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Ellery James Roberts - Kerou's Lament

Ellery James Roberts was the frontman of the now defunct band Wu Lyf. While the rest of the band has moved on to form Los Porcos, Ellery James Roberts has apparently gone solo. He shared a song called “Kerou’s Lament” on his tumblr today.

He produced and song the song during the “lonesome London spring.” “Kerou’s Lament” features sample from Lil B’s “I Am God” and Clams Casinos “Planetary Initiation.”

It’s an expansive song that is most easily described as if Ellery found himself fronting Sigur Ros. He gives arguably one of his most powerful emotional vocal performance yet, as if it’s a grand statement about everything that’s been going on, and this is his well needed release.

Los Porcos: New Band Of Wu Lyf’s Former Members

By Will Oliver, April 25th 2013 — with 1 comment

Wu Lyf broke many hearts last year (mine included) when frontman Ellery Roberts posted a public letter to the band announcing his departure. As NME reports, this letter was actually the first time that the rest of the band (Joe Manning, Tom McClung, Evans Kati) heard of this, and it was obviously a big shock to all involved.

Well, Wu Lyf are no more, but the rest of the band are still together and have formed a new band titled Los Porcos. Their sound features the same tune and style of instrumentation that we heard with Wu Lyf, but in a crisper smoother way. They have a clean feel-good sound that is both funky and dance-worthy. It’s definitely not the same as Wu Lyf, but that’s quite the point, isn’t it?

They’ve shared two songs, “Do You Wanna Live?” and “Jesus Luvs U Baby.” Both are posted below and available to stream below. They play their first show tonight in London.

Do You Wanna Live?

Jesus Luvs U Baby

Wu Lyf Break Up // Hear New Song: T R I U M P H

By Will Oliver, November 24th 2012 — with 1 comment

According to the description of a new song on Youtube, Wu Lyf are no more. The Manchester band have been sort of hinting at calling it quit for a while, so while it isn’t a surprise, it is still a bummer. Lead singer/frontman Ellery James Roberts posted the new song, “T R I U M P H”, along with a very thought provoking message to his fans and bandmates on why he wants to be done with it all. It seems more so that he wants to depart, rather than a rift between the entire band.

If “T R I U M P H” is the last we hear from these guys, it’s too bad, because I feel like Wu Lyf still have so much left to offer us. But who knows. The message isn’t entirely clear, although, it doesn’t look good guys.

Check out the song below, along with the entire message that was posted.

By the time I wrote this I was all ready gone. You know you aint got nothing but time, but time isn’t an infinite currency I want to see wasted. If this is our last month living, apocalypse looming, I am not going to spend my final hours waiting in purgatory. I am done. There is nothing here that inspires/ interests me beyond the emptiness for dreams. and I don’t want to spend my life asleep; dreaming of a….

Wake up! We stay safe/ everything is golden/ in this place.

WU LYF is dead to me. The sincerity of “Go tell fire” was lost in the bull shit of maintaining face in the world we live. Clap your hands chimp everybody’s watching. A year spent losing faith; Innocence lost wide eyes see clear the dark. There’s blood running down streets of every city in the world, what’s a song to do, pretend it mean everything/nothing to you. Another distraction from the world we live. I and I struggle for a based positivity; Get free or die trying; J C Hung him self up for the easy way out. so Broken Mama Cita be kind to me.

P E O are P L E the world over. Your beautiful and strange, and I love you. But The Great Longings calling and I’m young and free enough to try and answer.

Ellery James Roberts

I am gone. This isn’t the end. This is the begging.
We done business to be as free as we want to be; I’m exercising this freedom. Manchester and the life we maintaining is leaving me empty. It is a beautiful/ incredible/ insane world we live and I’m done walking round in baby step circles in a self involved bubble. WU LYF isn’t that important. So go do what you want to do. If you wanna play together, Play! your talented musicians so don’t waste that. I am bored of the most challenging thing in WU LYF being deluding myself of its relevance. Dirty free, as that show ended it concreted my decision that a change has to come. “Be the change you want to see” said a wise old man.
I’m going to keep on doing what I do; if the time comes in the future where we all truly want to collaborate on something then that door is always going to be open; I have nothing but love for you all.

But I want to live life that’s true to me.

Stay safe
your Brother from another mother…

(I’m gonna stay on email so keep in touch.)

WU LYF @ The Music Hall Of Williamsburg (April 26, 2012)

By Will Oliver, May 1st 2012 — with 3 comments

Willis Earl Beal is the real deal. Live, he’s one of the most powerful voices I’ve heard solo. It’s mostly just him, doing his thing, up there alone with a tape deck chugging along some bare sounds. He plays guitar for one song, which blew me away. Absolute power man. Very Tom Waits. Definitely check him out if you haven’t already.

I had a funny feeling what the Wu Lyf live experience is like. Energetic, raw, powerful, plenty of crowd movement. The show went above and beyond these hopeful expectations and turned out to be one hell of a show. These guys don’t look much older than me, yet they harnessed the power and energy of veterans who have been at it for years and years. Dancing along to “We Bros” is worth the price of admission alone.
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WU LYF – We Bros (Single Version)

By Will Oliver, March 9th 2012

I have been playing Wu Lyf’s “We Bros” non-stop since last year. Luckily most of my friends here seem to dig it too, or else they probably would have ended me by now.

The song is just killer good. There’s nothing else to compare it to, which is just one of the things that it has working to its benefit. I just found this “single version” of the song that the band released last fall, and I’m liking the different atmosphere it has, while also retaining everything that makes it magical.

[mp3]: Wu Lyf – We Bros (Single Version)

Francis Lung at Alphaville (April 14, 2017)

By Will Oliver, April 18th 2017

Chances are you’ll best recognize Tom McClung as bassist of the now defunct British band Wu Lyf. Since their unceremonious split, all of its members have moved onto new musical endeavors, with McClung now making music by himself under the moniker Francis Lung.

Over the year’s he’s released two EPs, Vol I (Faeher’s Son) and Vol II (Mother’s Son), (both of which you can stream on his bandcamp page) and slowly but surely has built up a solid reputation as an artist on his own.
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We All Want Someone’s Best Albums Of 2016

By Will Oliver, January 31st 2017 — with 1 comment

Artwork courtesy of Anthony Bauer
2016 was as busy as any other year in recent memory with the constant release of new albums. It seemed like every week we were bombarded with a surprise album drop from a big star, a long overdue follow-up, or promising debut album that came out of thin air. It was a bit overwhelming, but a damn good problem to have. We lost a few heroes in David Bowie and Leonard Cohen, but gained a few instant classics that served to preserve their memory with an amazing sendoff. Radiohead, A Tribe Called Quest, The Avalanches, and The Last Shadow Puppets all finally returned to us. Frank Ocean delivered not one, but two albums.

There was no shortage of music to be found, especially good music. Below, you can find 50 favorites from 2016, including a few honorable mentions. Believe it or not, there were albums I left off that I would’ve gladly liked to at least mention to you, as they’re all worth your time. That’s saying something.

Call it what you want, best, top or favorites. Either way, these were the 50 albums that helped me get through 2016.
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LUH at Mercury Lounge (July 15, 2016)

By Will Oliver, November 2nd 2016


LUH, short for Lost Under Heaven, is the new band of former Wu Lyf frontman Ellery James Roberts and his girlfriend Ebony Hoorn. What started as a solo project for Roberts following the unfortunate demise of Wu Lyf turned into a new artistic endeavor between him and Hoorn.

They released their expansive and adventurous debut album Spiritual Songs For Lovers To Sing earlier this year via Mute Records, and made their US debut performance on July 15 in New York at a sold out Mercury Lounge. The intiamte setting was a thing to behold, as it didn’t play out as your typical debut performance.

Roberts already has a devoted following from his time in Wu Lyf, and the sold out crowd shouted back every single lyric back at the couple throughout their powerful set. They did 9 tracks from their debut, and came back to perform “Unites,” the song that they opened the set with, because they weren’t too thrilled with how it sounded the first go-around.

It was a powerful performance, and the start of something special. Lets hope they return to us sooner, because getting to hear a massive song like “$oro” live was a thing of beauty.

Find the setlist posted below, along with shots of LUH along with local openers Glass Gang.
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Band To Watch: FAMY

By Will Oliver, August 29th 2014


FAMY are a group out of West London (via France) who spent their early days touring with buddies Wu Lyf. They were hesitant about sharing their own music, but that has finally changed as they are gearing up to release their debut album We Fam Econo on September 8 via Transgressive Records.

The trio recorded the album over 10 summer days in Stonehouse Chapel & produced by Miti Adhikari. It features the larger-than-life single “Ava”, which was included on one of the two EP’s that the group released earlier in the year (titled Donkey and Ava respectively’). One listen and you’ll be completely taken away by it’s life-affirming widescreen chorus that is too big for its own good. It’s the sort of epic moment that is just meant to be delivered to a full crowd during a warm festival night, or blown out of proportion during that pivotal moment of a major motion picture. It just has that magic touch.

Based solely on this track, I am confident to call FAMY a band to watch, and I highly suggest you check out all of their previous other releases. The release of their debut album is only a couple of weeks away now. I’m terribly excited to check it out, and see what else the group has in store.

They have yet to play any U.S. shows as far as I can tell, but you can bet I will be there once that NYC date is announced. Enjoy “Ava” below.

[new]: Los Porcos – Sunshine

By Will Oliver, August 12th 2013

Los Porcos

Los Porcos, as you may remember, are the new group of the remaining members of Wu Lyf (Tom McClung, Evans Kati, Joe Manning) after lead singer Ellery James Roberts quit. They reformed as Los Porcos and released two songs. Now, they are back with a new single titled “Sunshine.”

It’s a bass-heavy riff that isn’t too far of a stray from their work as Wu Lyf, only with a stronger dance-rock emphasis, with angular guitars contrasting that funky bassline that and of course, light vocals as opposed to the husky growl of Roberts. This is one tasty jam that deserves your attention, and best dance moves.

“Sunshine” will be released as a 12″ release, the first from the band. It’s a limited release that will come out on September 15 via Caledonia Records. Buy it here.

Take a listen to “Sunshine” below.

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