]

And the time has come for the one post that all my friends actually read on these here pages, my best (or favorite) songs of 2017. These are the songs that I obsessed over throughout all of last year and many are still getting heavy rotation into the new one.

You’ll find select highlights from many of the albums that appeared on my best albums list but also a few new acts who blossomed or select songs that stood out on albums that didn’t quite shine as bright. Either way, I hope that you find at least one new song or artist that you didn’t know beforehand and that they make your day that much brighter. Thanks again for sticking around with us for another year and here’s to a bigger and better year in 2018.

As usual, the list is posted in a countdown format from 100-1 and I have made a Spotify playlist which you can find here or embedded at the very end of the post. All the songs are in there except for Ty Segall’s “Orange Color Queen,” as the album is not on Spotify.

Without further ado, here are my favorite songs from 2017:
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Best Albums of 2017: Anthony’s Picks

By Anthony Bauer, January 12th 2018 — with 1 comment

Before we dive into my favorite albums of 2017, lets quickly visit some of the years best EP’s.  There were a lot of really fantastic EP’s released this year but that doesn’t mean any of these skimped out on quality.  Here are my favorite, or most listened to EP’s of 2017:
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Best Songs of 2017: Anthony’s Picks

By Anthony Bauer, January 11th 2018

This ‘top 100 songs of 2017’ post could have easily been ‘top 200 songs of 2017’ due to the insane (yet absolutely amazing) amount of great music that was released this past year.  While it is near impossible to listen to it all, here were my favorite 100 songs from 2017 (with a bonus 5, because… why not?):
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We All Want Someone’s Best Albums Of 2017

By Will Oliver, January 9th 2018 — with 6 comments

[Artwork by Anthony Bauer]

Was 2017 a good year for music? Was it a bad year? Who knows, it seems like every year your social media pages are bombarded with think pieces about it being the best year of music ever, the worst year, the end of rock music, or the album as we know it. But every year I seem totally and utterly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of musical releases in a year. It’s one thing to keep up with the high volume of new releases that seem to come out at an increasing pace with every passing week. Before you know it, the year is over and you’re somehow trying to rank all the stuff that occupied your ears.

Whether it was alone in your room, on the subway, stuck in traffic on the highway, or at a party with friends, albums have the power to create literal soundtracks for our lives. While these rankings are where I am at during this particular moment in time if you checked back in with me in a couple of weeks who knows how it would change. But rankings aside, these are a bunch of albums that had some sort of effect on me throughout the year.

Using the word best is course objective, so if you will, these are my favorite albums of 2017: Read the rest of this entry »

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