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Trails and Ways – Lost (Frank Ocean Cover)

By Will Oliver, November 17th 2013

Trails and Ways - Lost (Frank Ocean Cover)

Trails and Ways, who released their fantastic Trilingual EP earlier in the year have treated us with something unexpected. They’ve released a free download of a very refreshing cover of Frank Ocean’s “Lost.”

They sprinkle their airy sound to it, offering it a new perspective that works wonder. Sure they stay true to the original, but they also offer something new, giving it their own unique spin that is a pleasure to listen to.

Grab a free mp3 below.
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Trails and Ways @ Pianos (6/21/2013)

By Will Oliver, June 22nd 2013 — with 1 comment


Last year Oakland, California, band Trails and Ways captured my attention with a killer batch of singles that blew me out of the water. Those singles are a part of their new EP Trilingual, and they have embarked on their first national tour in support of the EP.

The 4-piece were making their first ever performance in New York City at Pianos. It was good to finally put some faces to the band, who effortlessly were able to recreate the vibes felt on their songs. They played the tracks from the EP, as well as a few new tunes. The vibrant feel of “Border Crosser” and “Nunca” were super smooth, but it was the post-punk dance nature of “Mtn Tune” that stole the show. Clean harmonies and fun radiant dance melodies highlight all their tracks with a most accessible groove.

It was only their first NYC appearance, but I am certain that in a few years much bigger venues will come their way. They got the live chops and songs that people will eat up.

They play Knitting Factory tonight as well. If you’re in the area, be sure to catch them.
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Trails and Ways – Como Te Vas

By Will Oliver, June 19th 2013 — with 2 comments


Trails and Ways are a group that we’ve been posting about for a while here. It’s been great watching their career blossom into something even more promising than I could have even predicted. I shouldn’t be surprised, these guys know how to write a damn good tune. Their latest, “Come Te Vas” is another step forward for them, and it makes me very excited to finally get to see them live this weekend.

If you’re in NYC, be sure to catch them either Friday @ Pianos or Satuday @ Knitting Factory. You can find out how to get tickets right here. Listen to “Come Te Vas” below.

[new]: Trails And Ways – Border Crosser

By Will Oliver, October 23rd 2012 — with 1 comment

Trails And Ways have returned with a new single titled “Border Crosser” that is the first taste of their forthcoming debut album Trilingual.

The band continue their display of some of the finest vocals in indie-pop, with more dreamy waves of sounds than one can handle. Don’t understand why the rest of the music blog world isn’t going apeshit for these guys, because they are making some of the smoothest jams right now.

Here’s some insight on the song, provided by the band:

The track “Border Crosser” is immigration dreampop in it’s purest form. It was written by our singer KBB as a love letter between his grandparents circa 1942. The melody traces their emigration out of europe, through the middle-east, and finally to the sunny shores of California.

It’s made of train whistles, tense synths and pulsing guitar lines. Echoing across the Alps, we hope to evoke a dark, smooth hallucination of a love song fit for the end of summer.

Here’s “Border Crosser”:

[music video]: Trails And Ways – Nunca

By Will Oliver, June 17th 2012

Trails And Ways “Nunca” is a song that deserves to be heard this summer. The music video captures the summer feel and is seen as a celebration of sorts. The band describe the video with the following:

In a city of walls, of so much hierarchy and oppression, how do you live free? In Sao Paulo, vocalist KBB was spellbound by how so many folks were coming alive in the streets, making brilliant works of art with their hands and bodies. Backflips big enough to bring down the city, graffiti tags on the tallest skyscrapers, soccer in the alleys, and skaters cruising breakneck through crowded plazas. This video celebrates that culture of radical, rebellious play.

Watch the video below.
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Trails And Ways – Nunca

By Will Oliver, May 29th 2012 — with 1 comment

Trails And Ways
single “Nunca” radiates with a cool laid back vibe perfect for a warm climate where the water makes the idea of blue jealous. It’s hard not to appreciate the genuine feel good nature of the song.

The band hails from Oakland, but wrote the song while living in Brazil. You can hear the influence all of “Nunca”. It’s off their new album Trilingual, due out later in the year.

[mp3]: Trails And Ways – Nunca

Phox at Mercury Lounge (July 23, 2014)

By Will Oliver, July 24th 2014 — with 1 comment


Phox are a band out of Wisconsin, fast on the rise to stardom. Based on what I saw last night, Phox are the real deal, the sort of band that is destined for larger stages than the tiny stage that is the intimate Mercury Lounge. It was fitting that Trails and Ways (who are popular around these parts) opened the show, as they are another band who deserve your full attention.

Trails and Ways have been touring the country with Phox for the last month or so, making it a pitch perfect 1-2 combo. I caught Trails and Ways for the first time at Pianos last summer, and it was a good show. Even though it was just a year in between, the band that played last night at Mercury seemed much improved and tighter. Based on the new songs that I heard, their debut album is almost on the way, and is sounding solid. The new material had a very chill almost 80s lounge vibe with plenty of funk elements involved. It was a nice combination with the bands previous songs, “Mtn Tune” and “Como Te Vas.” Each of their four members took over lead vocals at some point, a refreshing aspect that proves that this their band is truly a collaborative effort.

I enjoyed my first listen of Phox’s (self-titled) debut album. I liked it, but totally underestimated its power. As I listened more and more, it became more apparent that this was an album that benefited from careful repeat listens. Which each play, the more that their songs would jumped out on me. This concept was even more true tonight, as the songs sounded even better than they do in recorded form. It helps to see the band on stage, working their magic, kicking these songs into gear right in front of your eyes. From the moment they walked onto the stage to the tune of “99 Problems,” I knew the show was going to be a good one.

When you see Phox, you’ll learn right away how easy it is to fall for singer/frontwoman Monica Martin. Not only does she have an delightfully impressive voice, but she has a gravitating bubbly personality that was heightened to its full effect with the help of alcohol. The band had plenty of fun on stage, eager to crack jokes in between songs at any moment. When it came time to get to business, they were all business. From the heartbreaking effect of “Satyr and the Faun” to the captivating magic of the larger than life single “Slow Motion”, Phox was here to impress. Just when I thought the night couldn’t get better, the band invited friend (and actor) John Cameron Mitchell (David Pressler-Goings on Girls) to do a lovely duet cover of Cy Coleman’s “Why Try To Change Me Now.” It was Mitchell who stole the show, holding his own and then some with Martin. It was an unexpected surprise, in a night defined by them.

I’m happy to have caught Phox at Mercury Lounge, because the bands trajectory is up, up, up. The venues will only get larger once they find the larger audience that they deserve. Trust me on this, and go see Phox, immediately.

Photos and setlist, posted below:


Phox Setlist



















We All Want Someone To Shout For’s Best Songs Of 2012

By Will Oliver, January 4th 2013 — with 6 comments


Yesterday I blessed you with my favorite albums from 2012, and now, here are my favorite songs from 2012. It’s always tough to narrow songs down to a list, even if the list is 100 songs long. A lot of great new music comes out at a rapid-fire basis these days, from the biggest artists, to the smallest.

When it came down to it, these were the songs that kept the best company of the last 12 months.

As always thanks to Camilo for the artwork. You can stream the songs themselves, or listen to one giant spotify stream right here.

I present to you:

We All Want Someone To Shout For’s Best Songs Of 2012:

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We All Want Someone To Shout For’s October 2012 Mix

By Will Oliver, November 10th 2012

Sorry that my October mix is 10 days into November, but Sandy sidetracked me a bit. October was a busy month, with CMJ and lots of good music. There was a lot of stuff to pick from this month, so it wasn’t easy. But I think you will be pretty satisfied with what I got for you.

You know the deal. Stream on spotify, stream each song, or download a big fat ZIP at the bottom of the post. As always, thanks to Cam for provided us with slick artwork.

1. Mean Lady – Bop Bop
2. Free Energy – Dance All Night
3. Digits – Street Violence
4. PAPA – Put Me To Work
5. Adam Green & Binki Shapiro – Here I Am
6. Yellow Ostrich – Ghost
7. Bear Colony – Flask Retort
8. Young Dreams – Fog Of War
9. Sean Bones – United
10. Indians – Cakelakers
11. Empress Of – Don’t Tell Me
12. Blue Hawaii – In Two
13. Trails And Ways – Border Crosser
14. Apollo Gets The Girl – New Dawn
15. Rah Rah – Art and a Wife

ZIP Download | Spotify Stream

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