Artist To Watch

Band To Watch: FAMY

By Will Oliver, August 29th 2014


FAMY are a group out of West London (via France) who spent their early days touring with buddies Wu Lyf. They were hesitant about sharing their own music, but that has finally changed as they are gearing up to release their debut album We Fam Econo on September 8 via Transgressive Records.

The trio recorded the album over 10 summer days in Stonehouse Chapel & produced by Miti Adhikari. It features the larger-than-life single “Ava”, which was included on one of the two EP’s that the group released earlier in the year (titled Donkey and Ava respectively’). One listen and you’ll be completely taken away by it’s life-affirming widescreen chorus that is too big for its own good. It’s the sort of epic moment that is just meant to be delivered to a full crowd during a warm festival night, or blown out of proportion during that pivotal moment of a major motion picture. It just has that magic touch.

Based solely on this track, I am confident to call FAMY a band to watch, and I highly suggest you check out all of their previous other releases. The release of their debut album is only a couple of weeks away now. I’m terribly excited to check it out, and see what else the group has in store.

They have yet to play any U.S. shows as far as I can tell, but you can bet I will be there once that NYC date is announced. Enjoy “Ava” below.

Matt Townsend

I find that the best folk songs are usually the ones that strike a chord with you instantly. If your moved by a song right off the bat, there’s a reason for that.

That’s what happened when I stumbled across “Desire Like A Lion” by Matt Townsend & The Wonder Of The World, a folk artist out of Asheville, North Carolina. The easy comparisons are Bob Dylan and Neil Young, but he also reminds me a bit of The Tallest Man On Earth. Just a raw and honest folk song that you believe it. It sounds truthful, almost like its gospel. There’s just an earnest quality about it that will sweep you straight off your feet.

It’s taken from his self-titled debut album which was successfully crowdfunded and due for release via Eternal Mind Records on June 23rd. The album was inspired by “strange dreams and visions, the precarious beauty of human life, and the mysterious forces of the Universe.” You can definitely hear this in the magnificent “Desire Like A Lion,” which is available to stream below.

Matt is certainly an artist to watch. Read the rest of this entry »

Noah Chenfeld – Get Lost

By Will Oliver, January 13th 2014

Noah Chenfeld

“Get Lost” is a track from 17-year-old New York City resident Noah Chenfeld.

The track pulls you in instantly, with some catchy backing vocals, a melodic guitar riff, and plenty of influences from modern rock, mainly from The Strokes and Julian Casablancas.

I wish that their recent work was as good as this song from Chenfeld. It’s a real good one.

You can check his music video for the track below, and then hit the jump to grab a free download of the track that he’s offering. Read the rest of this entry »

Introducing: Jonas Carping

By Will Oliver, November 1st 2013 — with 1 comment

Jonas Live -1 - 720 × 478

When not playing with his band The Glade, Jonas Carping is also a very talented solo musician. Hailing from Stockhold, Sweden, Carping has just released his debut solo album, All The Time In The World.

While appreciative of folk rock music, it’s not my genre of “expertise”, but whatever a good folk artist needs, Jonas has got it going on. He knows how to tell a story. On opener “Left In Here” he sings about the pain and worries that come with that doubt your left with in relationships, afraid of the loneliness of being left alone. It’s a brilliant opener, he sets the tone for the rest of the the record.

From the first strum of the guitar on “Underground” you instantly make a close personal connection with Jonas. His vocal has a homely draw, something like a foreign Matt Berninger of The National. It’s easy to recognize that he has a natural ability to right a song with a memorable melody, something that just sweeps you into its world with gravity and grace. And this is just the first track from an artist that you’ve likely not even heard of yet. Well, that should change.

All The Time In The World is built on 10 songs, which are self-described as “a story of hope but also of loss of hope and finding it again at places not always expected.”

On the album, Carping worked with many different musicians such as his collaboration on “The Sting” with Sigrid Nilsson on vocals. Anyone whose ever dealt with the heartbreak of a relationship can find some form of emotional connection to this powerful song, which has snuck up on me later in the year here in November as one of the better songs to be released all year. The beauty of Jonas’ songs is that their so natural and sincere that you will be sure to find some semblance of reflection or something that you can take away that’s personal and unique to your own self.

In a short time, Jonas has made a great impression on me, impressing me with his ability to share his feelings over incredibly satisfying melodies and vocals, finding ways into your heart and soul with ease.

Take a journey into All The Time In The World, you won’t regret it. The album is currently available to stream and purchase at his bandcamp page. You can also find him on his website, facebook, and twitter.

Artist To Watch: Oscar

By Will Oliver, April 18th 2013 — with 3 comments

The beauty of music listening online is the ability to stumble upon something new at random. While browsing tracks on soundcloud, a few songs ended up playing after each other. Usually the songs that start playing on their own are of no interest to me, but tonight that changed. Immediately upon hearing “Never Told You” by an artist named Oscar, I knew it was something special.

All I know about him is that his full name is Oscar Scheller, and he’s based from London. His voice is a deep baritone, rich in the ways of Zach Condon, of Beirut. He effortlessly commands your attention with a distinctive voice that haunts its way over the loose but funky backbeat that he’s created. For what I’m assuming is a one man bedroom type operation, he’s done quite the job, as this may be the purest – and best – pop song to have graced my ears so far this year.

The song is fairly simple in construct, but every breath song by Oscar is well executed. The line “I never told you how much I want you” is something we can all relate to, but the way that Oscar sings it makes us believe him and feel his pain, as if it was us having our heart torn out.

I’m impressed, and terrifically excited to see what else Oscar will bring us.

[mp3]: Oscar – Never Told You

Torres – Honey

By Will Oliver, February 26th 2013 — with 1 comment


Torres is 22-year-old singer/songwriter Mackenzie Scott, who hails from Nashville, Tennessee. She emerged his January releasing the incredible track “Honey” that sits on a folk-rock territory but with a real kick in the ass. It’s hauntingly passionate and powerful. It stops time, right from the very first second of the song, and keeps you in its peripheral as it gradually joins the distant setting sun. It’s off her self-released and self-titled debut album, out now.

As it progresses it natural spreads it’s wings and transforms into a true powerhouse. A truly mesmerizing voice from an artist that will be moving onto bigger things in due time.

People can have their EDM, I’ll take sincerity from artists like Torres over it, any day of the week.

[Free Download]: Kuhlamity – Protege Cerveau [Mixtape]

By Will Oliver, November 28th 2012 — with 2 comments

At this point of your readership, you should be familiar with Kuhlamity. If not, let me quickly correct that. He’s a young rapper by the name of Kamron Bahani who is from my hometown. He has slowly been grinding out a promising career, and is slowly, but very surely, making his ascent to be a prominent figure in underground hip-hop.

Today he released his latest mixtape Protege Cerveau for free download. Kuhlamity continues his growth as an artist, providing a blazing fast flow full of wit, along with some old-school inspired beats. The production is top tier on this mixtape, leaving Kuhlamity with plenty of wiggle room to work his game.

At one minute he can leave you laughing, but soon after he will leave you reflective and inspired. It’s amazing just how fast he can rap while still keeping his flow even and his verses wise.

I know I’m not known for being up to date on underground hip-hop, but I really believe that Kuhlamity has got something special going on, and I want you to be a part of it.

The mixtape is available to download for free right here. If you need some motivation, check out two tracks from it below.

[mp3]: Kuhlamity – Jeune Choriste
[mp3]: Kuhlamity – Word Of The Wise

Sheep Man – Elementary

By Will Oliver, November 14th 2012 — with 1 comment

Checked my inbox and received an email from a Canadian fella named Harley Alexander who shared his latest single under his Sheep Man guise, “Elementary”. It struck instantly with me, drawn in to it’s tremendous guitar hook and alt-country laden vocals. An all-around uplifting spirit can be found on its sky’s the limit chorus, making it one of the nicer gems that I have stumbled upon so far. It’s a must for you’re new music additions this week:

[mp3]: Sheep Man – Elementary

It comes with a b-side titled “Mattress Friends” which you can also grab below. Find more of his music on his bandcamp.

[mp3]: Sheep Man – Mattress Friends

Dwight Smith – Lateral Drifts

By Will Oliver, October 26th 2012

Lateral Drifts is the debut album from Dwight Smith. The songs are a result of his travels throughout the last few years. In a short time frame he went to Brooklyn, Austin, Chicago, Guatemala, Ecuador, Alaska, and Connecticut.

There’s definitely a sense of a long journey heard in his musical DNA, whether it’s the physical one, from place to place, or the spiritual one. His songwriting style reminds me of an early Sufjan Stevens. There could be Nick Drake comparisons in there as well. Many of the tracks are hauntingly staggering, with beams of beauty seeping through every visible crack.

The album is out via Twin Lakes Records. You can grab it at your own price here, or order a limited CD. Either way, I reccomend you give the album a listen below.

Blind Moon – Almost Nowhere [EP]

By Will Oliver, October 25th 2012

Blind Moon is the solo product of Chicago-native Josh Cohen. His debut release is the Almost Nowhere EP, which is out now as a free download on bandcamp.

The EP is full of hazy songs that song like they’re stuck in a purgatory full of lingering ghosts clinging to the memories of the past, and longing for a better future. There are lots of lovely melodies mixed with shoegaze elements that create a dizzying effect – in a rock solid way.

Diving into this EP is like entering a sad world and finding comfort with the solice and solidity. It’s an impressive, debut, and one that I recommend you check out. It may suite us well during the chilly winter months.

The EP will also be released as a limited cassette via Feeltrip Studios.

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