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[new]: The Shins – So Now What (From Wish I Was Here)

By Will Oliver, July 10th 2014 — with 1 comment

Wish I Was Here Soundtrack

If you’re familiar with the history of The Shins, you should know how big of a part that Zach Braff’s debut film Garden State had on their career. The placement of “New Slang” and “Caring Is Creepy” put the band on the map in a big way. Now the band is a trademark name of sorts, and James Mercer is off making music as Broken Bells with Danger Mouse in between his time with The Shins.

Braff’s long-awaited follow-up film Wish I Was Here is out soon (July 18) and naturally, The Shins are back on it. Not only that, but it’s a brand new, exclusive song called “So Now What.” It’s the song that you heard in the first trailer for the film (find that here if you haven’t seen it yet).

Mercer turns the clock back a bit, giving it a classic Shins feel with their new bigger-budget sound. It sounds like it would be right on home on Garden State. My ears are very happy with this one.

Stream “So Now What” below.
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Wish I Was Here Poster

The Shins and Zach Braff go way back. His use of “New Slang” and “Caring Is Creepy” in his directorial debut Garden State helped launch their popularity, changing their career forever (or really James Mercer nowadays).

So it’s no surprise that they’ve reunited again for Wish I Was Here, Braff’s new film (and first since Garden State).

The film’s latest trailer features a brand new song from The Shins. It’s presumably set to appear on the film’s soundtrack, and it sound amazing from what we can tell.

You can check out the trailer right now over at Monday Morning Matinee.

The Shins @ Bonnaroo (June 10, 2012)

By Will Oliver, June 14th 2012

I had been trying to see The Shins for years. I was seemingly always at the wrong place when they toured. Finally the stars aligned, and I found myself watching their set at Bonnaroo. Now, unfortunately, I’ll never get to see The Shins with the original lineup. That was something I was somewhat worried about beforehand. Now looking back on it, that was silly.

The new band had been chosen for good reason. They can play. No disrespect to the original crew, but these guys filled in just fine. The songs were a lot more beefed up and livelier than I would have imagined. James stuck to mostly older stuff, opening the show with “Kissing The Lipless” and “Caring Is Creepy” instantly sending me into a glorious nostalgic trip. While singing along with the lyrics, I was literally being hit with memories of who I was with and where I was when I first listened to the songs. That is a rare occurrence, and that just shows how much this band means to some people.

I left the show, and the festival feeling really good after The Shins set, one of the most enjoyable of the whole weekend.
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[watch]: The Shins Play SNL

By Will Oliver, March 15th 2012

The Shins played SNL this weekend, with Jonah Hill on hosting duties. If you missed the episode like me, then youtube is your friend. They played lead single “Simple Song” & “It’s Only Life”, both from the upcoming Port Of Morrow.

Simple Song:

It’s Only Life:

[album stream]: The Shins – Port Of Morrow

By Will Oliver, March 13th 2012 — with 5 comments

The Shins new album Port Of Morrow doesn’t come out until next week (March 20, via Sub Pop). However, it’s currently streaming over at 3voor12. Don’t know how long the stream will last, so you best head over now and take a listen.

Stream Port Of Morrow here.

The Shins – Bait And Switch

By Will Oliver, March 9th 2012

The Shins new album Port Or Morrow is getting closer and closer to it’s March 20 release date. The band has kept us going with “Simple Song” but that wasn’t nearly enough. Last week they shared a music video for another new song titled “Bait And Switch”.

The clip features footage of the band playing the song live in a cabin, and it’s pretty awesome. The song reminds me a great deal of the older Shins, with plenty of energy. I still miss the old band lineup but these guys are really starting to grow on me.

Find the song/video below.
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