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Last night Levi’s booked Haim and Sleigh Bells as a solid 1-2 punch in celebration of the launch of their Live In Levi’s campaign. The show went down at Brooklyn Bridge Park, and was free to the public (via RSVP), but you had to wear a pair of levi’s denim in order to get in. They scanned our barcodes, and reminded us while we were on line that we needed to be wearing levi’s to get in, but no one actually checked to see if we were upon entry.
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Sleigh Bells @ Terminal 5 (November 23, 2013)

By Will Oliver, November 24th 2013


Sleigh Bells brought their 2-night run at Terminal 5 to a close last night, bringing Danny Brown and Doldrums along for the fun once again.

I’ve caught a few truncated sets of Doldrums before, but this was easily the largest. It was my first time catching them since CMJ 2012, and since then they’ve released their debut album, Lesser Evil, and have embarked on quite a tour. They sounded even better than I imagine, and seem to be making a rise.

Danny Brown came next and got the crowd started with his DJ. By the time he came out, people were already ready to go nuts, and they did. Rap shows can always be hit and miss for me, but when someone goes as nuts as Danny Brown with a lot of amped up energy, it’s hard not to vibe along with it. He’s been getting more popular as the years go on, and I think things will only continue to rise for the rapper.

While Sleigh Bells new album Bitter Rivals failed to captivate me as much as their first two did, I still looked forward to seeing them live. These guys are a band that’s truly meant for the live setting. Live they are now a 4-piece band, with an additional guitarist and live drummer that add to all the controlled chaos.

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[new]: Sleigh Bells – You Don’t Get Me Twice

By Will Oliver, September 19th 2013 — with 1 comment

Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells are returning with their new album Bitter Rivals on October 8 via Mom + Pop. The title track left a lot to be desired, leaving me quite disappointed. They’ve quickly released another track from the album, a more familiar sounding “You Don’t Get Me Twice.”

I’m not totally in love with “You Don’t Get Me Twice”, but I’m digging this direction more than the lackluster title track. It’s very listenable, but doesn’t quite pack the memorable punch that they used to catch my ear years ago.

Take a listen to it below, and let me know what you think of it in the comment section.

Sleigh Bells

As Labor Day crawled towards the finish line, Sleigh Bells came out of left field with news of a new album, and it’s coming a lot sooner than you’d expect. On October 8 the noisy duo will release their third album, Bitter Rivals, via Mom + Pop. It’s the quick follow-up to last year’s Reign Of Terror.

They’ve released the title track as the album’s first single via a music video that they band directed themselves, along with a little help from The Creators Project.

What originally drew me to Sleigh Bells was how they kept it simple and made insanely loud music that flat out rocked. It worked because they had one goal to accomplish: rock out in glorious fashion. And they did.  But new single “Bitter Rivals” just seems to be trying to hard to do multiple things at once, leaving it feeling flat. The chorus seems to be searching for some mainstream appeal, but it came off as lazy to me. It seems jumbled and all over the place. Where is the simple goodness?

I still dig Sleigh Bells and hope the rest of the album fairs better, but I’m not too thrilled about this new one. Ironically, this will probably be their biggest hit yet.

Check it out via the video below.

Sleigh Bells @ Pitchfork Music Festival (July 14, 2012)

By Will Oliver, July 18th 2012 — with 1 comment

Sleigh Bells are not a band to fuck with. I’ve been trying to find a way to see them since their CMJ breakthrough, but school and other “life factors” prevented me from doing so. I’d heard about how awesome their show as and had pretty unfair expectations going into the show. I thought that there was no way they could possibly live up to them.

They did. They took my expectations and blew me out of the water. That was the immediate response I had the minute I heard the duel guitar riffs slaying away while the sultry Alexis Krauss made the stage her plaything, running around, swinging her hair back and forth.

The guitars are dialed up as if in a hardcore metal guitar battle, with enormous beats dropping like explosives right behind them. Alexis’ vocals were a sweet topping to all the madness, though her screams often elevated the chaos to insane levels.

If there was one show that I was both mad and glad I didn’t bring ear plugs to the photo pit, this was it.

If you didn’t score tickets to their free Converse show in NYC, you really messed up. I’m already counting the days.

Photos from their set are at your disposal below.

[album stream]: Sleigh Bells – Reign Of Terror

By Will Oliver, February 14th 2012

Go check out Sleigh Bells new albium Reign Of Terror right now over at The New York Times, where it’s currently available to stream. This is ahead of it’s February 21st release date (via Mom + Pop).

Turn your speakers up loud, be prepared to piss off your neighbors, and most importantly, enjoy.

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[new]: Sleigh Bells – Comeback Kid

By Will Oliver, January 16th 2012

Sleigh Bells are back with another new cut from Reign Of Terror. Today the band uploaded a stream of “Comeback Kid”, the first proper single from the album. It’s more of the big throbbing guitar carnage from the duo. Alexis’ vocals are sounding real good over those riffs. You’ll want to play this in the loudest way possible.

Reign Of Terror is out February 21 via Mom + Pop.

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