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[new]: The Virgins – Flashbacks, Memories and Dreams

By Will Oliver, February 7th 2013

The Virgins

The Virgins have returned with a new single, the funky “Flashbacks, Memories and Dreams”. It’s from their new album Strike Gently which will come out March 12 via Cult Records (the 1st release on Julian Casablancas’ label).

“Venus In Chains”, the track they released last year isn’t on the album, and I’m not sad about that as it was somewhat underwhelming. On the other hand, “Flashbacks, Memories and Dreams” is more like The Virgins of 2008. It is a crisp rocker with a focus on a funked up thick bassline and the sex’d up vocals of Donald Cumming.

With this track I can safely say that The Virgins are finally back. Pre-order the album here, and grab a free download of “Flashbacks, Memories and Dreams” below.

[mp3]: The Virgins – Flashbacks, Memories and Dreams

The Virgins @ Mercury Lounge (May 26, 2012)

By Will Oliver, May 27th 2012 — with 1 comment

Openers Grand Rapids set the tone with a great opening set that had most of the crowd head bobbing and moving. “Feels Like A Lifetime” soared above the rest, proving to be their big gun. Their debut album should be a good one if most of the songs we heard are included.

The Virgins came out looking a hell of a lot different than I remembered them. That’s because frontman Donald Cumming is the only original member from the lineup of 4 years ago. Not only is their image different, but their sound is heading in a different direction. The new songs still sound like it’s coming from The Virgins, just with more of an Americana influence. Some of the new stuff could even be considered ballads, with Cumming on piano, and some crowd members getting restless.

They didn’t leave much room for older material, only playing a couple off their still fantastically fun debut album. One notable omission was “Rich Girls”, which the crowd was desperete to hear. After waiting almost 4 years, can you blame them? The new songs were hit-and-miss, and with almost no older material to comfort us with, it left me feeling mixed with the show.

I think some of the songs need to be recorded before I judge them, which is usually a fair case. But I got to say, I’m a little worried about their direction. Here’s to proving me wrong guys.

Here’s their new single “Venus Is Chains” which I meant to post last week. But the timing seems to work:

[mp3]: The Virgins – Venus In Chains

Hit the jump for more photos:
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Little Boots – Rich Boys (The Virgins Cover)

By Will Oliver, April 24th 2009 — with 8 comments

Believe it or not I don’t have a clue who Little Boots is. I just know she is a new artist who has been making a lot of noise, getting her stock up. She is from Blackpool, England and plays English electropop. Also..she is kinda hot! I saw that she covered the virgins awesome track ‘Rich Girls’. She changed the title to ‘Rich Boys’ and added her own flare to it. The result? A fun spin on a fun song. No harm done at all. I liked it a lot.

Now for the rest of her material, I am just starting to look into it and I surprised myself when I actually liked the track ‘Meddle’. If I had to compare her based on style, I would say Santogold. I do need some lady pop in my life every now and then. Don’t want to be a music snob now do I?? Meddle is featured on her debut album Hands which will be released June 8th.

I can tell she is going to be huge this year. And I can live with that!!!

[mp3] : Little Boots – Rich Boys (The Virgins Cover)

[mp3] : Little Boots – Meddle

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37_Everyone_Neil Fest_Bowery Ballroom

Back on a Sunday night in September, seemingly most of the musical talent that happened to be in New York that weekend converged to Bowery Ballroom for the first night of Neilfest, a tribute to the great Neil Young put on by The Best Fest. Not only was it a grand old celebration of a musical genius, but it served as a benefit to the Sweet Relief charity. So not only did you get some amazing artists, old and new, covering Neil Young, but it was all for a good cause. What’s not to love?

Cabin Down Below Band served as the backing house band for all the guests, and these guys are veterans of these sort of things by now, also serving as the backing band for the previously held Dylan Fest, Petty Fest and Stones Fest. They kicked things off with “Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown,” and then handed the torch to a different band or artist to take over the song, and then pass the torch down the respective line.
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Brandon Flowers at Webster Hall (March 24, 2015)

By Will Oliver, March 26th 2015

1_Brandon Flowers_Webster Hall

Earlier in the week The Killers’ frontman Brandon Flowers returned in a big way with new solo single “Can’t Deny My Love.” It marked a step into a world of big glossy 80s synth-pop, more aligned with The Killers’ Hot Fuss than his debut solo offering Flamingo. “Can’t Deny My Love” is on his new album The Desired Effect, which Island Records will release on May 18. On Tuesday night Flowers played an intimate show at Webster Hall to share some songs, both new and old.
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Public Access T.V. – Rebounder

By Will Oliver, September 3rd 2014

Public Acceess T.V.

My first memory of John Eatherly was as the drummer of Be Your Own Pet (who I miss dearly). Since their breakup, he’s kept busy playing along with acts such as as Turbo Fruits, Eleanor Friedberger, Smith Westerns, The Virgins, and Chairlift. Now he’s fronting his own band, Public Access T.V.

The group was formed after Eatherly had enough of the music scene in Manhattan, and wanted to make music inspired by 90s Brit-Pop and 70’s punk.

He’s done just that on his groups delightful debut single “Rebounder” which is a well done tribute to the Brit-pop mindset that has him inspired. It moves and grooves with a confident swagger, built off irresistible hooks and classic rock tricks.

It’s off their debut EP (also titled Rebounder), which is out now.

Enjoy the video for “Rebounder” below.
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Grand Rapids – Feels Like A Lifetime

By Will Oliver, April 10th 2012

Manhattan-based band Grand Rapids “Feels Like A Lifetime” is an exciting single that the band is releasing through Too Pure, the new singles label of Beggars Group. It hits hard with a country twang transported straight to your beer soaked garage floors.

There’s no gimmick or bullshit to Grand Rapids. Just straight up good rocking.

[mp3]: Grand Rapids – Feels Like A Lifetime

They will be opening for The Virgins comeback show at The Mercury Lounge in May. That show just got even better.

After the jump stream the single’s b-side “Was That A Joke”. It’s another guitar friendly cut.
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WAWSTSF’s Best Albums of 2008: Honorable Mentions (Part 1)

By Will Oliver, January 7th 2009 — with 1 comment

So 2008 is a few days behind us, and I finally got done listening to pretty much everything I wanted to. The fact that I want to keep going back to Animal Collectives MPP is an indication that it is time to make my list already. Here are some albums that were great but didn’t make my list. The list was a top 50 of the freshest albums that 2008 had to offer. Some fell short of making it, but were good enough to my ears to deserve a mention. Here they are:

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We All Want Someone’s Best Songs of 2008: #40-31

By Will Oliver, January 3rd 2009

40. MGMT – Electric Feel

– Infectious psych-pop/rock jam that helps provide some insight towards why they were one of 2008’s biggest bands.

39. Beck – Gamma Ray

– Beck gives us one hell of a groovy rocker. It that starts off with a bang and doesn’t let off at any point. One of the most enjoyable recent Beck songs.

38. Tokyo Police Club – In A Cave

– I absolutely love this song. All aspects of the band come together to show why we all fell in love with them in the first place. This song is just good.

37. The Virgins – Rich Girls

– This bass line is just ridiculous. The EP version was better, but the song is just pop perfection. So much fun to listen to. Who cares if they were on Gossip Girl, this song rocked way way way before that show!

36. We Are Scientists – After Hours

– This is the big sound that We Are Scientists nail. They need more big anthem’s like this!  I’m pretty sure I saw this song in a camera commercial too….cool?

35. The Morning Benders – Waiting For A War

– Pop/Rock done loud and proud. This is enjoyable music, that deserves to be heard. Sincere lyrics that most of us can relate to.

34. Ra Ra Riot – Dying Is Fine

– The lyrics are quite emotional since they are referring to the death of their good friend and former drummer John. The song is fast paced, but also beautiful. Highly recommended.

33. Cloud Cult – No One Said It Would Be Easy

– Haunting keys, tons of voices singing in unison, a big big soaring song. This is special stuff. Words can hardly describe it properly.

32. Los Campesinos! – You! Me! Dancing!

– It starts of with a slow guitar building up, only to lead into an absolute mega tune. The difference in the vocals between the male/female singers works so well. This is a relentless tune!

31. Kanye West – Love Lockdown

– This song was the first one that we heard from the ‘new’ Kanye and it has stayed with me the most. The lyrics are relevant to me right now so maybe that is why I really appreciate it.

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