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We Are Scientists Announce New EP: Business Casual

By Will Oliver, September 12th 2013 — with 1 comment

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We Are Scientists released a few singles over the summer, and they’ve just announced that they will also release a brand new EP this fall (no idea if the songs will be on the EP). It’s called Business Casual, and it’s coming out October 15.

They announced the EP with this following trailer, which ends with what sounds like one pretty incredible song. Can’t wait until October. Find the trailer below.

[new]: We Are Scientists – Something About You

By Will Oliver, July 11th 2013


We Are Scientists are back with a brand new 7″ that they will release next week. They’ve gone ahead and premiered one of the songs, “Something About You”, over at Neon Gold. It’s got a nighttime glow to it that sounds very much We Are Scientists. Always good to hear from these guys.

If you’re around the city tonight, they’re playing a show at Santos Party House. Otherwise, check out the track below.

[music video] We Are Scientists – I Don’t Bite

By Will Oliver, September 10th 2010

We Are Scientists always have entertaining music videos. Their latest one is for current single “I Don’t Bite”. It shows various sequences of the bands journey in the back seat of a car, some with blood (I think I own Kieth’s dirty shirt), and some as drag queens. Pure entertainment, as usual.

Watch it below:

We Are Scientists @ Bowery Ballroom (7/14/2010)

By Will Oliver, July 15th 2010 — with 4 comments

It’s been almost 4 years exactly since I saw We Are Scientists at Roseland Ballroom opening for Arctic Monkeys. That was the first, and also the last, time I have ever seen the guys play live. Thankfully I had the opportunity to play catch-up on their live performance last night at The Bowery Ballroom.

The opener was Rewards, the solo project of Chairlift’s guitarist, Aaron Pfenning. If you remember, Keith Murray mentioned them when we interviewed him earlier this year. Dev Hynes, a.k.a. Lightspeed Champion accompanied him. With no drummer, his set was based around electronic beats, and dark guitars. His vocals were altered to a deep tone that eerily channeled Ian Curits. I had a lot of fun watching his set. It was emotional electronic rock that had dance elements floating on the surface. It was a lot of fun to watch. Keep an eye out for a song called “Fall Asleep With The Lights On”. It’s a gem.

After the set a guy in the crowd yelled “play live music”, referring to Aaron’s heavy use of effects and electronic percussion. This called Dev to come out to the crowd challenging the person who said it to show himself. Once he did, Dev went next to him and challenged him to go on stage and perform. The lesson learned was don’t fuck with Dev.

We Are Scientists wowed me when I saw them in the aforementioned Roseland Show back in 2006, stealing the show from the Arctic’s that night. The band didn’t loose any of their live chops over the years. The new songs were cool to hear live, but there was no question that the old classics were the ones that got the best reception. “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt”, “The Great Escape” & “The Scene Is Dead” had the crowd in a frenzy, belting the lyrics back. The set drew from all of the crowd favorites from their last three albums, keeping everyone happy. Each song had more bite live, always a good sign when talking about a live band. We Are Scientists know how to write catchy rock songs, and they also know how to make them even more fun live. Good deal, if you ask me.

Chris and Keith lived up to their reputation as a hilarious band. Check out the photos to see the self made shirt Chris is wearing. So funny. We Are Scientists are a band that truly do love writing music, and you can tell. They were always chatty and interacted with the crowd at all times. More bands should try and do this, it definitely makes a difference.

Don’t miss them if they are coming near you.


We Are Scientists:

More Photos, after the jump:

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An Interview With: Keith Murray Of We Are Scientists

By Will Oliver, June 7th 2010 — with 3 comments

I have been a fan of We Are Scientists since I was only 14 years old back in ’05 when With Love And Squalor came out. So you can imagine that it was surreal for me to have the chance to interview the bands frontman, Keith Murray. Not only was he as funny as people say he is, he was also incredibly kind and easy to talk to. I’m a pretty shy guy, but I was able to talk to Keith very easily. This was my first phone interview for my blog (all past ones have been via e-mail or a chat) but overall I think it went pretty well. It’s more of a conversational interview, which I thought gave it extra life. Keith spoke to me about his new album Barbara, and what went into the album.

Check out how it all went down after the jump (it’s too long for the front page). Hope you like it:

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[new] We Are Scientists – Rules Don’t Stop

By Will Oliver, February 25th 2010 — with 7 comments

We Are Scientists are back with a new record called Barbara. The album is the band’s 4th, was recorded in New York, London, and Los Angeles, produced by Ariel Rechtshaid, and features drumming from former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows, who is now an official member of the band. A pretty solid addition to the band, I gotta say!

The first single from the album is called “Rules Don’t Stop”. Zane Lowe played the song on BBC, and a devoted We Are Scientist fan smartly ripped the song. It is a very short song, but they pack in plenty of hooks and fiery instrumentation into it. The quality isn’t CD quality, but it is certainly listenable. The song is hits the mark and is instantly gratifying. It is filled with sharp guitars, a funky bassline, and Keith Murray’s usual sexy vocals that is sure to get the girls going. Murray makes it clear through the catchy chorus that rules don’t apply to him. It’s a pretty good single, and a good sign for the rest of Barbara. I’ve been listening to it pretty much all morning, and I wouldn’t mind upping the playcount a bit more!

MP3 posted below. To stay updated with album news from WAS, check their website, twitter, or myspace.

[mp3] : We Are Scientists – Rules Don’t Stop

Renee, the owner of the We Are Scientists fan blog emailed me, and the original rip apparently came from her, so a thank you to her for making the effort and time to rip the mp3 Renee!

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