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Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend made a bold move by tackling Andrea Bocelli’s classic love song  “Con te Partirò.” They covered it for the upcoming Valentine’s Day compilation Sweetheart 2014. The comp features various bands honoring some of their favorite love songs through covers. It’s being released by Hear Music and will only be available to buy at Starbucks stores on February 4.

Vampire Weekend handle their cover with all the style and grace that made Modern Vampires Of The City such a stand out record. They take some risks, adding a shuffling reggae beat and plenty of their own influence. But at its heart and core, it’s a dedication to the love and passion that bleeds through the song. Ezra hits all the right notes vocally, in one of his most impressive vocal performances to date. Its majestic.

They even outdid the fellas of Boats ‘N Hoes. Well done boys.

Take a listen below.
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Vampire_Weekend - Step

In 2013, Vampire Weekend had as good of a year as any. They released one of my favorite albums of the year, and headlined Barclays Center.

They capped it off in proper style, releasing a “wintertime remix” of “Step” (my favorite song of the year) last week featuring Danny Brown, Heems, & Despot. They shred the remix on twitter, and it’s available to grab as a free mp3 download below.
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Phosphorescent – Ya Hey (Vampire Weekend Cover)

By Will Oliver, October 16th 2013


The beauty of covers is that you have bands tackle covers that wouldn’t make sense at first glance, but all it takes is one listen to the cover to see otherwise. Bands can take what they love about the original song and incorporate their own feel and something that they hear differently, that makes it a different entity entirely.

Phosphorescent wouldn’t be your first guess as to someone who would cover Vampire Weekend, but with the recent direction that they discovered on their new album Modern Vampires Of The City, it makes a lot more sense than you think.

They performed the cover while visiting radio station KCSN over at California State University. It’s an incredible cover.

Take a listen below.
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Vampire Weekend @ Barclays Center (9.20.2013)

By Will Oliver, September 21st 2013 — with 2 comments


The first time I saw Vampire Weekend, We All Want Someone didn’t even exist. It was a cold rainy evening, (January 28, 2008, to be exact) at the Bowery Ballroom where Vampire Weekend were celebrating the release of their debut album to a packed crowd. I could have told you right then and there that they were going to be huge. I still remember the performance of “Walcott” from that night, and how there was just something special in the air, that I hadn’t experienced before. I knew they would have success, but it was pretty mind-blowing to see them rocking out at Barclays Center last night.

For the first 3 songs in the photo pit, I was ironically in a relatively similar position as I was at that Bowery Ballroom show 5 years ago. Only, there were a couple thousand more people there with me.

To be quite frank, the band still plays with the same buoyancy and joyful excitement as they always have. Their stage command has improved, and they look more confident and professional. They are now capable of rocking out these large stages because they’ve consistently gotten better as a band.


New songs such as “Diane Young”, “Unbelievers” and “Step” sounded absolutely massive live, and to hear them mixed with “White Sky”, “Holiday” and “Giving Up The Gun” was an assault of the senses in the fullest manner. Throw in all the classics such as “Walcott”, “A-Punk”, “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” and what may be my favorite song of theirs because of sentimentality, “Ladies Of Cambridge.” They skipped that one at Roseland the last time they were in New York, to my dismay. Sure still was no “Mansard Roof” or “M79″ but it was a pleasure to hear them flesh out versions of Modern Vampires Of The City tracks such as “Don’t Lie” and “Hannah Hunt.” Oh there was also a rock star cover of Blur’s “Song 2′ that proved that they are very much able to cut it as an arena band.

It’s been a crazy journey to watch these guys evolve as a band. I’m really proud to see how far they’ve come, and that they’ve still stayed humble and true to themselves, and their fans.

Below, find Vampire Weekend’s setlist, as well as more photos from their set, as well as of Solange and Sky Ferreira, who opened the show, providing two different styles of female pop that got the crowd warmed up. There’s also a brief iPhone video I took of their cover of Blur’s “Song 2.”
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Vampire Weekend – Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke Cover)

By Will Oliver, July 19th 2013 — with 2 comments

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend had fun with their cover for BBC Radio 1′s Love Lounge as they went with Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” They had a good time making it and they actually make it sound like a damn good time. They don’t pass up T.I.’s verse either, taking it on in full stride.

Listen below.

Vampire Weekend - Diane Young

Vampire Weekend have released an official video for “Diane Young” that features an epic dinner featuring the elite class of indie rock. The dinner features Hamilton Leithauser from The Walkmen, Sanitgold, Chromeo, Dave Longstreth from Dirty Projectors, as well as Sky Ferreira.

It’s one of the most fun music videos of the year. Definitely one of my favorites of theirs in general, as well as of the whole year. Enjoy it below.

[watch]: Vampire Weekend Play Fallon

By Will Oliver, May 14th 2013

Vampire Weekend graced the SNL stages over the weekend, and yesterday they took on Fallon. They played “Ya Hey” for the TV broadcast, and “Everlasting Arms” for the web exclusive. Enjoy both below.

“Ya Hey”:

“Everlasting Arms”:

[new]: Vampire Weekend – Ya Hey

By Will Oliver, May 3rd 2013 — with 2 comments

We are getting quite close to the release of Vampire Weekend’s new album Modern Vampires Of The City. We already heart “Step” & “Diane Young” as well as a bunch of other songs live. One of these is “Ya Hey” which as a live version has slowly been growing on me, which is saying something.

Today they have released an official lyric video for “Ya Hey” that gives us a clearer look at the song. There are elements from their debut/Contra here with a more refrained reflective sound mixed with their African influences.

Take a listen to “Ya Hey” below. Modern Vampires Of The City comes out May 14 via XL Recordings.

Seeing Vampire Weekend at Roseland Ballroom last night was a special occasion in more ways than one. It was their official live return to NYC, Steve Buscemi directed the live broadcast (which you can watch here), it was the last time we would get to see them at a (relatively) intimate venue in New York City. This last part is especially true, as a September 20 date at Barclays has just been secured.

Gone are they days where you could walk up to the Bowery Ballroom and run into the band outside of the show. Vampire Weekend have hit the big glorious big time, and have become one of the biggest bands on the planet right now. They packed in the Roseland Ballroom with ease, and played a solid set for about 90 minutes. They even got Fred Armisen to open for them, playing a short set of fake-British tunes under the moniker Ian Rubbish, many which were used on a recent SNL skit.

Vampire Weekened erupted out of the gate with a ode to the past (“Cousins”, “White Sky”, “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa”, “I Stand Corrected”), before deputing the only tracks officially released from new album Modern Vampires Of The City, “Diane Young” & “Step,” the latter which astonished and shined bright live, truly one of the best things that the band have done to date. We also got the now familiar “Unbelievers” & “Ya Hey”, as well as the live debuts of two new songs: “Everylasting Arms” & “Obvious Bicycle.” They were well balanced breathers that had a nice Paul Simon air to them. I’m excited to hear them in the album’s context.

But what they did play, they hammered home. “Campus” pounded with sun-inspired glory, “Oxford Comma”, “One (Blake’s Got A New Face)”, “Diplomat’s Son” all were delivered with precision, with “Giving Up The Gun” appropriately rounding out the end of the regular set. The highlight had to be “A-Punk” which saw Steve Buscemi come out to help out on vocals at the end. Doubt we will get to see that again.

With a catalogue of songs that could sell for a greatest hits collection, I can only imagine how hard it was for the band to narrow down what to play, while also leaving room for some new songs. It’s hard to swallow them not playing “Mansard Roof” and “M79″, and the omission of “Ladies Of Cambridge” always stings my heart, as it was once a staple of their early setlists. But they held true to their roots with the encore finishing performance of “Walcott” that felt perfectly appropriate, ending their shows as they used to. The song still kicks all kinds of ass live, sounding just as epic as it did 5 years ago.

White Sky
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
I Stand Corrected
Diane Young
Everlasting Arms
Ya Hey
Oxford Comma
Giving Up the Gun

Obvious Bicycle
Diplomat’s Son
One (Blake’s Got a New Face)

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