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Victoria Bergsman, aka Taken By Trees, will return with her new album Yellow To Blue on May 4.

It’s most recent single is “Vibrant Colors,” an exuberant pop track that straddles a fine line between a catchy pop chorus and some well-crafted indie headspace. The track is influenced by her time with her three-year-old son, Charlie, and the time they’ve spent together in Los Angeles and is absolutely bristling with life from every corner.

I’ve also included a stream of the albums first single, which captures a bit of a Swedish pop influence that is tailor-made for a welcoming summer day that seems so out of reach at the moment.

You can find both “Vibrant Colors” and “Once” available to hear below.
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[new]: Taken By Trees – Large

By Will Oliver, September 10th 2012 — with 2 comments

Taken By Trees, a.k.a. Victoria Bergsman has released “Large”, the latest single from her new album, Other Worlds. The funky bassline is key in “Large”, playing a big role in the tropical movement of the song. Victoria delivers melt-worthy vocals that really take it to the next level.

Henning Fürst from The Tough Alliance produced the song. Stream it below.

Other Worlds is out October 2 via Secretly Canadian. Check out the previously released single “Dreams”, here.

Taken By Trees – Dreams

By Will Oliver, July 11th 2012 — with 2 comments

Taken By Trees is releasing a new album titled Other Worlds on October 2 via Secretly Canadian. “Dreams” is the first piece of music to be heard from it.

If you don’t know Taken By Trees, you should. It’s the project of Victoria Bergsman, the same Victoria featured on this song. She continues lending her spark to feel good melodies, staying true to the sound that a trip to the Hawaiian islands influenced.

Download “Dreams” via NPR. Also check out what Victoria had to say about “Dreams” right below the mp3.

[mp3]: Taken By Trees – Dreams

I hardly remember my dreams these days. Sometimes, if I am lucky and I wake up very late, I find a thin film of another time or another life. I try so desperately capture this residue of a dream that it quickly fades.

But the kind of dream I am referring to in this song is more like a sense of longing, a vision of a place where things are quiet, like floating in the ocean off of Hawaii. I find that very hard, feeling at peace, feeling that things are OK just as they are. In the past I always feared that calm would lead to laziness, but now I see it more as a strength, something I want to achieve. The album is very much about that … and about finding love. It’s a feel good album.

“Dreams” is available to pre-order as a 7″ right here.

Taken By Trees Announces New Album: Other Worlds

By Will Oliver, June 18th 2012 — with 1 comment

Taken By Trees has announced a new album titled Other Worlds. Victoria Bergsman took inspiration home with her from a recent visit to the Hawaiian islands where she found a great deal of creative inspiration.

The album comes out October 2 via Secretly Canadian. Henning Fürst of The Tough Alliance produced the album, creating something that “felt light, cool & laid back”.

She just released a trailer for the album which clearly reflects the feel and beauty of the Hawaiian aesthetic. Find that and the tracklisting below.
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Taken By Trees – My Boys (Animal Collective Cover)

By Will Oliver, September 18th 2009 — with 1 comment

Sure, it may be “My Boys” instead of “My Girls”, but this is still a Animal Collective cover. A mighty good one at that.

Taken By Trees is the project of Victoria Bergsman, a Swedish singer and songwriter that you all have probably have heard of, without even knowing it! She is the female singer who sings on Peter Bjorn and John’s “Young Folks”.

Taken By Tree’s second album East Of Eden came out earlier this month, and they included their stellar Animal Collective on it.

The lyrics are changed a bit to suit to songs title, and it sounds a lot warmer and gentler. It’s goooood. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!

[mp3] : Taken By Trees – My Boys (Animal Collective Cover)

Korallreven – As Young As Yesterday (Feat. Victoria Bergsman)

By Will Oliver, September 15th 2011 — with 1 comment

Korallreven have finally announced details for their debut album, An Album by Korallreven. I’m happy to final see a proper release become announced after digging all of the singles that they’ve released already. It will drop November 15 via Acéphale.

“As You As Yesterday” is the lead-off track from the album, seeing Victoria Bergsman of Taken By Trees lending some guest vocals (it’s not her first time). It’s more ecstasy dream goodness form these crafty Swedes. This could have been a perfect summer record, but it will do fine warming us up through the likely harsh winter that will be here in no time.

[mp3]: Korallreven – As Young As Yesterday (Feat. Victoria Bergsman)

Korallreven – Honey Mine (Feat. Victoria Bergsman)

By Will Oliver, November 5th 2010 — with 2 comments

Korallreven have done nothing but impress me with their limited – but great output so far. First it was the outstanding “Loved Up” and then the apt follow up, “The Truest Faith”. Now the band has returned with a new single in the shape of “Honey Mine”. It features the lovely vocals of Victoria Bergsman, who you may just recognize from Taken By Trees.

“Honey Mine” takes you through a warm journey of clean sounds providing the listener with a aesthetic of a tropical island far, far, away. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind permanent residence in this place.

Be my honey mine.

[mp3]: Korallreven – Honey Mine (Feat. Victoria Bergsman)

The Honey Mine 7″ is available for pre-order right now, via Acephale.

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