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Mt. Wolf – Hypolight

By Will Oliver, February 22nd 2013

Mt. Wolf

Mt. Wolf‘s are penned as a “dreamfolk” band, as they’re able to fuse folk and electronica in a unique way. The British four-piece released their debut EP, Life Size Ghosts, last year. They are releasing another EP called Hypolight on March 11 via Two Sisters Records.

The title track is a breathless offering that uses both folk methods to haunt you, while the electronic effects put you away with wave like dreaminess. Lead vocalist Kate Sproule has some pipes on her, let me tell you. She can sing.

These guys have a sound that have many possibilities. Mt. Wolf have a lot going for them, and their future is looking quite bright.

Local Channel – Arctic

By Will Oliver, February 20th 2013 — with 1 comment

Local Channel

Local Channel are a new band out of the Silver Lake area of LA. Their first offering is their debut single “Arctic.” It starts with an atmospheric beginning that wets your palette a bit before jumping into a fully stretched out mesmerizing jam.

It’s an impressive track, especially if it’s their debut single. I’m liking what I hear, and I am excited to see what else these guys have on the way.

[mp3]: Local Channel – Arctic

“Arctic” will be on an EP that will be released early this March.

Strangeheart – In Another Life

By Will Oliver, February 8th 2013 — with 1 comment

Strangeheart - In Another Life

Strangeheart is the project of L.A.’s Jeff Thompson and Brandon Queen. Recently formingĀ  after Thompson’s old project Dreamwavers disbanded, which resulted in the new project.

The first track heard from Strangeheart is “In Another Life.” It’s pure shimmering electronic-pop bliss. It’s all kinds of catchy with a simple sugary synth groove joined by packs and packs of hooks.

This is one of the catchier songs you will find. If you’re being affected by this winter-storm like me, this song should do you some good. I’m keeping an eye on Strangeheart, they are one of the best finds of 2013, so far.

[mp3]: Strangeheart – In Another Life

Narwhal – Narwhal EP

By Will Oliver, January 30th 2013

Narwhal are a psychedelic rock 5-piece from New Zealand. They released their self-titled debut EP last week on bandcamp.

Highlight “SuperSonic Girl” dives deep into the realms of psych-rock live no other, with an exciting range that will wake up the sleeping beast inside you all. There’s also delightful elements of Brit-rock hidden within the DNA of tracks like “Wrong Kind Of Woman” that remind me of acts like Miles Kane, The Music, and of course, Arctic Monkeys.

The closing track “Lysergic Voyage” puts all of these elements at work and creates a fuzzy guitar wet dream.

Scoop “SuperSonic Girl” below, and grab the whole EP for free here.

[mp3]: Narwhal – SuperSonic Girl

Au.Ra – Sun

By Will Oliver, December 30th 2012 — with 1 comment


Au.Ra are psych-rock dudes from Sydney, Australia. Ok, get the Tame Impala comparisons out of your systems now. Even so, after one listen to “Sun”, you can definitely see some common threads between the two bands. These guys take a more floaty dreamy atmospheric approach. Impressive vocal offerings that pair up well with the summer-laden atmosphere that they so confidently lay down. I hear a little bit of Beach Fossils here and there.

Impressive first effort.

[mp3]: Au.Ra – Sun

SPLASHH – All I Wanna Do

By Will Oliver, December 30th 2012 — with 1 comment


SPLASHH are a band from the UK worth keeping a keen watch on. Slept on these guys. My friend Cali showed this to me a little while ago and I’ve kept it close to my chest since then. No need for that, you guys need to get in on this.

“All I Wanna Do” is their gloriously fuzzy debut single. It’s a guitar anthem that will willingly have you in dreamy waves that deliver grand feelings of comfort and relief. Close your eyes, relax the mind, and let these guys do their thing. All purpose slacker rock with loads of heart.

SPLASHH are on the cusp of making a big splash. It’s only a matter of time.

Find more music from them at their soundcloud (everything else is great as well), and watch the video for “All I Wanna Do” below.
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Blackfeet Braves – Vicious Cycle

By Will Oliver, December 13th 2012

Blackfeet Braves

Blackfeet Braves come from L.A. and possibly the 60s. At least that’s what their song “Vicious Cycle” is from. It sounds like the great guitar rock with psych influences that the 60 brought out of the men of the rock universe.

“Vicious Cycle” is the first single from the 5-piece’s self-titled debut, which comes out February 12 via Lolipop Records. It’s a damn infectious tune which is perfectly executed psych rock in all the right ways.

Labeling these guys as a band to watch, for sure.

[mp3]: Blackfeet Braves – Vicious Cycle

Hit the jump to watch the “Vicious Cycle” music video:
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GEMS – All I Ever

By Will Oliver, December 4th 2012

Last month a band from Washington D.C. named GEMS caught my heart with their affectionate dream-pop. Their debut song “Void Moon” was as strong of a introductory statement as one could ask for. They made a great impression, which they have furthered with another fantastic release.

“All I Ever” is the name of their 2nd single, and it’s just as wondrous of a exploration into the waves of dreamy chamber pop as “Void Moon.” The band recorded this at the beach as well. I could totally envision it’s music video featured on a darkly lit beach.

GEMS have a romantic quality about them that is undeniable. Writing beautiful melodies that sound like comforting soft waves is not something that they’re short of so far.

Let’s call these guys one of the acts to watch out for in 2013.

[mp3]: GEMS – All I Ever

Port Isla – Sinking Ship

By Will Oliver, November 24th 2012

Port Isla are a folk group from Norwich, England who make anthematic folk music for lonely castaways, or at least that’s what they say. One listen to their strong “Sinking Ship” have me encouraging the band to continue on this route, because this is great. Definitely an early Fleet Foxes vibe.

[mp3]: Port Isla – Sinking Ship

Like them on facebook & follow them on twitter. They got a bunch of other songs available for download over at their soundcloud.

Catch it’s music video after the jump.
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Isadora – On The Rights

By Will Oliver, November 14th 2012

Isadora is a recently born band from Brooklyn. First single “On The Rights” starts off with a gentle melodic breeze and seems like it will be like that the rest of the way. Not so fast.

They take you down different flights of melodic mood swings and emotions, before leaving you in a different state than when you first hit play.

Considering this is their debut single, I would say this is a good start. Take a listen below via Interview Magazine:

“Barcelona” is another promising track from them that sounds reminiscent of Aloha/early Minus The Bear

They are playing their debut show tonight at Cameo Gallery & will release their debut EP next year.

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