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New iamamiwhoami video + A Concert?

By Will Oliver, November 4th 2010 — with 1 comment

First iamamiwhoami video in a while. They also have a new website that points to them playing a concert on 11/16/10. Wonder what will happen…Hope they come through for us. I’m sure patience is getting thin.

Here’s the latest video:

[video] iamamiwhoami part 11 (“N”)

By Will Oliver, June 3rd 2010 — with 4 comments

iamamiwhoami just released her new video/song “N”. It’s the 11th video in the series. Watch it below:

To be honest, I have lost some of my initial interest in this series. I think that they waited way too long on this. They probably should have revealed her identity by now. But hey, that’s just me. The video is really cool though, and the song is interesting. Let’s see where they go from here.

new iamamiwhoami video – “O”

By Will Oliver, April 12th 2010 — with 3 comments

Iamamiwhoami posted a new video an hour ago called “O”. It gives us a more clear cut idea for what she is going to, and if it is Jonna Lee she is certainly influenced by The Knife in pretty much all ways.

I like the song, and the video was very well shot. However, I think they are running this “game” a little bit too long. People are starting to lose interest. I know that I am. These guys had a brilliant campaign, but they needed to capitalize while they were hot. Unless they have a lot more under their sleeve, lets hope they reveal more to us in the upcoming weeks.

Iamamiwhoami mystery solved? = Jonna Lee

By Will Oliver, March 15th 2010 — with 4 comments

Well folks it looks like the mystery of Iamamiwhoami is solved. The live journal ohnotheydidn’t did some pretty heavy detective work and I think they have figured out who the person is! They have matched up photos, videos, all resembling the Sweedish singer Jonna Lee.

Here is a comparison photo that they did of two images that pretty much seals the deal, unless the photo is playing tricks on us.

They compare photos to her teeth, her piano, and show a photo she posted on twitter that resembles the one in the videos. She just happens to be playing at SXSW. It looks like we may have the mystery solved!!!

What do you think?

Be sure to read all of the evidence that ohnotheydidn’t have posted right here!!

[video] Full Song From iamamiwhoami – B

By Will Oliver, March 14th 2010 — with 5 comments

Wow, we finally get a full song from the mysterious iamamiwhoami. A new video graced my gmail 50 minutes ago. I eagerly opened it and strangely the titled featured no numbers. Rather, just “B”. I was also shocked that we got a full video from her. It was a pretty creepy sight to see her completely wrapped in shrink wrap. Those blue eyes are so blue that it’s almost creepy man!

We got a full song and a pretty good look at her but I am still not sure who it is. We also got to see a man who is practically glued to the coach, almost like he’s forced to stay by her. The song was a eerie ballad that was a lot different from the stuff we heard in earlier clips.

This project is really confusing the hell out of me. They better give us answers soon, or else people will start to lose interest! I have a feeling that we are starting to get close though!

Watch the latest video below.

iamamiwhoami remix

By Will Oliver, March 8th 2010 — with 3 comments

A Youtube user named eineinmeier put together a bass heavy remix of all the iamamiwhoami sound clips to create a remix that fans of jungle and house music will cherish.

Posted the clip below with a mp3 rip. This is a pretty cool clip that will tide me over until the next clip emerges.

[mp3] : iamamiwhoami remix

thanks to mand rake for the tip!

iamamiwhoami –

By Will Oliver, March 1st 2010 — with 1 comment

Another new viral video from iamamiwhoam arrived in my inbox today. It looks as though we are finally getting closer to finding out who this is. We get a “welcome” spelled out for us, as we enter a cabin. As we go into the cabin we see our mysterious friend sitting while some really lovley music is played in the background with some really nice acoustic guitars and some pretty damn fine vocals. Whoever this is, they can surely sing!

The most important part of the video probably is when we see 6 graves along with the message of “I am”. We then see some roots coming out of the house + an image of a monkey. We then get thrown face to face with the mysterious girl who creepily asks us “Why?”

I don’t know iamami, you tell me why. Who are you? I am done guessing. I am just going to sit back on cruise control and wait to see who is revealed. Could this be a new band that is going to call them “I Am? Probably not, but that guess is just as good as any other one at this point.

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