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[new]: Tame Impala – “Let It Happen”

By Will Oliver, March 10th 2015

Tame Impala

Today Tame Impala surprised us all with a brand new song called “Let It Happen.” The song was made available as a free download on their website and is the first song off their new album, which we can expect later this year.

“Let It Happen” is a nearly 8-minute extravaganza that goes off a funky 70’s-inspired psych groove that it’s constantly weaving in and out of. The band is leaning towards a more electronic sound, but that stoned Tame Impala glaze is still very much there. This one builds and builds, and when that big climatic break occurs, it’s total a blissful dream. It’s damn good to hear those dreamy Kevin Parker vocals again.

It’s exciting to see Parker pushing the boundaries of what Tame Impala can do as a band even further. This is just the album’s opener too…imagine what else awaits for us.

Stream “Let It Happen” below, and catch some newly announced tour dates below. Head here to check out photos + a recap of their show at The Beacon Theatre last November.
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Tame Impala at The Beacon Theatre (November 10, 2014)

By Will Oliver, December 15th 2014 — with 1 comment

1_Tame Impala_Beacon Theatre

Back in the early days of November (Nov 10 to be exact) Tame Impala returned for the 2nd night in a row for a sold out show at the historic Beacon Theatre. It was a rare concert for me at the venue (I hadn’t been there since The National played there in 2011), but if there’s anything that will bring me up there, it’s the live show from Kevin Parker’s Tame Impala.
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Arctic Monkeys

Last week Arctic Monkeys stopped by Australian radio station Triple J and participated in the station’s famed Like A Version segment, where bands cover a song of their choice. Arctic Monkeys (Alex & Matt) were up and took on Tame Impala’s “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.”

It’s an acoustic cover, tackled solely by Turner. Hearing him play it with his British accent gives the song a really pretty feel. I may be biased, but I think he really did the song justice, and then some. The first part of the video clip also features a fun bit.

They also performed “Do I Wanna Know”, where Helders adds his vocals as well as some tambourine. Helder also admits his favorite cover of “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” is Miley Cyrus’.

Find both performances posted below.
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Tame Impala – Be Above It (Live Version)

By Will Oliver, March 24th 2014

Tame Impala Live Versions

If you have ever seen Tame Impala live, you know what a treat it is to hear all of their songs in the live setting. It’s a thing of a beauty. So it’s cool to hear that Kevin Parker has decided to release a live album featuring some great live cuts.

The recordings are specific to a Chicago show in 2013. Parker’s goal was the give fans something different from the recorded versions, or to allow them to relive the expereience of a live show once again.

Get a taste of the album with a live version of “Be Above It” that will be on the album. It’s posted below.
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The Flaming Lips – Elephant (Tame Impala Cover)

By Will Oliver, October 30th 2013

Flaming Lips - Elephant (Tame Impala Cover)

After touring together The Flamings Lips and Tame Impala (see our photos from their show at Terminal 5 from earlier this month) have become close. At their shows they sold a collaborative EP that was made up of covers that they did of each others songs.

The Flaming Lips recently uploaded a pretty killer cover that they did of Tame Impala’s “Elephant.” It rocks hard, with a touch of The Lips signature sound.

Check it out below.
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Tame Impala @ Terminal 5 (February 19, 2013)

By Will Oliver, February 20th 2013 — with 1 comment

Tame Impala

Tame Impala played their biggest night in New York City yet, finding themselves headlining Terminal 5, and selling it out with ease. The venue was as packed as can be, leaving dozens of disappointed fans outside the venue hunting for fair priced tickets.

Kicking off their new tour, the Kevin Parker led crew sounded just as strong as they did at Webster Hall last November. Groovy psych-rock anthems left quite a punch, dazzling every one within sight. They mixed up their setlist which is refreshing to see. It would be easy for recently successful band to get away with playing the same set over and over. Then again, Tame Impala clearly aren’t like many bands. They even gave us the first live performance of “Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control.”

Tame Impala are one of the best rock bands in the ever so crowded game. They are humbled successful individuals who can only keep rising, so as long as they keep doing it with temperature and grace, 2013 will be a massive year for them.

Openers The Growl got things going with a very soulful Black Keys type psych-gararge rock that got the rumbles going. It was their first show in the USA ever.

Find galleries of both Tame Impala & The Growl below.
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