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[new]: Santigold – Girls

By Will Oliver, December 10th 2012

The HBO show Girls is one of my favorite new shows. Apparently it’s also one of Sanitgold’s. She has given a new song appropriately titled “Girls”, to the show’s first soundtrack Girls: Music from the HBO Orginial Series, Vol.1 which comes out January 8 via Fueled By Ramen.

If there ever was an appropriate time to compare Santi to M.I.A., it’s on “Girls.” It’s an electronic rap fusion that isn’t my favorite thing from her, but I could understand its placement on the show.

Take a listen below.

Girls comes back on January 13. Watch the trailer below.
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Santigold @ Governors Ball (June 23, 2012)

By Will Oliver, June 25th 2012

Santigold kicked off my Governors Ball weekend in proper fashion. Although she was sick and struggled with some sound issues early on, she didn’t let that get in the way. She still delivered a fun and energetic set that featured tracks both old and new, that worked tremendously on the crowd. She is a true performer, someone who I could go see any day and still be plenty happy to see.

Anyone who gives there all when they aren’t feeling 100% get my respect. Especially when they still perform at a top level. Cheers Santi.

Check out a gallery of photos from the set below.

Santigold @ Bonnaroo (June 9, 2012)

By Will Oliver, June 13th 2012

I wasn’t sure how Santigold would sound on the headlining stage. We all know she brings the rock, but I wasn’t sure how it would translate to the biggest stage at the festival. My (minor) worries were squashed quickly. Santigold’s energy and ability to bring fun onto a stage was immediately felt throughout the crowd. It peaked when she asked fans from the front of the crowd to join her on stage.

Santi knows how to make great fun live music because she knows how to have fun. She has greatly improved her live show from the last time I saw her (Central Park in 2008), and seems to be headed in the right direction in every which way.

Santigold – Disparate Youth

By Will Oliver, February 21st 2012

“Disparate Youth” is a new song from Santigold that she shared yesterday via youtube. It’s a solid offering that confirms that Santi has plenty of left. It’s off her new album Master Of My Make Believe which will come out on May 1st via Downtown/Atlantic.

Take a listen below.

[new]: Santigold – Big Mouth

By Will Oliver, January 20th 2012

Santigold has a new album on the way later this spring. It’s called Master of My Make Believe. “Big Mouth” is the first track that we are getting from the album.

Big tribal percussion banging and a big dance groove that drops hard. She doesn’t hold back in anyway on “Big Mouth”. She even takes a stab at Lady GaGa, and the music video even gives us a visual aid. This song rules, plain and simple. It’s good to have Santigold (r.i.p. Santogold) back.

Download the mp3 below and catch the music video after the jump.
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The Beastie Boys new video for “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” was directed by Spike Jonze. It features action figures of the band + Santi playing a concert and eventually taking on some action movie cliches.

Did the video remind anyone else of Action League Now? That’s the only thing I could think about while watching.

It’s a fun watch.

Update: Here’s the full 11 minute version of the video:

Santogold Changes Name To Santigold

By Will Oliver, February 12th 2009 — with 5 comments

For whatever reason, Santogold has changed her name to Santigold. I couldn’t tell you why, maybe she gets bored easily? In a press release this was the explanation: “Santogold is now Santigold. She’s not telling you why, that’s just how it is. No unpronounceable symbol, no numbers where they shouldn’t be, no random capitalization, just plain ass Santigold so remember that. That’s pretty much all that I know about now, she has a all new myspace. If anything else comes my way I was deliver you the update!

[mp3] : Santogold – Shove It

i had to put this song in there:

[mp3] : The Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name

Recap: SXSW 2016

By Collin Quinlivan, July 20th 2016


South by Southwest, the crown jewel and gold standard of American arts festivals. Spanning almost two weeks, it covers music, film, interactive, and gaming. Thousands of savvy young professionals descend upon Austin, TX like a swarm of bees trying to find, or be, the next big buzz.  I was originally intending to mainly cover the film portion and do music on the side, but that didn’t go down so well. I may touch on this later, but I think that the festival has possibly become a bit too big for its britches. But through all of the pomp and circumstance, there still lies an unforgettable experience…you just need to know where to look.

After a great deal of trouble with some shoddy airplanes, I finally made it to Austin. I always expect the worst, so the extra six hours of travel time, two of which were confined to a metal tube full of gross people (I’m kidding, your B.O. masked with 80’s-porn-director-cologne smelled amazing), weren’t that big of a deal. But just from the way my extremely late-night flight was full to capacity with 20-somethings, I knew we were all headed to the same place. Read the rest of this entry »

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