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Youth Lagoon at Rough Trade NYC (September 21, 2015)

By Will Oliver, December 29th 2015

1_Youth Lagoon_Rough Trade NYC

On September 21 Youth Lagoon made his live return to New York for a performance at the intimate Rough Trade NYC. The show served as the record release show for his new album Savage Hills Ballroom, which was released via Fat Possum.

Almost all of the setlist was new material from Savage Hills Ballroom. While I enjoyed the album, I would have liked to hear some more new songs, but getting to see Trevor do his thing inside the tiny Rough Trade was about as ideal as you can get for a Youth Lagoon show. It sure was smaller than the eventual Webster Hall show that came later in October.

We have photos from that show as well. For now, find shots from his Rough Trade performance posted below.
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[new]: Youth Lagoon – Worms

By Will Oliver, January 21st 2014

Youth Lagoon - Worms

Record label Lefse is gearing up the release of their new compilation album called The Space Project. The idea of the compilation is to give them literal recordings from space to use in their own songs. Youth Lagoon obliged, and the result is a song called “Worms.”

Think if The Flaming Lips and MGMT collaborated on a track with Trevor on lead vocals. There’s obviously a very trippy freak-psych element at work here, with lyrics directly about space travel. The song has some wonderous elements, that are very Youth Lagoon, but there’s also plenty of new elements at work, previously unseen from him.

Find “Worms” posted below.
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Youth Lagoon @ Bowery Ballroom (March 6, 2013)

By Will Oliver, March 7th 2013 — with 2 comments

Youth Lagoon - Bowery Ballroom 3.6.13

Youth Lagoon just released his wonderful new album Wondrous Bughouse via Fat Possum. You could say that his show at Bowery Ballroom tonight was a release show of sorts.

My only encounter with Trevor Powers band live was during his set outdoors at Pitchfork last summer. The talent was there, but the magic may have been lost in the air. I believe certain artist, such as Youth Lagoon, benefit directly from playing in small, tight, places where the music is contained at able to sound much, much, bigger. In big outdoor spaces things tend to be lost.

Nothing was lost tonight. Powers played in a Wondrous Bughouse of his own, as he was surrounded by giant figures that almost looked like giant teeth. Now with 4-members in his lineup, Youth Lagoon’s live show is beefed up considerably. The very first moments of set opener “Mute” were more than monumental and struck me dead in my core, without even considering letting up. I was both amazed and shocked at how genuinely huge that these songs sounded. I knew it wasn’t just me overestimating the power of the music, my ears were actually ringing. This was a good thing.

Powers has expanded his songs to a much higher capacity. Not only do the new songs sound larger than life, but big, bold, and full of heart. The Year Of Hibernation favorites such as “17” and “Cannons” got the rave reactions that they deserved. Even they received a slight makeover to enlarge their shape as well.

With a full band and a more developed sound live, it’s obvious that Youth Lagoon is expanding themselves to a large level. The songs are still very much at arms reach, but now with the ability to soar with a little more gusto.

It’s early to say, I know, but Trevor Powers just put on the best show of 2013, so far.

There are more photos from the show, posted below.
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[new]: Youth Lagoon – Mute

By Will Oliver, February 11th 2013 — with 1 comment

Youth Lagoon

Youth Lagoon’s new album Wondrous Bughouse drops March 5 via Fat Possum. Last month Trevor dropped the sublime “Dropla” raising my expectations sky high. Today he cut another track from the album loose, the more experimental “Mute”.

Where “Mute” starts out with an uneasy beginning, it soon finds solace in a transition that sets it free, able to find comfort in sky high heights. It’s a more experimental sound for Youth Lagoon, but he is able to work all of his charm into it making it feel like a natural progression. Is it just me or are there parts of “Mute” that sound like Sigur Ros?

[new]: Youth Lagoon – Dropla

By Will Oliver, January 16th 2013 — with 3 comments

Youth Lagoon

Youth Lagoon, otherwise known as Trevor Powers is officially back. His new album Wondrous Bughouse comes out March 5 via Fat Possum. He was just announced as the opener for The National’s massive Barclays show. Now today he drops “Dropla”, the first taste of Wondrous Bughouse.

“Dropla” is a strong return for Youth Lagoon, sitting at 6-minutes its a wondrous opus of a track that takes your hand, and spins you towards a magical journey. It’s a different journey than what we got on his debut, but it still feels as whole.

[mp3]: Youth Lagoon – Dropla

Youth Lagoon Announces New Album: Wondrous Bughouse

By Will Oliver, January 5th 2013

Youth Lagoon - Wondrous Bughouse

Youth Lagoon, the solo project of Trevor Powers, has announced his new album, Wondrous Bughouse. It will come out March 5 via Fat Possum Records.

Wondrous Bughouse is the follow-up to his debut album, The Year Of Hibernation. That just happened to be my favorite album of 2011. So you could say, expectations are unfairly high for his new one.

The album will sit at 10 tracks. Find the tracklist below.
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Youth Lagoon Finishes New Album

By Will Oliver, November 23rd 2012

Youth Lagoon announced via his twitter that his new album is finished. He released the news as a Thanksgiving treat of sorts. It sounds like we should be hearing it sometime next year, which is great news. I’m excited to hear new stuff, as his debut album The Year Of Hibernation is still just as special as ever.

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