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SO3 just released a music video for their feel good jam, “I Just Want You To (Dance With Me Tonight)”. Considering it’s their first video ever, the guys put together quite the effort. It’s a catchy song, and the visual aid certainly doesn’t hurt. For those Office Space fans out, take a look at who the leading male is in the video. Remember a waiter named, Brian? Very impressive casting boys!

Check out the video, below:

“I Just Want You To (Dance With Me Tonight)” is taken from their Johnny On The Underground single which you can stream/buy at their bandcamp.

It seems only right that I am premiering an exclusive new song from SO3, one of the first bands I posted on my blog back in 2008. You know, when I still used blogspot and zshare. Yikes.

Well they believed in me then, and I believed in them. It was a mutual respect of believing in something new, and we haven’t looked back since. With the new layout, the band decided to make their brand new song “Invincible” available as a special download for me to give to you guys. It’s a honor to be able to give you guys the first listen of this great track.

I’ve been following the boys since summer 2008, and they’ve come quite a long way since then. “Invincible” displays their artistic growth in more ways than one. The band’s sound radiates cool collected confidence with crisp riffs and tight interplay between all three members. The song is an easy breezy listen with an easy going chorus that has sunny spring weather in mind. Good music can make a person feel invincible, and that’s exactly what “Invincible” does. If you don’t smile to this, then you need a vacation. Bad.

Grab the mp3 below and blast this one. It does better as the volume goes up.

[mp3]: SO3 – Invincible

Vist SO3 on facebook, bandcamp, myspace or twitter. You can support them on iTunes as well

SO3 – I Just Want You To

By Will Oliver, December 11th 2010 — with 1 comment

SO3 has just released the b-side to the Johnny On The Underground single. It’s called “I Just Want You To”, and it may just be one of my favorite tunes from the guys yet. It’s a catchy guitar number that flat out grooves. There’s a dance influence in the song which is something I always appreciate.

It’s also the first song of theirs with lead vocals from guitarist Mike Artamonov. Check it out below and buy it if you like it:

SO3 – Johnny On The Underground

By Will Oliver, October 27th 2010 — with 1 comment

SO3 have released a new song called “Johnny On The Underground”. I’ve been a follower of theirs since the very first days of my blog, so it gives me great pleasure to talk about how far these guys have come. First and foremost, it’s amazing to hear how well polished the song sounds. It sounds like they really hit the studio hard.

“Johnny On The Underground” comes at your like a hard hitting freight train packed with tight guitar riffs and edgy basslines. The chorus is smartly wrapped with an infectious hook, and there are plenty of amazing guitar riffs from the great guitarist that is Mike Artamonov.

You can stream the single below, and if you dig it buy it at itunes.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

An Update on SO3

By Will Oliver, October 6th 2009

The first email that I ever got from a band to my blog was from SO3. Back then they were a really small L.A. band trying to build a following. I called them a band to watch. Earlier this year I talked about their wonderful debut EP and how they were really coming along very nicely! They were getting some local love at their radio stations, and getting to play quite a few gigs at local clubs and bars that allowed them to showcase their strong songs even more.

I stand by the band and really believe that they are destined for bigger things than my blog!

Well, they are one step there. Now they just got an opening gig for Matisiyahu on Sat Octber 24th at the Kick Gas Festival in Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego CA Not too shabby eh?

If you are in the area, go support the dudes. They are good friends of mine, and I recommend them 100%.

This is just the beginning! Keep an eye on them!!!!

Visit them at their website or their myspace. You can buy their Lose The Girl EP at itunes.

SO3 – Lose The Girl [EP]

By Will Oliver, February 24th 2009 — with 3 comments


SO3 were one of the first bands to ever email my blog, and because of that they hold a special spot in my blog. I started this blog at the end of July of 2008, and since then I hate to say I now skip over most emails since it can get a bit…much. Luckily SO3 got to me from the start. If you have been reading this blog for a while you may remember my introductory post for SO3. If not, then I will refresh your memory. SO3 are a band that consists of Mike Artamonov (Guitar & Vocals) and Serge Belongie (Bass & Vocals) out of Los Angeles. (They are currently auditioning drummers) They have been preping for their first EP “Lose The Girl” for a while and it is finally done. They gave me an advanced listen of their EP which isn’t due until later this month or early March.

Taking a step back and looking at this EP as a whole there is a lot of good stuff to pick out. The guitar work here is a clear standout, Mike Artamonov knows how to shred, there is some serious killer guitar work on their songs. The production of the EP is also fantastic, especially for a band’s first EP! “MIA” is a track that they have been using to introduce themselves for months now and rightfully so. It could make a run at some alternative charts in my opinion.  The true standout on the EP was “Sweet Little Girl”. It sums up everything about this band in 6 minutes. The guitar solo at 3:30 would have you think that they have been a band for years, it is that good! You got “Montezuma”, “Streets” and “She” all impressive displays of musicianship. All you other blogs and labels need to take notice of this band. So3 have a lot going for them and are just waiting to be discovered. This is a great EP full of an awesome 25 minutes of rock and roll that everyone and anyone will appreciate i. I don’t just say it because they have become my friends, but because I honestly believe their music deserves to be heard.

For everything on the band including purchase information and streams of the songs visit their website!

[mp3] : So3 – Sweet Little Girl

[mp3] : So3 – MIA

SO3 keep showing strong potential

By Will Oliver, September 17th 2008

This isn’t the first time I have posted about these dudes. (See here) Just as a quick recap, they are a up and coming band from L.A. that is slowly building a strong local following. Now it is time to take that and spread the world elsewhere. Their first sinlge MIA. (not to be confused with Mrs. Paper Planes) is one hell of a single that will end up on my best of the year list. My good pal Serge who just happens to play bass for them was kind enough to provide me with a few new songs. The first being ‘Montezuma’ which was the first track that the boys worked with a producer on. These guys really sound professional on this track, it is a well made songs. I really like the bridge/chorus on the song.

Next is a cool instrumental from the band called ‘Death Throes’. The mixing on it isn’t completely done but you still get the idea. It is a really cool instrumental that has a really dark feel to it. You gotta love the guitar/bass work on this song, Mike plays on hell of a guitar. This is one funky track. Keep a watch on these boys, they will be getting a lot of attention very soon. Downloads of both songs below, as well as good old MIA as a bonus.

SO3 – Montezuma (MP3)
SO3 – Death Throes (MP3)
SO3 – MIA (MP3)


Band To Watch: SO3

By Will Oliver, August 5th 2008 — with 1 comment

Get to know SO3 right away. They are a band that you will hear a lot about from me in the upcoming months. If everyone else is hearing what I am, then they will be talking about these guys in no time. SO3 consists mainly of Mike Artamonov (Guitar & Vocals) and Serge Belongie (Bass & Vocals) who formed with 2 other friends at UC San Diego. They have dealt with a constantly changing lineup of drummers that started with member Hugh Aitchison, who left after the band decided to move to L.A. They now have various drummers play for them on recordings & live shows. They played their first show in March, 2007 and began touring. They got some buzz going with great shows with a trademark of Mike playing his guitar behind his back. That is just a sign that the guitar work presented by Mike is top notch.

They finally were able to enter the studio, and recorded their first major single “MIA.” If there was any way to showcase themselves as the real deal, it was through this power-house of a song. Right from the first guitar riff from Mike, you can tell they are all business. Both Serge & Mike take turns signing vocals and putting everything they have into each word. I really enjoyed the way the song went into the big chorus that includes great lyrics such as “i sweat in the night, and the sky opens up just like a cut, tell you what, its a sign I’m addicted and caught in a lie.” This is quality stuff.

I don’t know how its possible, but MIA finds a way to get better every time you listen to it. There is something that just clicks with you every time you give it a listen. You can really tell these guys have known each other for quite sometime and that they are bringing you along with them for their journey. You cannot help but sing along with them.

This is a hit in the making, this single deserves attention! SO3 have a great deal of potential and this is just the beginning for them. They sound like everything in modern rock combined, done right. I hope to catch them they next time they come to NYC, and you should do the same!

MP3, myspace, and
video below:

SO3 – MIA (MP3)

[music video]: Paul McCartney – Queenie Eye

By Will Oliver, October 28th 2013

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 10.05.46 PM

One of the songs that I got to see Paul McCartney perform during his surprise 4-song Times Square performance was “Queenie Eye.” It’s off his new album New, and it has a classic McCartney vibe with Beatles influences in arms reach.

Its video starts off with McCartney performing a studio session of the song at Abbey Road Studios Suddenly Johnny Depp appears sitting nearby. Soon enough, more and more celebrity actors and musicians start appearing. Chris Pine, Jude Law, Kate Moss, Jeremy Irons, Sean Penn, Meryl Streep. These are just some of the familiar faces that join Paul during the video.

It’s a good watch. Find the video posted below.
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