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Jack White and Conan O’Brien have created a new musical friendship that certainly makes the world a better place. So it makes sense that Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco website would premiere the new music video for The Dead Weather’s “Blue Blood Blues”. It was recorded live at Third Man Records, Jack White’s music label. Watch the high contrast video, which captures the band at their nittiest, grittiest, moment.

Listen To The Dead Weathers New Album Via Live Stream

By Will Oliver, April 30th 2010 — with 1 comment

The Dead Weather are streaming their new album Sea Of Cowards via live stream. The coolest part is they are premiering the album through an actual vinyl that is playing it. You got to love technology.

You can stream it below or head over to the band’s site.

[new] The Dead Weather – Gasoline (Stream)

By Will Oliver, April 23rd 2010 — with 3 comments

The Dead Weather are already back with their 2nd album, titled Sea Of Cowards. It is set to come out on May 11th, only 9 months since their debut album Horehound was released. Damn they are a hard working band.

They gave Stereogum the privilege of streaming the records 2nd single “Gasoline”. Gasoline is a dark rocker that is blues influenced. Get absorbed in their sick riffs and sinister keyboards. Hear it over at Stereogum, or stream it below:

As a bonus, watch the video for “Die By The Drop”, the first single taken from Sea Of Cowards. It is a dirty sexy rocker. Love it:


The Dead Weather rocked Conan last night playing their killer first single “Hang You From The Heavens”. It is a really great performance. Lets just say that after seeing that, it is hard to deny that they got something good going on.

[NEW] The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother

By Will Oliver, June 17th 2009 — with 3 comments

I am eagerly waiting to hear the Dead Weather’s debut album Horehound! Like many, I really want to hear what Jack White and co. produced. I have to say, from what I have heard from the band (not much at that), it is all very, very, good. I got a new track to show you guys, and it kills (got the reference? 😉 )

The song is “Treat Me Like Your Mother” and it is a perfect offering from a band that collides the likes of Jack White & Alison Mosshart. That guitar sounds really deadly, and Jack drums like he has been doing it steadily for years. The song rocks hard, and I am thoroughly impressed. This is quality.

The band will be playing the song on their national TV debut on Conan this Thursday. Get your TIVOS set now, I am sure they will rock the house.

[mp3] : The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother

-Horehound is due out July 14th. Pre-Order it here.

The Dead Weather Premire Songs Live At Bowery Ballroom [Videos + MP3’s]

By Will Oliver, April 16th 2009 — with 4 comments

Looking back I introduced the Dead Weather after their impressive single “Hang You By The Heavens” leaked online. Well they made their NYC live debut last night at my favorite venue The Bowery Ballroom. According to brooklynvegan this was the setlist:

60 Ft Tall
Treat Me Like Your Mother
Bone House
So Far From Your Weapon
I Cut Like A Buffalo
You Just Can’t Win
Rocking Horse
No Hassle

Will There Be Enough Water?


Hang You From The Heavens
New Pony

Unfortunatly I am at school again and cannot currently make the trips down to the city. After watching these live performances, it is very safe to say that this new Jack White project is completely legit. The songs that I could find online rocked hard! The songs have an authentic southern blues sound. Top notch tunes! Watch the videos that I could find after the jump. I got the mp3s for you as well!

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Jack White’s New Band: The Dead Weather

By Will Oliver, March 11th 2009 — with 4 comments

Jack White likes to keep busy. Being in The White Stripes and Raconteurs isn’t enough for the rock star. Now he has joined a new band with Alison Mosshart of The Kills, Jack Lawrence from The Raconteurs, and Dean Fertita who has helped with both Queens of the Stone Age and The Raconteurs. Woah that is pretty cool. Jack is singing but he put his guitar duties on hold. Jack White is on the drums for The Dead Weathers. That is pretty damn cool.

Their debut album “Horehound” is expected to see a release in June. Below I got the bands first single “Hang You From The Heavens” and it’s b-side “Are Friends Electric?” (Gary Numan Cover) for you to hear.

“Hang you Up” is a southern heavy rocker with vocals from both Jack and Alison. The guitars are flying full force. It did remind me a bit of The Raconteurs playing style. The Numan cover is right up there too. God does Jack White do anything that doesn’t kick ass?

cheers to culture bully for the mp3’s

[mp3] : The Dead Weather – Hang You From The Heavens

[mp3] : The Dead Weather – Are Friends Electric? (Gary Numan Cover)

The Great Escape – Rebel

By Will Oliver, December 2nd 2014 — with 1 comment

The Great Escape

L.A. trio The Great Escape released their self-titled album back in October. They give classic ideas a contemporary spin, a refreshing look at what it means to be a rock and roll band in 2014.

Take “Rebel” a song that hits like The Dead Weather, only with a old school spin with Janis Joplin-esque vocals and even some brass horns for good measure. Gritty rock and roll licks and fired up vocals with a soulful twist.

Find it posted below.
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Deap Vally @ Lollapalooza (8/2/2013)

By Will Oliver, August 6th 2013 — with 1 comment


Female duo Deap Vally consists of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards. They play dirty garage rock that naturally will call reactions to The White Stripes, but they lean more so towards Jack White’s work with The Dead Weather because of Troy’s vocals which are somewhat reminiscent of The Kills’ Alison Mosshart. These girls can shred, hard. I will definitely be catching a full set from these guys the next time they’re in New York.

Check out a photo set from their performance at Lolla below.
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Jack White @ Webster Hall (April 27, 2012)

By Will Oliver, May 1st 2012

I was fortunate enough to score a ticket for the intimate Jack White show at Webster Hall from last Friday, and it was worth every bit of effort. The webcast was great, don’t get me wrong. But being there truly made all the difference in the world. The amount of pure rock & roll energy that translates live with Jack White is indescribable. The floor was shaking, there was a general happy glee among every in the crowd. It was one of those moments where you knew you were around greatness.

Jack White is old fashioned. He had girls taking Polaroids for fans, that we got to take home with us. No cameras were allowed, as Jack wanted us just to enjoy the show, like people used to. There was an intermission, and his all girl band opened the show, and his all boys band finished. He dished out most of his solo stuff, amongst classic White Stripes cuts, as well as a few Raconteurs/Dead Weather songs.

There was no lack of effort, and no cockiness. Jack White just played his songs, and boy did he play them well. I still want to learn guitar, but after witnessing Jack play, there’s truly no point.

I’ve embedded the webstream below. I’ve also included a photo I took of Gary Oldman passing by while I was in line. Commish Gordon live in the flesh!
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