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Preview: The Growlers at Brooklyn Bowl

By Will Oliver, September 26th 2017

Beach goth rockers The Growlers are no strangers to New York. It seems like every couple of months we can expect them to return to us here on the other coast (find coverage of their Terminal 5 performance this May).

They’re still touring hard in support of their 2106 album City Club (released via Cult Records) and will once again return to us for a trio of shows at Brooklyn Bowl this week on September 27, 28 and 29.

Not only do the band deliver a non-stop energetic rock performance, but they always dive deep into their catalog to offer a dynamic and lengthy setlist that never disappoints.

Tickets for the shows are currently still available here, but don’t wait to long on them, they won’t last much longer now.
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The Growlers at Terminal 5 (May 21, 2017)

By Anthony Bauer, June 8th 2017 — with 1 comment

On an absolutely gorgeous Saturday night in middle of May, The Growlers brought their California beach goth vibes back to New York City with a stellar performance at Terminal 5. The band has been out on the road in support of their latest album City Club which was released back in September of last year via Cult Records.

We were at their Webster Hall show last year and couldn’t imagine how they could top that performance, but Frontman Brooks Nielsen made it clear right of the bat that this would be a special night. The show was billed with no opener, so this technically was “An Evening with The Growlers” type situation where we got a really, really full set from the band (but we’ll get to that in a minute).

The band took the stage promptly around 9:15pm and jumped directly into Chinese Fountain standout opener “Big Toe” which had everybody inside Terminal 5 singing, dancing, moving & grooving right away. It was truly an absolutely perfect way to kick the show off, really setting the tone for the rest of the night which we saw Nielsen and company power through an insanely impressive 32 song set. Yes, you read that correctly – the band played a 32 song set and was easily one of the longest and best shows I’ve ever seen at T5.

With the band being on tour for a while leading into this NYC stop, the band was basically on autopilot the entire night, even more so than we saw last year back at Webster Hall. Instead of taking extended breaks between songs and chatting with the crowd with banter, it was all business for the band – as soon as one song ended, another began seconds later, as the band segued immediately into the next song without stopping at all. While at first I thought this was strange, I then realized it was actually a pretty genius move. By removing playful banter with the crowd as well as these breaks between songs, the band was able to squeeze in that many more songs into their set (which everyone was very appreciative of).

One of the other things that made this show so great was the addition of special guest Delicate Steve to the band.  Steve sat in with them for nearly half of the set and fit in perfectly. He fed off their energy and flowed seamlessly in & out of every song by bringing his stylistic flair to the already impressive Growlers songs (without stepping all over their groundwork). His style was really felt on the jammier songs, where things felt extra extended with more room to breath for longer guitar solos. A perfect example of this was during one of the bands live staples, “Chinese Fountain” where everything felt extended to allow for a louder, jammier, groovier rendition of the song than we’ve ever heard before.

Towards the end of the night after coming to the realization just how long that the band had been playing for, Nielsen stopped and acknowledged the crowds cheers and stated, “tomorrow we get a night off, we deserve it.” At that point I completely lost track of time and looked down at my watch stunned to realize that it was practically midnight.  After blazing through a blistering 32-song set for nearly three hours, I’d say they most definitely earned a day (or two) off.

Find The Growlers setlist posted below, along with more photos from the show:

The Growlers Setlist:

1. Big Toe
2. Naked Kids
3. Dope on a Rope
4. Tell It How It Is
5. One Million Lovers
6. Too Many
7. World Unglued
8. Black Memories
9. Someday
10. Rare Hearts
11. Dogheart Blues
12. The Moaning Man from Shanty Town
13. Badlands
14. Sea Lion Goth Blues
15. When You Were Made
16. Wet Dreams
17. Feeling Good
18. Empty Bones
19. The Fruit is for Everyone
20. People Don’t Change Blues
21. Gay Thoughts
22. Vacant Lot
23. Row
24. City Club
25. Chinese Fountain
26. Good Name
27. Rubber & Bone
28. I’ll Be Around


29. Blood of a Mutt
30. Pyscho
31. Love Test
32. Going Gets Tough

The Growlers at Webster Hall (September 30, 2016)

By Will Oliver, December 5th 2016 — with 1 comment


On September 30 (this guys birthday), The Growlers finished off a sold out two-night run in New York with a performance at Webster Hall (they played Music Hall of Williamsburg the night before). The stops came in support of their new Julian Casabalancas produced album City Club, which was also released via Casabalancas’ Cult Records.

The groups lineup has changed quite a bit on this tour, with only Brooks Nielsen, Matt Taylor and Kyle Straka remaining in the core lineup live. It was a bit jarring to see at first, but the new lineup did fill in just fine, and delivered a fine set of groovy beach goth that they’ve made their name with.

Find the setlist posted below, along with a gallery of photos from their performance.
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The Growlers at Irving Plaza (October 9, 2015)

By Will Oliver, January 9th 2016

1_The Growlers_Irving Plaza

In October The Growlers returned to New York for a two-night stand at Irving Plaza, continuing support for their great 2014 release, Chinese Fountain.

The groups popularity has been steadily on the rise for years now, and the sold out crowd on hand for the October 9 completely ate from their hand proving that the momentum is still going strong. It was an impressive showing, one that has me excited for their new album and eventually more live shows in this new year.

Find some shots from their performance below.
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The Growlers at Baby’s All Right (March 7, 2015)

By Will Oliver, March 9th 2015 — with 1 comment

1_The Growlers_Baby's All Right

The Growlers may be from Santa Ana, California, but for the past five nights, the band has taken over Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right for a set of sold out shows. On Saturday night I caught the fourth show of the residency, a very late night set that ran almost to 3 a.m. (or 4 a.m. with daylight savings). It was very much a party all around, with a lively set from openers Broncho.
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Photos: The Growlers at Bowery Ballroom (September 18, 2014)

By Will Oliver, September 23rd 2014 — with 2 comments

1_The Growlers_Bowery Ballroom

All photos by Daniel Topete

Last Thursday night California band Growlers played Bowery Ballroom in support of their new album Chinese Fountain, which is released today. The show featured an opening set from fellow Cali duo The Garden, which consists of twin brothers Fletcher and Wyatt Shears.

Daniel Topete was there to capture photos of both The Growlers and The Garden. Find his shots posted below.
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Delicate Steve at Brooklyn Bowl (July 6, 2017)

By Anthony Bauer, July 11th 2017

All photos by Anthony Bauer

Delicate Steve has been everywhere this year and we aren’t complaining one bit. We caught his solo show earlier in the year around the time his wonderful new album This Is Steve was released via Anti Records and were ecstatic when we found he he was coming back for another headlining gig at Brooklyn Bowl on July 6.

This year alone we have seen him at his solo gig back in February, sitting in with The Growlers at T5, and most recently, with Yeasayer at Prospect Park – and we have a feeling it won’t be the last. This show at Brooklyn Bowl though felt like one big party with good vibes at an all time high. From both of the openers to Steve, most of the members in every band that played were all from Brooklyn which made this show an absolute blast.
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We All Want Someone’s Best Songs of 2016

By Will Oliver, January 30th 2017 — with 1 comment

(Artwork courtesy of Anthony Bauer)

2016 was a wild one. It’s not a year that many of us will look back all that fondly on, but then again, it wasn’t all bad. There were a lot of great albums and songs released throughout the year, from artists of all sizes. From the surprise drop, to the long-awaited albums from greats like Radiohead.

Tomorrow I’ll share my list of my favorite albums of the year, but first, lets dig in to the songs that I had on constant repeat throughout the year.
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We All Want Someone’s Best Shows Of 2015

By Will Oliver, March 15th 2016 — with 1 comment


Blur at MSG

I lost count of how many shows I went to in 2015, but I’m pretty sure I managed to top the amount of shows I went to in 2014, which was a previous record.

You’ll notice a good chunk of the shows that made the cut are established artists playing intimate venues such as Baby’s All Right or Bowery Ballroom. Nothing quite matches getting to see big acts in a great small venue. That’s not to say that a show at a large venue can’t be good, as plenty of big bands playing large venues or dare I say arenas ended up on here as well. There’s a lot of ingredients to a good show, and I don’t discriminate..

Below, find my top 40 shows of 2015 and feel free to click through to each individual show recap to re-live them along with me. We can’t wait to see what 2016 brings to us. All I know is it will be tough to match what I saw in 2015.
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