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Wild Beasts at Pier 84 (July 10, 2014)

By Will Oliver, July 13th 2014


On Thursday night Wild Beasts played a free show at Pier 84 for the first of Hudson River Park’s River Rocks free concert series. The weather was as perfect as one could hope for for an outdoor show, setting the tone for a wonderful night of music.

Considering it was a free show, getting an opening set from Mutual Benefit in addition to Wild Beasts was a treat. Their gentle orchestrated blend of folk-rock was ideal for the setting of Pier 84, with the winds of the Hudson River keeping us cool. Mutual Benefit’s brainchild Jordan Lee always delivers witty dry-humor that can get lost on unsuspecting members of the crowd, but for those who have seen the band before, we are used to his sense of humor by now. Even so, the music comes first, and getting to hear elegant tracks such as “Golden Wake” and “Advanced Falconry” just as the sun started to set was more than ideal.

As of right now, I’m hard pressed to name anything other than Wild Beasts latest album Present Tense as my favorite record of 2014 so far. It just has everything going for it. From start to finish, there isn’t a weak track. Every listen brings a new discovery, a new sound or detail that was previously lost on me. Their show at Music Hall of Williamsburg earlier in the year was just when the album was released. This time around I was much more familiar with the material, and ready to take it in completely.
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Wild Beasts

I don’t know about you, but Wild Beasts’ Present Tense is one of my favorite albums of 2014 so far. Earlier in the year the band played a mesmerizing show at Music Hall of Williamsburg, which they will follow up this week with a free show at Pier 84 at Hudson River Park. That’s right, a free show. The awesome Mutual Benefit will open things up.

This band puts on the type of show that you would gladly pay to see. Now they’re at your part of town, and offer a free show? It’s a no-brainer. You guys have no excuse, I hope to see you down at Pier 84 this Thursday night.
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Wild Beasts - A Simple Beautiful Truth

“A Simple Beautiful Truth” is one of the many highlights off Wild Beasts’ fantastic new album Present Tense.

It’s just received the music video treatment, and what an odd, but enjoyable, one it is. Directed by Klaus Thymann & Mike Hughes, the video sees the band in wacky outfits dancing along the mountainside of Wales. Here’s how the band describe the video:

We were inspired enough by the absurdist approach taken by Talking Heads to don electric suits and dance in the ether on the top of a Beacons mountain. We wanted to capture the weightlessness of a song like ‘A Simple Beautiful Truth,’ to attempt something so ridiculous as to be sublime. The experience was strangely liberating and we asked ourselves why we hadn’t done this before.

It’s a very joyous watch, perfectly emulating the emotive of the song.

Find the video below.
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Wild Beasts @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg (March 4, 2014)

By Will Oliver, March 5th 2014 — with 2 comments


After being able to catch the truly great Wild Beasts at an intimate acoustic instore session at Other Music and seeing them play at the always intimate space that is Music Hall of Williamsburg, it struck me that this world is not fair. Why? Because a band as good as Wild Beasts should be much bigger than they are. Don’t take that the wrong way. They have a passionate fanbase; one that sold out Music Hall of Williamsburg and chanted “Wild fucking Beasts” as we waited for them to re-emerge for an encore. Yet, at the same time, it hurts to think that most of the music community, as well as some of my own friends, are ignorant to the greatness of this band. When in fact, these guys should be one of the biggest presences in rock music today. Read the rest of this entry »

Wild Beasts @ Other Music (March 3, 2014)

By Will Oliver, March 3rd 2014 — with 6 comments


Last week Wild Beasts released their amazing new album Present Tense (via Domino Records). Tomorrow they play a sold out show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. I can’t wait for it.

Tonight at 8 p.m. the band’s duel vocalists Hayden Thorpe and Tom Fleming stopped by record store Other Music to perform a free acoustic set instore, featuring stripped down versions of songs from the new album. Read the rest of this entry »

[new]: Wild Beasts – Sweet Spot

By Will Oliver, February 17th 2014


Wild Beasts
new album Present Tense comes out February 25 via Domino. It’s safe to say it’s one of my most anticipated releases in the first quarter of 2014.

We already checked out first single “Wanderlust” and now they have delivered yet another offering from the new LP. It’s called “Sweet Spot” and it’s another wonderful textured track featuring plenty of the great duel vocal work of Tom Fleming and Hayden Thorpe. The synth influence is heavier here, a delight of a track that gets more stunning with every further listen.

Enjoy “Sweet Spot” below.
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[new]: Wild Beasts – Stray

By Will Oliver, December 24th 2012

Wild Bests

“Stray” is a previously unreleased track from Wild Beasts, during their recording sessions for Smother. The band posted the song on youtube, with the following put in the description:

So as an end of year treat we’d like to share this unreleased track from the Smother album sessions called ‘Stray’.

Thank you for all your support the past year & here’s to a fantastic 2013 for all of us!

Wild Beasts


“Stay” is yet another wondrous beauty from the band. Give it a spin below.

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