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[new]: T.I. – Sorry (Feat. Andre 3000)

By Will Oliver, November 27th 2012

T.I.’s new single “Sorry” features Andre 3000, and Andre 3000 delivers one of his best verses of lare. Truth is, Andre is hardly around these days, so any verse is a good verse, but the one on the reflective “Sorry” is damn good. T.I. is sounding quite vulnerable and reflective as well, and this results in one of my favorite song’s from him in a long time.

“Sorry” is off T.I.’s new album Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head, out on December 18.

[new]: Big Boi – In The A (Feat. T.I. and Ludacris)

By Will Oliver, November 26th 2012 — with 4 comments

The December 11 release date of Big Boi’s new album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors is slowly creeping up on us. Not a bad thing. What’s even better is that he keeps on slowly leaking out new tracks every week. This week we get the T.I. and Ludacris featured “In The A”.

It just screams Atlanta.

[new] T.I. – Pledge Allegiance To The Swag (Feat. Rick Ross)

By Will Oliver, September 2nd 2010 — with 5 comments

T.I. already got himself in more legal trouble. Last night he was arrested (along with his wife) after cops smelt weed coming out of their car. They were released at 4 a.m. this morning. Damn, why can’t these guys stay out of trouble?

My real reason for the post was to share a pretty epic new song from T.I. called “Pledge Allegiance To The Swag” that is almost 8 minutes long. It features Rick Ross, and a pretty dark epic beat. T.I. decided to give the song to the internet first in order to prove he hasn’t left his fans after the success of his last album, Paper Trail. Works for me.

I’m pretty impressed overall with this song. Gotta hand it to you T.I.P.

[mp3]: T.I. – Pledge Allegiance To The Swag (Feat. Rick Ross)

[new] T.I. – Got Your Back

By Will Oliver, May 29th 2010

T.I. is a rapper who I can listen to from time to time. Sometimes his hits just click with me. I am interested to see how King Uncaged will be, since it will be his first studio album since he was released from prison. Two songs from the album hit the net over the past couple of days. Both which will be on the album. “Got Your Back” is the albums first official single from the record, and features guest vocals from Keri Hilson. It really fell flat for me. Seems like it was made to be radio friendly song for the females. Not a fan of this song at all.

“Yeah Ya Know (Takers)” is the other song that surfaced. While it is certainly better than “Got Your Back”, it still leaves me wanting more from T.I. I will say, the instrumentation behind the track is pretty sweet.

Stream both songs below:

Got Your Back (Feat. Keri Hilson)

T.I. – Got Your Back Ft. Keri Hilson by Atlantic Records

Yeah Ya Know (Takers):

T.I. – Yeah Ya Know by Atlantic Records

King Uncaged comes out on 8/17 via Atlantic Records. T.I. also just released a mixtape called Fuck A Mixtape which you can download here.

Just Jack Covers T.I. & Rihanna’s : Live Your Life

By Will Oliver, April 11th 2009 — with 2 comments

I do not have many guilty pleasures out ther but Rihanna would probably be somewhere up there. T.I. has always been one of the few new (ish?) rappers that I listen to and I really found a warm spot for the absolutely huge hit “Live Your Life” that came out of T.I.’s last album. Just Jack is a young dude from the UK who has been making a name for himself overseas. He garners comparisons to The Streets and Jamie T, which pretty much hits the nail on the head. He covered Live Your Life and actually did a pretty decent job with it.

It’s Saturday, I am really lazy and this cover suites the mood. Thanks to PMA/P&P/It’s A Rap for bringing this track to my attention!

[mp3] : Just Jack – Live Your Life (T.I. & Rihanna Cover)

Here is a cut from his 2007 album Overtones, a really chill track!!!:

[mp3] : Just Jack – Starz In Their Eyes

T.I. – Whatever You Like

By Will Oliver, August 30th 2008

So I finally bought the song yesterday and holy shit it will not leave my head. T.I. has done it again. This song is straight fire!!! It is extremely catchy. From the beat to the chorus, it never lets up. Once it kicks in it keeps going strong. After all the trouble T.I. had with the law, it is good to see he is still going strong. I am not really a fan of rap, but T.I. is one of the few rappers that I can stand. His songs are just really well made in my opinion. This song has not left my head since I first heard.

“We can pop bottles all night, baby you can have whatever you like”

People will be doing exactely this to this song throughout the rest of 2008. Add this to a contender to my best songs of 2008. ‘Paper Trails’ looks like it is going to be a hell of an album. ‘No Matter What’ was another song I really enjoyed. I offically cannot wait! I am sure you can find the song anywhere. I am behind on this anyway, but I just can’t enough of it and figured I would tell you all. Buy the song now, or wait for the album!!!

2014 Grammy Nominations Announced

By Will Oliver, December 7th 2013


The 2014 Grammy Nominations have been announced. Don’t go rolling your eyes at me. There’s some good stuff to be found in all the clutters of irrelevancy and “mehs.”

The National & Vampire Weekend, have been nominated for Grammys! So have James Blake, Alabama Shakes, Queens Of The Stone Age, Jack White, Neko Case, Tame Impala, and Nine Inch Nails. So there’s that.
Read the rest of this entry »

Vampire Weekend – Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke Cover)

By Will Oliver, July 19th 2013 — with 2 comments

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend had fun with their cover for BBC Radio 1’s Love Lounge as they went with Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” They had a good time making it and they actually make it sound like a damn good time. They don’t pass up T.I.’s verse either, taking it on in full stride.

Listen below.

[CMJ] Donnis @ Brooklyn Bowl (10/23/2010)

By Will Oliver, November 16th 2010

Donnis is an upcoming rapper from Atlanta Georgia who played at Fools Gold’s Anniversary Party as well. I just happened to read a magazine article about him a few days prior to the performance. I was pretty impressed with a few of his songs. Definitely has potential to get big soon. A lot of radio friends raps. Reminded me a little bit of T.I.

Good Morning

By Will Oliver, March 15th 2010 — with 3 comments

I’m up at 9:17 AM and about ready not ready to go back to college. Sorry that I was totally missing in action this weekend! There was a really bad electrical storm as you may know if you live on the east coast. The winds were pretty bad, causing many power lines to collapse. This is what happened to the one across the street from me, leaving us without power on Saturday night, and practically all of Sunday.

Here is a little post making up for that with the stuff I meant to post sometime within the last week, but never got the opportunity.

[mp3] : Drake – Over

This is the first Drake song I’ve ever listened to (ok, well I’ve heard Best I’ve Ever Had at a few parties, but that doesn’t really count…does it?). He gave away “Over” as the first single of his debut album Thank Me Later. I wasn’t interested in it until now, so I will thank you later Drake.

[mp3] : Pantha Du Prince – Stick To My Side (Four Tet Version)

Four Tet takes this Pantha Du Prince gem and fills up the spaces with more instantly gratifying goodies

[mp3] : T.I. – I’m Back

T.I. is out of jail, Weezy is in. I didn’t love this song at first, but it’s growing on me a bit. Either way, T.I. is one of the few modern rappers I’m cool with. So welcome back T.I.!

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