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The Pass at The Knitting Factory (December 12, 2014)

By Will Oliver, December 31st 2014 — with 1 comment

1_The Pass_Knitting

On December 12 Louisville’s dance-rockers The Pass returned to New York for a pair of shows for the release of their new EP High Road. The first was a free show at The Knitting Factory, with a performance at Pianos coming the night after.

The Pass always deliver a good time live, and this performance was no different. Their creative light rig is a colorful explosion, a welcome addition to the delightful music that they so consistently pump out. With High Road the group has honed in on their sound even more, releasing arguably their tightest collection of songs yet. They played them all that night, and they worked wonders on me.

I don’t understand why more people aren’t singing their praises. There aren’t many bands that actually straddle the lines between rock and electronic music authentically, and well, but The Pass have certainly done so and more. Hopefully more people will catch on soon, because they deserve it.
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Premiere: The Pass – Take You Out

By Will Oliver, December 3rd 2014 — with 1 comment

High Road EP Artwork

Louisville four-piece The Pass have had some year. The group (Kyle Peters, Will Roberts, Brian Healey & Neil Lucas) began 2014 with a collection of 7″ singles, and have since been tucked away in their basement studio recording their new EP, High Road, which is out December 9.

With the EP, The Pass hope to change the perception of DIY and prove that a band can craft memorable elctro-pop all by themselves. With every new release the group seem to find new ways to amaze, proving to both us and themselves, that there is no need to be limited to one idea or sound.

Today we have the honor of premiering the lead single from the EP, a stunner by the name of “Take You Out.” In it, they deliver a world of glossy synths, love-sick vocals, and a feel-good atmosphere that you can’t shake anywhere else but the dance floor. With so many electronic groups relying heavily on computers and other effects these days, it’s great to see The Pass deliver such groovy tunes as a full live band. It truly separates them from the rest of the pack

Enjoy “Take You Out” below, and find some of The Pass’ upcoming tour dates, which includes two stops in NYC next week. See you there.
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The Pass – The Same / Be Easy

By Will Oliver, March 25th 2014

The Pass

The latest single offering from The Pass’ monthly single series is here, and it features two more killer tracks.

The a-side is a glossy track called “The Same”, a track that graces your ears in a light but glamorous fashion that just hits all the right spots. The b-side sees The Pass slow things down but play things just as cool, as always. It’s smooth as all hell, hitting all the right notes, showing that they can slow things down but still maintain that epic nature.

Both tracks are available to stream below and available to buy as a bundle with the rest of their 7″ singles. Their new album is due out later this summer.

The Same:

Be Easy:

[new]: The Pass – Never Compromise

By Will Oliver, February 11th 2014 — with 1 comment

The Pass - Never Compromise

Last week we had the honor of premiering the latest single from The Pass. It’s the awesome track “Without Saying”, which is the a-side to the latest 7″ single in the band’s continuing series. All this leads up to their new album this summer.

The b-side to that 7″ single is here. It’s called “Never Compromise” and it premiered over at Unrecorded (formerly known as Listen Before You Buy). It’s another delicious offering from the band who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty while sporting its undeniable funk.

Give “Never Compromise” a spin below.
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PREMIERE: The Pass – Without Saying

By Will Oliver, February 5th 2014 — with 2 comments

The Pass - Without Saying

2014 is a big year for many of us, but it’s a extremely busy one for The Pass. If you’ve been following the Louisville, Kentucky band, you know just how busy they’ve been. Since January, they’ve been releasing single after single via sonaBLAST! Records, all a part of a major singles collection that will lead to their new album, the follow-up to Melt, which is due out in the summer. All of the singles come coated in different colored vinyl, fitted in a full color jacket.

I have the honor of premiering their latest single, the glorious “Without Saying.” It’s the mesmerizing a-side (“Never Compromise” is the b-side) and for good reason. The band continuously make natural slides of development expanding their pallete for a widescreen synth-pop sound. “Without Saying” is a balanced act that is as easy to describe as smooth and chill, when your not too busy dancing around helplessly along with it. There are some incredible psych breakdowns towards the end that prove that yet again, The Pass have new tricks up their sleeves to keep them one of the most interesting bands out there.

Enjoy “Without Saying” below, it’s fantastic.

You can purchase the entire bundle of singles from The Pass right here. Find The Pass on Facebook and Twitter.

[new]: The Pass – Don’t Take It

By Will Oliver, January 13th 2014 — with 1 comment


Last week The Pass revealed their new singles project, sharing the first single from the set: “Sunny Day.”

Today they shared the b-side to that 7″, “Don’t Take It.” Once you hit play, you’ll see why the band consider all the material that is a part of this collection capable of being A-sides.

“Don’t Take It” sees The Pass excel once again, easily creating their own unique groove that’s simply unforgettable. It’s not enough to create a dance song that just makes you move. They are able to create something that has a lasting impact that keeps you coming back for more. That’s what makes The Pass stand out from the rest of the pack.

Enjoy “Don’t Take It” below. The single is officially out on SonaBLAST! Records tomorrow. You can purchase the 7″ single right here or grab the entire bundle of singles here.

[new]: The Pass – Sunny Day

By Will Oliver, January 9th 2014 — with 2 comments


It’s been too long since we got new music from The Pass, one of the best bands out of Louisville, Kentucky. Luckily for us, that’s going to change in a big way during the first quarter of 2014.

Staring with this month, The Pass will release a new 7″ single each month for four months. The singles will come fully coated with a full color jacket and a different colored vinyl for each single. The singles will lead up to a summertime release of their follow-up album to their 2012 LP, Melt.

“Sunny Day” is the first single from the set, and it’s typical goodness from The Pass. Swirls of electronic bliss and mesmerizing vocals that you’ll have stuck in your head in no time. Their streak of consistency continues on.

Enjoy “Sunny Day” below. It’s out officially on SonaBLAST! Records on January 14. You can purchase the 7″ single right here or grab the entire bundle of singles here.
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The Pass put on a terrific showing at WLFY’s show to the surprise of no one. The Louisville, Kentucky band came out with a bang and didn’t subside until their set was over. I don’t understand why these guys aren’t much bigger than they are. They have the ability to create infectious dance music infused with jazz-inspired rock. They’re miles ahead of any of the dance music riffling around the top of the charts right now.

[new]: The Pass – Alone Again

By Will Oliver, October 23rd 2012

The Pass’ new album Melt comes out in two weeks, on election day (November 6). Today they shared a new track from the album titled “Alone Again.”

On it, the Louisville, Kentucky, boys lean more towards a more rock sound that their typical electronic funk, but the core elements of their dancier side do come out and play in bits.

I remember being impressed by this song when I heard it live, and it sounds just as powerful on recording. Kyle Peters puts on a vocal display.

Technically speaking, not many bands have a tighter set of players than The Pass.

Be sure to check out first single “Without Warning” if you haven’t already.

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