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White Denim at Brooklyn Bowl (February 10, 2017)

By Will Oliver, March 1st 2017 — with 1 comment

There’s a select group of live acts that I will see under any circumstance, no questions asked. These artists would include Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard, Arctic Monkeys, among others, including White Denim.

I have had the pleasure of seeing White Denim play quite a few times now, including their days with their old lineup, which included Joshua Block and Austin Jenkins, who have since departed to join Leon Bridges. I last saw White Denim last year at Bowery Ballroom, and they still sounded every bit as good as I remembered even with a new look lineup that included a second guitarist, Jonathan Horne, a new drummer in Jeff Olsen and multi-instrumentalist with Mike St. Clair.
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White Denim at Bowery Ballroom (April 26, 2016)

By Will Oliver, August 30th 2016 — with 1 comment

1_White Denim_Bowery Ballroom

We’ve entered a new age of White Denim. The only founding members of the Austin, Texas band left are James Petralli and Steve Terebecki. Former members Joshua Block and Austin Jenkins helped produce Leon Bridges’ debut album and have left to continue to work with him and pursue other projects on the production side of things (such as Nicole Atkins new album). The show must go on, and White Denim now includes guitarist Jonathan Horne, drummer Jeff Olsen and multi-instrumentalist Mike St. Clair. They wasted no time re-introducing themselves, releasing their new album Stiff via Downtown Records this March.
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Win Tickets To See White Denim at MHOW Tomorrow Night

By Will Oliver, September 9th 2014 — with 1 comment

White Denim

Tomorrow night White Denim make their live return in New York City, playing three consecutive nights at Music Hall of Williamsburg (Find tickets here). I just saw the band rock out at Boston Calling, and can testify that these guys are in tip top form, as usual.

Tickets are still on sale, but I got a last minute pair of tickets to giveaway to the first night of their run tomorrow night (9/10). To enter to win, leave a comment below with your favorite White Denim tune. I’ll pick a winner and notify them later today.

Good luck!

White Denim at Boston Calling 2014

By Will Oliver, September 8th 2014

1_White Denim_Boston Calling 2014

Oddly enough, every time I’ve seen White Denim live has been during the late hours of big music festivals (Bonnaroo 2012 + Firefly this year). Due to unfortunate timing, I have never caught one of their more intimate club shows in New York. Well yesterday I caught them for the third time, this time at Boston Calling, yet again at a festival. The only variable was that it was a daylight set at 2 p.m. putting them into the heart of the daylight.
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White Denim at Firefly Music Festival 2014

By Will Oliver, July 7th 2014 — with 1 comment


Foo Fighters set went a bit over the scheduled time, so I was only able to catch a bit of White Denim’s set immediately after. I was happy I made it over at all, as the Austin band are not to be missed live (as I learned at Bonnaroo 2012)

They’re a force of jammy psych-rock with plenty of soul and grooves to keep you going all through the night. They had a killer light show at task as well. I just wish I had a bit more time to take it all in, but I can’t possibly complain. Read the rest of this entry »

White Denim @ Bonnaroo (June 7, 2012)

By Will Oliver, June 12th 2012 — with 1 comment

Going into Bonnaroo, there was no chance of me not catching White Denim. Their reputation for a smashing live band preceded them, and I knew they were ones not to miss. Although not super familiar with all of their records, what I do have is stellar. So I had a good feeling they were going to be great live. They weren’t. They were exceptional.

It was a non-stop rocking set that was a great combination of garage rock, psychedelic, blues, punk, with a jam band mindset. The band tore through the set without ever really taking a step back to breathe, and it was all the more epic for it. I was thoroughly impressed with their stamina, and their ability to just bring the tent down.

Everyone in attendance was raving about White Denim. My advice to you is go see them the next time they stop in to a town near you.

Check out the photos of White Denim posted below:
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White Denim – Anvil Everything

By Will Oliver, March 29th 2011

White Denim keep on impressing me. The latest taste of new album D came in the form of “Anvil Everything”, another psych rock journey down their mind. It’s a track that is very 60’s psych, sounding very Beatles-esque at some points. I even hear a bit of Radiohead deep within “Anvil Everything”‘s DNA. It’s got a lot going for it.

From what we’ve heard from White Denim, it seem as though they’ve stepped up their game heavily for D. If the rest of the album keeps the same quality, D is going to be unstoppable.

[mp3]: White Denim – Anvil Everything

The band also put together a mixtape featuring some of their favorite jams. You can stream that below or download it here, via GVB.

White Denim – MixDisc2 by WhiteDenim

[new] White Denim – Drug

By Will Oliver, March 3rd 2011 — with 1 comment

I’ve been an on and off fan of White Denim for quite some time. I won’t front. I’m not their biggest fan, and I don’t know their catalog by heart. Not even close. However, whatever I do hear from them, I’ve enjoyed immensely. They’re another one of those bands that I’ve been meaning to listen to more.

They just released a new song called “Drug” that will be on their new album D (set for release May 24th via Downtown). I’m blown away by how great this song is. I feel like White Denim have taken their game to an entirely different level. This song is pure magic. It may just be on that hot new drug. I think it’s called Charlie Sheen?

I’ve the rest of D is this magical, then we are in for a real treat folks. Grab “Drugs

[mp3]: White Denim – Drug

Best Albums of 2016: Anthony’s Picks

By Anthony Bauer, January 29th 2017

Looking back on the past year, it has got to be one of the craziest years of music in recent times.  Sure there were many ups and downs, but there was always one constant through all of it: music.  We were treated to high profile releases, low profile releases, releases that flew under the radar as well as a few releases that didn’t quite live up to the hype.  From the underrated to the overrated, there were more releases than I can even remember but there were a select group of albums that shined the brightest and were albums I continued to revisit throughout the year which made my list of best albums from 2016.

Before we dive into my top favorite releases of 2016, lets quickly talk about some albums that were just as good as anything released last year, but didn’t get as much love as they truly deserved.  With a year like we saw in 2016 it was bound to happen that a few albums slipped through the cracks so lets jump into a short list of honorable mentions that landed just shy of the top 20 (as well as a few releases that were highly underrated):

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