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Flaming Lipns Miley Cyrus

Earlier this month Miley Cyrus threw us a curveball with her cover of Arctic Monkeys’ “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?”. Now she’s done it again with The Flaming Lips. On Saturday night she performed a cover of their song “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots” live at her show in L.A. at Staples Center. Only this time, she did with a little help from The Flaming Lips themselves.

She was joined by The Flaming Lips’ very own Wayne Coyne & Steven Drozd to perform the track. You know what? Miley’s voice actually fits the song well.

The collaboration isn’t as random as you think. Cyrus apparently had tweeted many times about how much she adored the band, and apparently Coyne tweeted her back as well. It was a special night for many reasons, but it was actually the 30th anniversary of The Lips’ first show.

They actually ended up performing the cover twice. Here’s a video of the first go-around posted below.
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The Flaming Lips – Elephant (Tame Impala Cover)

By Will Oliver, October 30th 2013

Flaming Lips - Elephant (Tame Impala Cover)

After touring together The Flamings Lips and Tame Impala (see our photos from their show at Terminal 5 from earlier this month) have become close. At their shows they sold a collaborative EP that was made up of covers that they did of each others songs.

The Flaming Lips recently uploaded a pretty killer cover that they did of Tame Impala’s “Elephant.” It rocks hard, with a touch of The Lips signature sound.

Check it out below.
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The Flaming Lips wouldn’t be the first band you’d expect to make music inspired by the upcoming film Enders Game, but the Orson Scott Card novel is beloved by many, so it shouldn’t be a huge surprise.

They wrote a song called “Assassin Beetle – The Dream Is Ending”, which then inspired them to continue on, leaving them with an EPs worth of material. They created six songs in total, which ended up as the Peace Sword EP. It’s out October 29 digitally, and then on November 29 as a part of Record Store Day (Back To Black Friday).

“Assassin Beetle – The Dream Is Ending” is very good sludge-psych rock that you’d come to expect from The Flaming Lips. You can check it out below. You can also find my photos from their show at Terminal 5 from earlier this month right here. Read the rest of this entry »

Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips have released a video for “Turning Violent” that is in sync with the feel and pace of the song. The band are rocking out while some sort of cult like happening is occurring in a different room. Totally makes sense in their universe.

Watch it below.

In other news, the band’s very own Wayne Coyne is going to release his own comic book, titled “The Sun Is Slick.” It is super limited and will be available to buy at Comic-Con, as well as their website on July 22. It’s going to be tough to get your hands on one, so good luck!

The Flaming Lips Announce New Album: The Terror

By Will Oliver, January 24th 2013

Basic RGB

Today The Flaming Lips announced new album The Terror will come out April 2 via Warner Bros. It’s almost been 4 years since their last album, Embryonic.

They produced the album along with Dave Fridmann at Tarbox Road Studios. The album is said to have a “darker-hued spectrum than previous works.” Here’s what Wayne Coyne had to say:

Why would we make this music that is The Terror – this bleak, disturbing record? I don’t really want to know the answer that I think is coming. Maybe this is the beginning of the answer.

Fans who pre-order the album will get non-album track “Sun Blows Up Today” as a download. That song will also be featured in A Superbowl Commercial. Here’s the 9-song tracklisting below:
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Bon Iver teamed up with That Flaming Lips for the Lips’ Record Store Day release, The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends. They got together to record a weird psychedelic song called “Ashes In The Air.” Imagine Bon Iver vocals put to work with the minds of Wayne Coyne and the rest of the Lips. Exactly.

Take a listen to “Ashes In The Air” below.

The Flaming Lips & Neon Indian got together at The Flaming Lips New Years Eve Freakout to perform their jam, “Is David Bowie Dying?”, from their collaborative EP. The performance took place at the Bricktown Events Center in The Flaming Lips hometown of Okalahoma City, Oklahoma.

The performance went down very smooth, must have been quite an experience. Watch the epic 7-minute performance below.


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