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Blackfeet Braves – Vicious Cycle

By Will Oliver, December 13th 2012

Blackfeet Braves

Blackfeet Braves come from L.A. and possibly the 60s. At least that’s what their song “Vicious Cycle” is from. It sounds like the great guitar rock with psych influences that the 60 brought out of the men of the rock universe.

“Vicious Cycle” is the first single from the 5-piece’s self-titled debut, which comes out February 12 via Lolipop Records. It’s a damn infectious tune which is perfectly executed psych rock in all the right ways.

Labeling these guys as a band to watch, for sure.

[mp3]: Blackfeet Braves – Vicious Cycle

Hit the jump to watch the “Vicious Cycle” music video:
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GEMS – All I Ever

By Will Oliver, December 4th 2012

Last month a band from Washington D.C. named GEMS caught my heart with their affectionate dream-pop. Their debut song “Void Moon” was as strong of a introductory statement as one could ask for. They made a great impression, which they have furthered with another fantastic release.

“All I Ever” is the name of their 2nd single, and it’s just as wondrous of a exploration into the waves of dreamy chamber pop as “Void Moon.” The band recorded this at the beach as well. I could totally envision it’s music video featured on a darkly lit beach.

GEMS have a romantic quality about them that is undeniable. Writing beautiful melodies that sound like comforting soft waves is not something that they’re short of so far.

Let’s call these guys one of the acts to watch out for in 2013.

[mp3]: GEMS – All I Ever

Port Isla – Sinking Ship

By Will Oliver, November 24th 2012

Port Isla are a folk group from Norwich, England who make anthematic folk music for lonely castaways, or at least that’s what they say. One listen to their strong “Sinking Ship” have me encouraging the band to continue on this route, because this is great. Definitely an early Fleet Foxes vibe.

[mp3]: Port Isla – Sinking Ship

Like them on facebook & follow them on twitter. They got a bunch of other songs available for download over at their soundcloud.

Catch it’s music video after the jump.
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Isadora – On The Rights

By Will Oliver, November 14th 2012

Isadora is a recently born band from Brooklyn. First single “On The Rights” starts off with a gentle melodic breeze and seems like it will be like that the rest of the way. Not so fast.

They take you down different flights of melodic mood swings and emotions, before leaving you in a different state than when you first hit play.

Considering this is their debut single, I would say this is a good start. Take a listen below via Interview Magazine:

“Barcelona” is another promising track from them that sounds reminiscent of Aloha/early Minus The Bear

They are playing their debut show tonight at Cameo Gallery & will release their debut EP next year.

Band To Watch: HAIM

By Will Oliver, November 13th 2012 — with 1 comment

A lot of my fellow bloggers have been pimping out a L.A. trio called HAIM, which features three sisters: Danielle, Alana and Este Haim. It’s about time that I got on board.

Earlier in the year they released their debut 3-track EP, Forever for free on their website (it’s no longer free). If you like female fronted vocal-pop with added mystique, Haim are your go-to girls. The EP is wonderful in approach and execution. Fans of Bat For Lashes should find a similar ground to stand on with Haim.

One listen to “Don’t Save Me” will serve as a proper introduction. Pop laden vocals sugar coated just enough alongside the electronic battleground, serves as a strong minded pop song. The band just released b-side “Send Me Down”, and it may be my favorite track yet. Ominous industrial effects muddle the background before the sisters incredible vocals kick in and provide natural hooks as if they had been doing this for decades.

Take a listen to both below, and go give that EP a listen. All of this should be enough to hold you over until the bands eventual debut album comes out next year.

Joyce The Librarian – Land

By Will Oliver, November 9th 2012

It’s hard to describe how a good folk song can make you feel. It’s a different type of feeling than say a dance song. There’s more of a human element to folk songs that cannot be reciprocated by most genres. At least not quite in the same way.

Joyce The Librarian made me think about this while listening to their lovely track, “Land”. It’s from their debut album They May Put Land Between Us, which comes out December 3 via Folkwit Records.

The band hail from Bristol, England, but bring forth many attributes that we find in American folk rock. The song finds new avenues to grow and grow as you listen, soaring with every breath. Lovely horns and vocals that are sung too heavenly to be just words.

Here’s the equally mesmerizing “Follow Me, I’m Right Behind You”.

Special stuff, right? Find the band on Facebook & Twitter.

The Kickstand Band – Still Thinking Of You

By Will Oliver, November 8th 2012

Detroit’s The Kickstand Band have this whole power-pop thing down. Quite simply, “Still Thinking Of You” is a damn good track. Lush boy-girl harmonies and big riffs that sound deliciously vintage. It’s a throwback in style, but a refreshing change from the overly-electronic scene that today’s music world seems immersed in.

[mp3]: The Kickstand Band – Still Thinking Of You

It’s off their debut album Puppy Love, which is out now, and streaming at American Songwriter. I’m giving it a spin now, and this thing is gooood.

Sans Parade – The Last Song Is A Love Song

By Will Oliver, November 1st 2012

Sans Parade is a new chamber-pop group from Finland lead by artists Jani Lehto, Markus Perttula and Pekka Tuppurainen. One listen to their debut single “The Last Song Is A Love Song” will take your breath away. That is, if you’ve got any human in you.

A sweeping wind of orchestration leads the way, only to be somehow overdone by the powerhouse vocals of Markus Perttula. This is music that is larger than life – yet it’s more human than anything else out there. Some parts MEW, some parts Sigur Ros, and maybe a hint of inspiration from Antony & the Johnsons. In terms of scope, this song is fucking massive man.

The single is being released by StarGazer Records. Their debut album will come next year. Stream it below along with it’s b-side “A Ballet In The Sea”.

Hit the jump to dive into the music video for “The Last Song Is A Love Song”:
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Beneath The Beach – Ubiquitous Meter EP

By Will Oliver, October 26th 2012

Beneath The Beach are a 4-piece from West London, who were described to me as Post-Dance-Math-Step. Truthfully, there’s really no way to pintpoint the sound that these guys showcase on their new EP, Ubiquitous Meter.

The craft carefully textured rhythms and sounds with a mix of featured samples. If you’re a fan of Foals, you will really enjoy the pacing and methods of this band. Angular guitar riffs go so well with the funky rhythems and samples.

Ubiquitous Meter is a surprisingly tight EP. Beneath The Beach is our little secret for now. But it’s time to share.

[Introducing]: The Co Co Colaz

By Will Oliver, October 24th 2012

The Co Co Colaz come all the way from Romford, Essex, in the UK, and tell me that they just got together fairly recently. A look on their facebook page and one can’t help but notice that the account isn’t even a week old.  No kidding.

What’s amazing is that their song “Outta Time” took even less time to hook me in. A lo-fi guitar romp with lots of heart and hooks, it’s undeniable love from the first riff. There’s a 90′s twitch to the vocals and a shoegaze element that floats beneath the surface of the fuzz. The song isn’t even two minutes long. Hitting repeat to receive full fulfillment is a requirement.

“So Insane” showcases a knack for vocal hooks, while “Round & Round” continues to showcases the bands fine ear for melodies soaked in fuzz.

This band may be young, but the tunes are clearly there. This is quite a nice start for these lads. They got my full endorsement.

Follow them on twitter.

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