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Theme Park Announce Debut Album

By Will Oliver, January 8th 2013

Theme Park artworkTheme Park have announced that their debut album is on the way. It’s self-titled, and will be released on February 25 via Transgressive. The debut album will see familiar songs such as “Two Hours”, “Jamaica”, “Wax”, and “Ghosts”, which were songs I had been obsessing over ever since their release as singles. Interesting that they included some and left others off, but we shouldn’t be surprised, the bands very own Miles told us this was probably going to happen when we interviewed him.

They also have released the first official single from the album, “Tonight.” It continues their groovy ways treading a fine line between indie rock and dance. It’s the type of single you should put on while hanging back with a friends, while putting a few away. Definitely a song (and an album) that will sound great during the summer.

Check out “Tonight” below and keep a look out for their debut album. It’s personally one of my most anticipated albums of the year.

Theme Park – Bloodbuzz Ohio (The National Cover)

By Will Oliver, November 6th 2012 — with 6 comments

Theme Park have covered The National’s much beloved “Bloodbuzz Ohio” as a part of their Two Hours EP. It’s a fun take on the song that adds a fresh perspective. The National are one of my favorite bands, and Theme Park are new favorites of mine. I’m perfectly happy with this match-up.

[mp3]: Theme Park – Bloodbuzz Ohio (The National Cover)

The band also did a cool performance of “Jamaica” for The Line Of Best Fit’s Hospital Club Sessions. It has the band playing on 3D/360 degrees video. It’s really cool. Catch that here.

[new]: Theme Park – Jamaica

By Will Oliver, June 28th 2012 — with 1 comment

Theme Park are back with a new single from their debut album which is due in October via Transgressive. It’s called “Jamaica” and just like every other Theme Park song, it’s fun, breezy, and catchy as all hell. It’s a perfect for a laid back summer’s day with your buds, as the video portrays.

The band is touring with Bloc Party in the UK. The “Jamaica” single will be out August 13. The band also did a Daytrotter session.

Watch/Listen to the video below.
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An Interview With: Theme Park

By Will Oliver, March 27th 2012 — with 1 comment

For me, Theme Park are one of the most exciting bands emerging right now. One listen to any of their catchy indie pop delights will have you nodding in agreement. They’re in the midst of recording their debut album, and took some time out of their busy schedule to do an interview with me.

Miles Haughton, lead singer/guitarist (whose twin Marcus is also in the band) was cool enough to give us some insight on the bands formation, and what the future holds in terms of their debut album, what success means, and eventual touring plans.

Find the entire interview below. But first, here’s the boys music video for the irresistible “Milk”

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[new]: Theme Park – Two Hours

By Will Oliver, February 16th 2012 — with 1 comment

“Two Hours” is the first single taken from Theme Park’s debut album. I still can’t stop listening to the band’s first few songs. So it’s a bit of an understatement when I say that I’ve been dying to hear new stuff from this exciting young band.

“Two Hours” features a bit more emphasis on synth, creating a uplifting sound that is showcased throughout the song. It’s a great listen, and one that compliemnts the band’s previous work with ease. Can’t wait for their debut, it’s surely going to be one of the most enjoyable listens of the year.

The 7″ is being released through Transgressive Records on April 2, and is limited to 250 copies. It’s available to pre-order here. Listen to it below.

Introducing: Theme Park

By Will Oliver, December 19th 2011

Woah, woah, woah. Where the hell have I been? “Milk” by London lads Theme Park is too perfect for me to have slept on. I found it via the good guys over at Make Indie Music Not Missiles and haven’t been able to stop playing it all day.

The band previously released a single called “Wax” (double a-sided single with the equally awesome “A Mountain We Love”). Theme Park have only been around since the early days of 2011, but one can easily hear the similarities between them and The Talking Heads. Only more modern influenced. Everything that I’ve heard from the band, consisting of two brothers, and schoolfriends, sounds clean and funky cool.

These guys sound cool, and it seems to come effortless. Everything about “Wax” justifies this claim. Comfortable vocals float at ease on top of simple but cool guitar riffs and a deep bass. Then you got “Milk”, a crisp jam that has the potential to be a party staple for me. Theme Park know how to right catchy songs that you will have no shame of playing to death. With Theme Park, there’s no such thing.

Theme Park are one of my favorite new acts, and are a band you are going to want to pay attention to in 2012.

Below you can listen to “Milk” & “Wax”/”A Mountain”:

You can purchase the “Milk” single here.

Find some videos after the jump.
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The Go! Team – “What D’You Say?”

By Will Oliver, March 3rd 2015

The Go! Team

The Go! Team will return with new album The Scene Between on March 24 via Memphis Industries. It’s their first album in nearly four years. Last month The English group gave us our first taste of the album with the colorful first single and title track “The Scene Between.”

They’ve followed that up with the bright and youthful sounding opening number “What D’You Say?” It’s an all-around pleasant listen, with a lush vocal performance by Brazilian singer Samira Winter.

The Go! Team’s Ian Parton told The Fader that it’s an “aching little California drone pop song” about “someone who wants to start over.” He also said:

All the summers I never had, well I’m making up for it. All the chances I never grab but I’m making up for it now…’ It’s all lens flare crash zooms, abandoned theme parks and spinning into waves.

It had me forgetting about the snowy winter that awaits us outside, so I’d say it’s doing the job. Stream it below.
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We All Want Someone To Shout For’s Best Songs Of 2012

By Will Oliver, January 4th 2013 — with 6 comments


Yesterday I blessed you with my favorite albums from 2012, and now, here are my favorite songs from 2012. It’s always tough to narrow songs down to a list, even if the list is 100 songs long. A lot of great new music comes out at a rapid-fire basis these days, from the biggest artists, to the smallest.

When it came down to it, these were the songs that kept the best company of the last 12 months.

As always thanks to Camilo for the artwork. You can stream the songs themselves, or listen to one giant spotify stream right here.

I present to you:

We All Want Someone To Shout For’s Best Songs Of 2012:

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We All Want Someone To Shout For’s February 2012 Mix

By Will Oliver, March 7th 2012 — with 4 comments

First things first, Camilo really outdid himself with this month’s album art. That’s a work of beauty posted above. Honored to have such a talented guy on our side.

February brought out some really cool songs, some mellow, some upbeat, some all over the map. I added a spotify stream along with the usual mp3 stream and zip download. Hope you enjoy.

1. Beach Fossils – Lessons
2. Sun Sister – Growing ur hair out
3. Chromatics – Lady
4. Yellow Ostrich – The Shakedown
5. Work Drugs – License To Drive
6. The High Strung – The Luck You Got
7. Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?
8. Weird Dreams – Little Girl
9. The Kills – Pale Blue Eyes
10. Here We Go Magic – Make Up Your Mind
11. Memoryhouse – Bonfire
12. Theme Park – Two Hours

Stream it on Spotify

Zip Download (newly updated as of 4/5/12)

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