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The Gaslight Anthem @ Made In America (9/1/2013)

By Will Oliver, September 3rd 2013


After catching The Gaslight Anthem just last month in the quite intimate Irving Plaza, it was much different seeing them rock the main stage at Made In America. The band still brought it though, letting all the extra space carry home their tunes even further. They kept the mood fairly low key towards the midway point, before busting things open with great performances of “The Queen Of Lower Chelsea”, “Great Expectations” and of course, “American Slang.”

The Gaslight Anthem @ Irving Plaza (7/27/2013)

By Will Oliver, July 29th 2013 — with 2 comments


Saturday night was my first time at Irving Plaza somehow. For some reason I always expected it to be one of the larger venues in the city, but I was pleasantly surprised as to how fairly intimate/medium sized it was especially for a band like The Gaslight Anthem.

Sounding larger than life with that New Jersey pride seeping through, The Gaslight Anthem led us down the anthematic epic path in a rock solid 16-song set. “’59 Sound” and “The Diamond Church Street Choir” were two of the first three songs played. They’re some of my favorite songs by them, so hearing them that early set quite the tone.

From there we got a good mix of new material (highlight was “45″) as well as all the goodies: “American Slang, “Great Expectations”, “The Backseat.” They even gave us “Boomboxes And Dictionaries” from their debut album.

Brian Fallon has grown into quite the frontman. He’s enthusiastic, on point, and engaging. The rest of the band do their job, but without Fallon, I don’t see The Gaslight Anthem being as great as they are. When they’re playing, we all feel a little Jersey pride, even though normally it would be the other way around.

Hit the jump for a collection of photos as well as the setlist.
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The Gaslight Anthem @ Terminal 5 (November 28, 2012)

By Will Oliver, November 29th 2012

The Gaslight Anthem have come a long way, and if a three night run at Terminal 5 doesn’t speak for itself, then you just gotta be there to understand. The band have a dedicated following that is very Springsteen in spirit. You got fans of all ages young and old, and most of them from New Jersey and proudly letting it show. The band is capable of provided both soft, sincere moments (“Mae”, “Here’s Looking At You, Kid”), as well as those stadium worthy rock anthems that had the crowd singing every word as it was their last hope and prayer (“American Slang”, “‘The 59 Sound”, “Great Expectations”, “The Queen of Lower Chelsea”).

Brian Fallon is a great frontman, one that any band would be lucky to have. He has a sincire quality about him that is one of the reasons the band is so beloved. It makes sense to me that people don’t simply like this band, they love them. They go to these shows to bond collectively, and share moments, just like the band do with their image rich lyrics.

My fandom for The Gaslight Anthem has been growing over the years, and finally seeing one of their live shows has me sold that they are one of the best things that rock has to offer.

The Gaslight Anthem covered Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” for their new EP Hold You Up, which their releasing as a 10″ vinyl special for Record Store Day. It’s an interesting cover, as it’s Gaslight covering Bon Iver, but it works in it’s own weird way. Try it out:

Gaslight Anthem put on a tremendous show that recaptured the live energy and exuberance that they proudly wear on their New Jersey sleeves during their studio recordings. Brian Fallon and friends didn’t disappoint, giving us a good set of some fantastic tunes. The stage they were at was packed to the edge, a warning sign of just how much bigger these guys are than even the festival thought,

[new]: The Gaslight Anthem – 45

By Will Oliver, April 30th 2012

Seemingly out of no where, I made the connection with The Gaslight Anthem after countless urging from my good friend, Alex. One day, I just connected with the band and it all made sense. The prideful NJ sound isn’t something that I understand, since I’m from New York. However, that prideful spirit and the incredible powerful sound that chugs along with the band is something that anyone can appreciate. It’s safe to say that these guys are becoming one of my new favorites.

I’m happy to say that they have released a stream of their new single “45″ today. It’s off new album, Handwritten, which will be released July 24 via Mercury Records. It’s more great stuff from the band, who haven’t lost a step on the way. They still have their spirit and that blitzkrieg power going on their side.

Stream it below via Rolling Stone:

The Gaslight Anthem – Stay Lucky

By Will Oliver, September 7th 2010

Really enjoying “Stay Lucky” from The Gaslight Anthem. It comes off their new album American Slang. I instantly fell in love with it after the first chord. It has this uplifting nature about it. It’s powerful sound is pretty infectious.

The singers voice mixed with their style of americana rock reminds me of a cross between Against Me! and Bruce Springsteen. Intersting, no?

Anyway, this song rules. Gets me pumped up every time.

[mp3]: The Gaslight Anthem – Stay Lucky

Best Concerts Of 2013

By Will Oliver, January 3rd 2014


I’m lucky enough to live close enough to New York City where I can catch a great show almost every night of the week. In 2013 I traveled and caught a whole bunch of music festivals and performances across the country, such as in Austin, Chicago, Denver, and Philadelphia. I saw many good shows, from new bands, to old favorites, as well as some true legends along the way. It was a good year.

I saw a lot of shows, and it’s tough to narrow them down into a comprehensive list, but I did my best. These were the truly memorable nights out of a very memorable year. This year, with Barclays Center taking over a lot of my favorite acts, there were more arena shows than ever before. But no matter, a good act will transcend an audience in any venue, big or small. I saw my fair share of great shows in smaller venues as well. A good balance between the two is an ideal thing for me anyways.

Later tonight, I will also share all the best photos I took from these shows, as there are too many not to gather and collect.

Without further ado, here were the best shows I attended in 2013: Read the rest of this entry »

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