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The Fine Lines – “You Try and Call Me Every Nite”

By Will Oliver, December 29th 2017

The Fine Lines are a band from New York and New Jersey, conceived while students at Drew University sometime in 2012.

This summer they released their first EP Palm Tree and one of the tracks off that EP is the one we are sharing with you today: “You Try and Call Me Every Nite.” It’s a bright-minded and earnest rocker that doesn’t quite break new ground but it delivers it’s sound so genuinely and simply that it instantly won me over and had me with it the wrong way. Not to mention that some of those guitar tones remind me of the good old days of Arctic Monkeys. These guys certainly show tons of promise here and I’m interested to see what the future holds.

Find a stream of the track below and find the whole EP available to hear on their soundcloud page and available to purchase on iTunes.
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The Fine Line – Wet Toast

By Will Oliver, May 7th 2012

The Fine Line is a band from Binghamton, New York led by my friend Steven Schulberg. They have released their debut album Wet Toast, and it’s available for a pay what you want basis on bandcamp.

I have known Steve since freshmen year, and remember hearing him practice his guitar riffs down the hall in our dorm. He is a big fan of classic rock/jam bands and he translates both sounds well on Wet Toast. Now you know those aren’t really my favorites genres of music. Doesn’t matter because these guys fine a great way to balance their influences by also making it modern, fun, and plenty accessible to fans of all genres.

Grab a cold one on a nice day and enjoy yourself some Wet Toast.

Rain prevented me from early arrival to the inaugural Catalpa Festival held at Randalls Island. The 1st act that I caught was Umphrey’s McGee, a band I will always associate with my friend Steve from The Fine Line, a local band that played at my college. It is his favorite band, and one that he always recommended.

I caught a brief glimpse of them at Bonnaroo, but this was definitely a more intimate setting than their ridiculously packed tent at ‘Roo. While the type of music isn’t my thing, I enjoyed their sets a lot. That’s right these guys got to play two sets, right after each other. You don’t just get to play two sets, that’s something that you earn, and they definitely have earned that right.

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Band To Watch: Niteflights

By Will Oliver, March 7th 2011 — with 2 comments

Joyful, exciting, exuberant. These are adjectives that should be used to describe London newcombers Niteflights. These lads have the indie pop thing down to pact. They only have a set of demos, but oh boy, are they strong as hell. I don’t really know where to start. Each song is just a bum rush of all the best kinds of energy. Their songs reel you in with addictive pop hooks that will put you in a state of ecstasy.

Like all the best acts, they’ve a sound that is very much their own. Even so, there are traces of other bands sprinkled in between the fine lines. I hear traces of  Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Hot Chip, and Mystery Jets in Niteflights DNA. That’s just me. I love the hell out of all three of those bands, so Niteflights should take them as a full fledged compliment.

I’m loving the hell out of these songs and I really think that you will too. This is just the beginning of their flight. I can’t wait to see where these guys land.

Posted below are two pop gems that you must download immediately. Try to resist “What’s The Point” & “Here Comes Tomorrow”:

[mp3]: Niteflights – What’s The Point?
[mp3]: Niteflights – Here Comes Tomorrow

Stream the rest of their demos below:

Marnie by niteflightsmusic

I Can’t Say No by niteflightsmusic

Ask Me Anything by niteflightsmusic

Kamp! – Heats // Distance Of The Modern Hearts

By Will Oliver, July 21st 2010

“Heats” is the new single from Poland’s Kamp!, a band I recently discovered thank to the people over at Ohh! So Famous! If you dig 80s dance rock such as Cut Copy, then Kamp! will be your new best buds. They make delicious disco inspired electronic music that is eager to spread its wings on the dancefloors across the world.

“Heats” is treads along the fine lines of a ballad, but not without its fair share of dance moments. “Distance Of The Modern Hearts” is a more straightforward approach to disco-rock, with ethereal vocals that take the song to dreamy heights. These guys know how to write a pop tune, that’s for sure. Kamp! are in for big things.

Their debut album should be out by the end of the year. Can’t wait to hear what they have in store for our ears.

[mp3]: Kamp! – Heats
[mp3]: Kamp! – Distance Of The Modern Hearts

If you go to the bands myspace and click the album art for their singles on the left, you can download each single for free. I highly recommend doing so.

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