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Veronica Falls @ Bowery Ballroom (March 8, 2013)

By Will Oliver, March 9th 2013


Openers Cold Showers’ bass broke literally a few seconds into their set. He went on to borrow a bass from Veronica Falls, and the showed carried on. The band crept around in cave-like darkness not revealing much but the oft-hand silhouette or shadow. There was an uncanny likeness to Joy Divison for the dark-nature of their post-punk rock, with a emphasis on heavy bass-work and persistent pounding drums.

Veronica Falls released new album Waiting For Something To Happen last month and it’s a great listen. The band were up in spritis, thanking the crowd for making it through even with all of the snow that fell over the last few days. It wasn’t a show to miss, the band were locked in a pure groove all night. Highlights for me were the spell-boundingly great new single of theirs “Teenage” “Buried Alive” as well as “Broken Toy” which they said is their next single.

I feel like Veronica Falls are unappreciated and vastly overlooked by a majority of music fans. There was not one bad song in their set last night, and they played with great energy and seemed enthused to be their. You can’t ask for anything more than that.





[new]: Veronica Falls – Buried Alive

By Will Oliver, January 30th 2013 — with 1 comment

Veronica Falls

Veronica Falls “Teenage” still has me in awe with every new listen. I had high hopes for “Buried Alive” the next track shared from Waiting For Something To Happen.

Although the lyrical content about being buried alive isn’t the most cheery of subjects, the band keep things sounding cheery throughout. There’s not many goth-rockers out there that can make it sound so bright.

Waiting For Something To Happen comes out February 12 via Slumberland Records.

Veronica Falls – Teenage

By Will Oliver, November 12th 2012 — with 2 comments

Veronica Falls “Teenage” hits that nostalgia chord oh so well. Calling it a dreamy song is a bit of an understatement. There is a sense of melancholy and longing for youth in the core of “Teenage”, which plays out as rather romantic.

Whatever universe this song takes place in sounds pretty nice right about now.

“Teenage” is from their new album Waiting For Something To Happen, out February 12 via Slumberland Records.

Best Songs Of 2013

By Will Oliver, December 30th 2013 — with 2 comments

Best Songs Of 2013

Thanks to Camilo Bejarano for the artwork as usual

This year I pushed the limit on publishing my best songs list with a day to spare. I think that patience has all but been lost with list making these days, but time is something I can never get enough of. I need as much time as possible to sort through the wide plethora of music that graced my ears this year.

With albums it’s tough to honor all the stuff you loved as eventually a few will get pushed out of the fold. But with a best songs list, you have more of a chance to highlight a well rounded collection of music that really defined your year. There’s a wide collection of songs here that I’m really proud to share because it’s a pretty wide collection of songs that I hope is all balanced as I thought it was. I try and keep an open mind and embrace anything that sounds good to me. I think this year was a good year for music, but also a good one to be a music listener, which is truly exciting.

You can find my list below, as well as a spotify link right here, and a stream that’s shared at the very tail end of the post.
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