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Watch The Black Keys Play SNL

By Will Oliver, May 15th 2014

The Black Keys SNL

Last weekend The Black Keys stopped by SNL to play some songs off their new album Turn Blue, which was released yesterday. They played first single “Fever” as well as “Bullet In The Brain.” Charlize Theron was the host.

Find both performances below.
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[music video]: The Black Keys – Fever

By Will Oliver, May 11th 2014

The Black Keys - Fever

After listening to The Black Keys new album Turn Blue, first single “Fever” has grown on me ever so slightly. Originally the song had me somewhat disappointed, but hearing it with context of the rest of the album has done the song well.

The music video for “Fever” features Dan & Pat as TV preachers, wtih Dan all sweaty and feverish as he leads the way. It was directed by Theo Wenner. Find the video posted below.
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[new]: The Black Keys – Turn Blue

By Will Oliver, April 14th 2014

The Black Keys - Turn Blue

The Black Keys new album Turn Blue comes out on May 13 via Nonesuch Records. We already heard first single “Fever”, and now they have hit back with the title track.

We just have to accept that their old blues-inspired garage rock days are all but over at this point. “Turn Blue” sounds like something that could have been released on El Camino. The vibe on this one is very chill and laid back, something that plenty of people will enjoy this summer with a little something burning. I’m liking it more than “Fever”, which is a good sign for the rest of the album.

Stream “Turn Blue” below.
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[new]: The Black Keys – Fever

By Will Oliver, March 24th 2014 — with 1 comment

The Black Keys - Fever

Over the weekend The Black Keys announced their new album in an odd way that involved Mike Tyson. Yes, that Mike Tyson.

The new album is called Turn Blue and will be released May 13 via Nonesuch Records. Turn Blue was recorded in Hollywood last summer at Sunset Sound with some additional recording done at the Key Club in Benton Harbor, MI, as well as at Auerbach’s own Easy Eye Sound in Nashville in early 2014.

Today the band released new single “Fever.” The duos departure from their blues-inspired garage rock sound continues. Although I was (for the most part) digging the new sound that found them on their last few releases, I’m not too crazy about “Fever.” While some may argue that some of their more recent releases at least had some strands of their old selves, it seems like they’ve all but shed that skin with the new song.

To be fair, who didn’t see this coming? It’s definitely not a bad song by any means, and I can’t hate on the band for changing their sound. It happens. But I’m just not into this as much as I hoped. It pains me to say but it’s just an ok song. Maybe my feelings will change over time (hopefully). Even if not, it’s only one song off the album.

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The Black Keys Announce New Album: ‘Turn Blue’

By Will Oliver, March 24th 2014

The Black Keys

The Black Keys have announced their new album in the most absurd way possible. The album is called Turn Blue and it comes out on May 13. They made the announcement through a weird video that Mike Tyson tweeted out. Yes, you read that correctly. Find the tweet and video posted below.


New single “Fever” is coming tomorrow, apparently around 3:30 p.m., so stay tuned for that.

The Black Keys @ Roseland Ballroom (January 31, 2014)

By Will Oliver, February 1st 2014 — with 1 comment


The Black Keys played their first show of 2014 with a special performance that was a part of Super Bowl week. The show was sponsored (heavily) by Citi bank. You needed a Citi card to purchase tickets to the show, which definitely put off some fans. For those lucky enough to be in attendance, they were treated to a typically strong set from the rock and roll duo from Akron, Ohio.

Albert Hammond, Jr. got the show going, and sounded just as razor sharp as he did when I saw him open for Jake Bugg a few weeks ago. This time the crowd was much bigger, but the execution was just as on point. Was it wrong that all throughout the set I was anticipating The Strokes performance later this summer at Governors Ball? What? Just being honest.

I’ve seen The Black Keys quite a few times now. At this point in their career, it was a treat to see them at the rather intimate (for them) Roseland Ballroom, which is closing in a few months. Which makes this show likely my last at the venue. Seeing The Black Keys there is not a bad way to go out.

With a show like this, you knew it was going to be a special one. Dan agreed, sharing a bit of cool information during one of the only talk breaks he took. He mentioned that the last time they played Roseland was 11 years ago, when they opened up for Sleater-Kinney (!). Dan said it was them who taught them how to tour. It was a nice moment, something that put The Black Keys insane success into perspective.


“Howlin’ For You” kicked the show off, as it normally does. From there they gave us “Next Girl”, “Run Right Back” and “Same Old Thing.” El Camino tracks were prominent, such as “Gold On the Ceiling” and “Nova Baby”, but it was of course “Lonely Boy” that dominated the evening, with a massive singalong that served as a reminder at just how big this band has become. This time around the full band stayed throughout the whole show, no longer leaving when the band returned to earlier material that was ideal for just Dan and Pat to play.

The encore consisted of a big performance of “Everlasting Light” that included a big disco ball drop down as well as a performance of “I Got Mine” that saw just Dan and Pat for the first time, a nice reminder of the band’s more grounded days. With that said, it’s safe to say that seeing the band in venues that aren’t arenas will be a thing of the past.

I was surprised that they didn’t play any new songs, but I guess that was just me expecting the band to keep up their pretty impressive pace of new materiel. There are no other tour dates announced so it looks like this show was just a one off show. Hopefully we will get some more new music sooner than later, because the world can always use the presence of real rock bands in this day and age.



The Black Keys:






























Albert Hammond, Jr.







The Black Keys & RZA – The Baddest Man Alive

By Will Oliver, October 11th 2012 — with 1 comment

Yesterday we heard a snippet of a new Kanye West song that will appear on the soundtrack for the RZA’s film The Man With The Iron Fists. Now check out RZA collaborating with The Black Keys on “The Baddest Man Alive”.

Certainly, this is the next best thing to their previous collaboration on the Blakroc project. Fans of that album will be in paradise when they hear “The Baddest Man Alive”. Yes, it is as awesome as you want it to be.

Not sure how the movie will pan out, but it’s soundtrack is looking to be pretty killer. Stream the song below via Fuse:

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