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Photos: Vampire Weekend, Beach House, Wild Nothing, The Mowglis @ Lollapalooza

By Will Oliver, August 7th 2013 — with 1 comment


With a tight schedule with a lot of hard choices and long walking distances I was only able to run and catch a bit of each set from Vampire Weekend, Beach House, Wild Nothing, and The Mowglis. Vampire Weekend drew one of the biggest crowds at a festival that I’ve ever seen. Beach House sounded great under much drier conditions than the last time I saw them. Wild Nothing were a perfect fit to play on the same stage that The Cure would later play. Young up and comers The Mowglis were fun, and worth seeing just for a kid who climbed a lamp post and hung off a hammock while watching them.

See photos of all 4 sets below:
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Wild Nothing, Merchandise, Mac DeMarco @ Bowery Ballroom (October 21, 2012)

By Will Oliver, October 25th 2012 — with 1 comment

Seeing a show at Bowery Ballroom with an impressive 1-2-3 punch such as Wild Nothing, Merchandise, and Mac DeMarco was the perfect way to gracefully leave CMJ behind.

Mac DeMarco started things with a very impressive set of songs that were written with many hooks and smooth guitar licks involved. The man is a riot on stage, cracking jokes and goofing around at every second. But when it comes down to the music he doesn’t mess around. Even when he brings his girl on stage kisses her and precedes to carry her as he finishes his last song. Everything about this guy left me impressed.

Merchandise, the 3-piece from Florida, are a band we have been hearing about for a while. They’re album Children Of Desire is pretty solid, and I was looking forward to seeing them live. “Time” was spot-on money live, but the rest could often be hit or miss. The band sounded great at some points, then muddy at others. Not sure if it’s the sound guys fault but something seemed off with the sound. I wasn’t always sold, but when the band did hit their sweet spot, man they can groove. I’ll give them another go next time in town, because something seemed off.

Last but certainly not least, were Wild Nothing. It’s been a little over two years since my first time seeing them, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I certainly didn’t expect the lights out knockout performance from Jack Tatum and the rest of the band. They sounded simply incredible and on point to every degree. A beautiful light/color display but the band in a blend of delicate pink and sea blue that helped me get even further immersed in their sound. They ran through everything you could have asked for, giving an undeniable batch of energy and life to the songs that you don’t quite hear on record.

I knew the band would have improved a bit, but I didn’t expect the stellar performance that they delivered. Wild Nothing have grown tremendous amounts. Go see them live immediately if you get the shot.

Check out photo galleries for all three bands below.
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[music video]: Wild Nothing – Paradise (Starring Michelle Williams)

By Will Oliver, October 23rd 2012 — with 1 comment

Wild Nothing have released a music video for “Paradise that stars the 3x Acadamy Award Nominated actress Michelle Williams. Matthew Amato directed it.

Williams picked the song out of a choice of three, and is followed as she travels via flight and near Niagra Falls. It includes a monologue that she recorded for the video. It’s a great video, one that the band should certainly be proud of. Watch it below via Pitchfork.

Wild Nothing are back with a new song titled “Shadow” that will come off Nocturne, the new album and follow-up to their debut album Gemini. Wild Nothing continue to give us dreamy music that drips with nostalgia with every passing second. Jack strives to create what pop music sounds like in his mind, and by doing so, he captures what it sounds like in mine as well/

The album will come out August 28 via Captured Tracks. Stream “Shadow” below, and hit the jump for Nocturne’s tracklist.


1. Shadow
2. Midnight Song
3. Nocturne
4. Through The Glass
5. Only Heather
6. This Chain Won’t Break
7. Disappear Always
8. Paradise
9. Counting Days
10. The Blue Dress
11. Rheya

[new]: Wild Nothing – Nowhere

By Will Oliver, January 31st 2012 — with 1 comment

“Nowhere” is the latest single from Wild Nothing. It’s the first single that he’s been able to record in a proper studio. “Nowhere features guest vocals from Twin Sister’s Andrea Estella.

Captured Tracks is releasing the single, which will feature b-side “Wait”. A new album can be expected to be released later in the year.

Check out the nostalgic centered “Nowhere” below.

[mp3]: Wild Nothing – Nowhere

[mp3]: Wild Nothing – Golden Haze

By Will Oliver, August 18th 2010 — with 2 comments

Photo Credit: Tom Jenkinson

Wild Nothing’s debut album Gemini has been good to me this summer, especially like the appropriately titled “Summer Holiday”. Jack Tatum has no intention of losing any of the momentum that he gained this year, so he is releasing a new EP. The Summer Haze EP will drop this fall via Captured Tracks. It’s tracklisting is different for each format. Interesting.

You can download the title song for free. It’s another dreamy wonder that has a tight hold on nostalgia. Sorta sounds like The Cure.

Grab it:

[mp3]: Wild Nothing – Golden Haze

[mp3] Wild Nothing – Summer Holiday

By Will Oliver, June 12th 2010 — with 1 comment

Wild Nothing is the musical project of Virginia native, Jack Tatum. He has garnered plenty of praise for his song “Summer Holiday”, along with everything else on his debut album Gemini. The praise is more than warranted.

It’s a perfect summer song that’s sprinkled with all of the best sounds that summer has to offer. Hushed vocals packed with clean plucked guitars and frantic percussion. If you’re a fan of Beach Fossils, chances are you will enjoy Wild Nothing. It’s a perfect 4 minute moment where everything in the world stops for you. Summer is in our hands, and “Summer Holiday” captures the feeling.

[mp3]: Wild Nothing – Summer Holiday

If you haven’t heard Wild Nothing’s fantastic cover of Kate Bush’s song “Cloudbusting”, you need to hear it now:

[mp3]: Wild Nothing – Cloudbusting (Kate Bush Cover)

I haven’t listened to Gemini in full yet, but I have only heard good things from it. If you would like to take a chance on it, it’s available to buy now. You can even buy both debut albums from Wild Nothing and Beach Fossils in a package deal. Head over to Captured Tracks for more purchase info.

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