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Two Door Cinema Club at Brooklyn Steel (May 1, 2017)

By Will Oliver, May 12th 2017 — with 1 comment

It’s safe to say that Two Door Cinema Club have come quite a ways since their first NYC show at The Bell House nearly seven years ago to the day (where the hell has the time gone?). It’s not a surprise to see just how big the group have become since, their energetic and still very enjoyable debut album was a sign of a band about to hit the ground running in a big way, and they’ve completely lived up to every bit of that promise.
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[new]: Two Door Cinema Club – Changing Of The Seasons

By Will Oliver, August 19th 2013 — with 1 comment

Two Door Cinema Club - Changing Of The Seasons

Two Door Cinema Club have grown considerably from when we first posted about them around these parts, into a much bigger radio-friendly sound. Not that there’s anything wrong with that when a song is as feel-good and plain enjoyable as “Changing Of The Seasons.” It’s not their best work by any means, but it’s still a song I’ll gladly blast in my car.

It’s the titular track of their new EP which is coming this fall. Take a listen to it below.

Two Door Cinema Club @ Central Park Rumsey Playfield (September 28, 2012)

By Will Oliver, October 1st 2012 — with 1 comment

Two Door Cinema Club put together a great bill that consisted of themselves, Friends, and Guards. Guards sounded awesome, setting the tone with a set that saw them rocking out hard and with passion. Friends were somewhat fun live, but there was something missing from their set. Lead singer Samantha Urbani did a great job of keeping fans involved as she constantly went right to them, but even her presence wasn’t quite enough to truly reel me in.

As I was waiting in the photo pit for Two Door, I could sense the fever of the crowd about to reach a breaking point. The band have come a long way since their Bowery Ballroom/Bell House shows, and now they were able to fill out Rumsey Playfield. The minute the band reached the stage, the crowd went bezerk, with full fledged screaming and craziness that even had me insanely impressed. Being in the pit for the first three songs (“Sleep Alone”, “Undercover Martyn”. “Do You Want It All”) let me see everything unfold first hand, and all I learned was that these guys are one their way – if not already -  bona fide rock stars.

The band gave a winning performance as they always do, making it clear that their songs aren’t songs. They’re anthems made for large crowds full of beer and joy, made to string together a night of remembrance. You’re guaranteed to have a good time, and to leave the show with a smile, and a hell of a good memory.

Find gallery’s of all three bands, posted below.
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[new]: Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone

By Will Oliver, July 19th 2012 — with 3 comments

Two Door Cinema Club are giving away their new single “Sleep Alone” as a free download for today only at their website. It’s a upbeat fully charged anthem from the band that you will love if you adored their debut album like me. The band sound just as polished and exciting as ever before. They got more experience and confidence now, and it shows.

“Sleep Alone” will be released as a digital single on July 21 and as a 7″ single on September 3. Beacon, the album which it’s taken from, will also be released on September 3 via Glassnote Records.

Stream it below or use the official widget from the band. The option is yours to pick. Rocking out to the song isn’t an option.

[mp3]: Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone

The band has announced a set of 2012 North American dates. The tour starts September 28 at Rumsey Playfield. Find the dates below.
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Two Door Cinema Club Announce New Album: Beacon

By Will Oliver, June 26th 2012 — with 1 comment

Two Door Cinema Club have wrapped up recoding album number two, which is being called Beacon. It will be released on September 4 via Glassnote Records.

The band made the announcement with the use of an album trailer, a trend that seems to be rapidly growing. The album is 11 tracks, and features many of the new songs that they played at Bonnaroo a few weeks ago. The album was recorded with producer Jacknife Lee in his home studio in Los Angelas.

Here’s what lead singer Alex Trimble had to say about the record:

Beacon is a much more intimate record than our first, but at the same time, it’s much bigger and more inclusive. Trying to find that balance has been our goal for a long time and this record takes us one step closer to the band we’ve dreamt of becoming.

The band are playing a NYC show at Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield on September 28. Tickets go on sale friday at noon.

Hit the jump to see the trailer and tracklisting.
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Two Door Cinema Club @ Bonnaroo (June 8, 2012)

By Will Oliver, June 13th 2012 — with 1 comment

Every time I see Two Door Cinema Club play they always tear the roof off with incredibly fun sets. Their first Bonnaroo performance was no different. Their first album jams sound just as fun and easy to dance to as when I first heard the album. They mentioned they were in the studio working on the 2nd album, and that this performance reminded them of why they love touring so much.

They played 4 new songs: “Wake Up”, “This Is Moon”, “Handshake” and “Sleep Alone”. Out of those “Wake Up” sounded the best, bringing a new element while also maintaining their still fresh dance rock sound. The band knows how to get a crowd fully invested in their show, eagerly  dancing and singing along. In terms of fun sets, Two Door Cinema Club aren’t ones that can be topped.

Find photos and a video of “Wake Up” below.
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Two Door Cinema Club – Come Back Home (Is Tropical Chilla Black Edit)

By Will Oliver, April 26th 2011 — with 1 comment

Spring is finally upon us it seems. The weather is even beautiful up here at school, so you know things are looking up.

This “Chilla Black Edit” remix that Is Tropical did of Two Door Cinema Club’s “Come Back Home” is perfect for the season. Sip on your iced drink, and let this one brush aside all your worries.

Gets me a bit more excited for Is Tropical’s upcoming debut LP, Native To. You can download lead single “The Greeks” here, and check out the music video for another album track, “South Pacific” below:


Connect with Is Tropical: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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