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We All Want Someone’s Best Songs of 2015

By Will Oliver, March 18th 2016 — with 2 comments


Artwork thanks to our very own Anthony Bauer

We look back 2015 fondly, one of the best years of music in some time. There was almost too much of it, making it nearly an impossible task to come up with my top albums of the year. Even worse, was choosing the best songs of the year.

Many albums had multiple offerings that deserved recognition, but I tried my best to limit it to one song per artist, except for a few special cases. It wasn’t easy to do a top 100 list, but it was fun to reflect on 2015 with all the sounds that helped soundtrack my life throughout those months.

Below you can find the list posted in countdown style from 100-1, and I’ve created a handy Spotify playlist in countdown order for your listening convenience and pleasure. I’ve posted the embeded playlist below.

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Will’s Best Albums of 2015

By Will Oliver, March 18th 2016 — with 1 comment


Artwork thanks to our very own Anthony Bauer

We’re certainly far enough removed from 2015 now for me to properly look back at the year and realize how remarkable it was. I meant to get this list up in January, but as it does, life got in the way and things got delayed. Sure, I may have missed the “list” cycle, but that’s ok. Now with some more time I was able to catch up on albums I wasn’t able to get to during the 2015 calendar year, as well as give some albums the chance to further reveal themselves to me over time.

2015 saw an abundance of great artists converge to release new material, almost to the point where there was a consistently too much great music on a week-to-week basis. Worlds smallest violin playing, I know.

I already shared my honorable mentions for best albums of the year, and many of these albums were good enough to make a top list any other year. But 2015 was a really great year, and this top 50 list really demonstrates how much quality stuff was released.

Without further ado, here are my top 50 albums of 2015.
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We All Want Someone’s Best Shows Of 2015

By Will Oliver, March 15th 2016 — with 1 comment


Blur at MSG

I lost count of how many shows I went to in 2015, but I’m pretty sure I managed to top the amount of shows I went to in 2014, which was a previous record.

You’ll notice a good chunk of the shows that made the cut are established artists playing intimate venues such as Baby’s All Right or Bowery Ballroom. Nothing quite matches getting to see big acts in a great small venue. That’s not to say that a show at a large venue can’t be good, as plenty of big bands playing large venues or dare I say arenas ended up on here as well. There’s a lot of ingredients to a good show, and I don’t discriminate..

Below, find my top 40 shows of 2015 and feel free to click through to each individual show recap to re-live them along with me. We can’t wait to see what 2016 brings to us. All I know is it will be tough to match what I saw in 2015.

40. Ryan Adams at Governors Ball

1_Ryan Adams_Governors Ball 2015

39. Future Islands at Terminal 5 (January 9)

1_Future Islands_Terminal 5

38. Diarrhea Planet at Bowery Ballroom (April 4)


37. Tallest Man On Earth @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (June 2)

1_The Tallest Man On Earth_MHOW

36. FFS at Terminal 5 (October 6)


35. Kishi Bashi at The McKittrick Hotel (November 4)

1_Kishi Bashi_The McKittrick Hotel

34. Alvvays at Bowery Ballroom (April 2)

1_Alvvays_Bowery Ballroom

33. My Morning Jacket at Governors Ball

1_My Morning Jacket_Governors Ball 2015

32. Dr. Dog at Music Hall of Williamsburg (January 10)

1_Dr Dog_MHOW

31. The Growlers at Baby’s All Right (March 7)

1_The Growlers_Baby's All Right

30. Panda Bear @ MOMA PS1 (Janaury 11)

1_Panda Bear_MomaPS1

29. Savages at Mercury Lounge (January 21)

1_Savages_Mercury Lounge

28. Tobias Jesso Jr at Baby’s All Right (March 27)

2_Tobias Jesso Jr_Baby's All Right

27. Beirut @ Bowery Ballroom

1_Beirut_Bowery Ballroom

26. Kendrick Lamar @ Terminal 5 (November 2)

1_Kendrick Lamar_Terminal 5

25. U2 at Madison Square Garden (July 19)

1_U2_Madison Square Garden

24. Ben Folds at Bowery Ballroom (April 27)

1_Ben Folds + yMusic_Bowery Ballroom

23. Spoon @ Kings Theatre (June 16)

1_Spoon_Kings Theatre

22. Modest Mouse @ Webster Hall (March 19)

1_Modest Mouse_Webster Hall

21. Tame Impala at Terminal 5 (October 7)

1_Tame Impala_Terminal 5

20. Foals at Terminal 5 (December 18)

1_Foals_Terminal 5

19. Father John Misty @ Bowery Ballroom (February 14)

1_Father John Misty_Bowery Ballroom

18. Death Cab For Cutie at Music Hall of Williamsburg (January 28)

1_Death Cab_MHOW

17. Florence + The Machine at Music Hall of Williamsburg

1_Florence and the Machine_MHOW

16. Dinosaur Jr. at Bowery Ballroom (December 3)

1_Dinosaur Jr_Bowery Ballroom

15. Bjork at Carnegie Hall (March 14)


14. My Morning Jacket at The Beacon (November 25)

1_My Morning Jacket_Beacon Theatre

13. Blur at Madison Square Garden (October 23)

3_Blur_Madison Square Garden

12. El Vy @ Bowery Ballroom (November 13)

1_El Vy_Bowery Ballroom

11. Sufjan Stevens @ The Beacon Theatre (April 11)


10. Muse at Webster Hall (May 8)

1_Muse_Webster Hall

9. Joanna Newsom at The Apollo Theater(December 11)

1_Joanna Newsom_The Apollo Theater

8. Sufjan Stevens at Loew’s Jersey Theatre (October 31)

1_Sufjan Stevens_Loew's Jersey Theatre

7. Courtney Barnett at Bowery Ballroom (May 19)

1_Courtney Barnett_Bowery Ballroom

6. The Arcs @ Housing Works (9/9)

1_The Arcs_Housing Works

5. Leon Bridges at Mercury Lounge (February 17)

1_Leon Bridges_Mercury Lounge

4. Hot Chip at Baby’s All Right (August 3)

1_Hot Chip_Baby's All Right

3. Beach House @ Baby’s All Right (August 27)

1_Beach House_Baby's All Right

2. Sleater-Kinney @ Market Hotel (December 16)


1. Blur at Music Hall of Williamsburg (May 1)


Anthony’s Best Albums of 2015

By Anthony Bauer, March 12th 2016


Looking back on 2015, it has got to be one of the best years that we’ve had for music in recent memory. Not only did we get an insane amount of releases, but we also got an equally insane amount of quality releases across the board. Narrowing down all these releases into a “top 10” style list was very, very difficult. Instead of another “best albums of 2015” list, I thought I’d switch things up a bit and go through my favorite album releases in 2015 (which lets be honest, there were a lot).

The year brought us some wonderful debuts, a couple surprises, and a few releases that were a more return to form of sorts. So in no particular order, here are my favorite albums of 2015:
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Will’s Best Albums Of 2015: Honorable Mentions

By Will Oliver, March 12th 2016 — with 1 comment


Artwork courtesy of our very own Anthony Bauer

2015 was one of the best years for music in recent memory with many established artists releasing great new work, while tons of brand new artist made the sort of introductions that we will look back fondly once they’re leading the way in the future.

I had such a hard time narrowing down my top 50 albums list that I still had plenty of quality stuff left over to make up my honorable mentions list. So without further ado, here are some honorable mentions for best albums of 2015 that are plenty worth your time
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Favorite Live Photos of 2015

By Will Oliver, March 7th 2016


(Blur at Madison Square Garden)

2015 was one hell of a year for music. Naturally, there were a ton of great shows to be found. We saw as many as ever last year, and we look to attend even more shows in 2016. With that said, we’re finally giving a look back to 2015, selecting some of our favorite moments from the year.

Along with my small but trustworthy team of friends who happen to also be photographers, we took hundreds if not thousands of photos last year. I went through the ever-growing archives and selected just a handful of favorite photos taken throughout the year. It was hard and nearly impossible to narrow it down, but here are just some of my favorite photos that we shared on this blog in 2015, in chronological order taken throughout the year. If not taken by me, credit is given along with the posted caption below the photo.
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Dana’s Best Albums of 2015

By Dana Pacifico, January 26th 2016


For me 2015 was a great year musically. Three of my favorite bands released solid albums and pop music made a serious movement. It was incredibly difficult to put a number on each of these albums because they not only speak to my soul sonically but in being a concert photographer I’ve gotten so see many of these artists live and those experiences also help give me a singular feeling that is hard to measure.
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Best Songs of 2014

By Will Oliver, February 20th 2015 — with 1 comment


(artwork by Dana Pacifico)

Apparently I got Chinese New Year confused with the end of 2014, as it took me until now to finally share my list of favorite songs from 2014. It’s late, but you better bet it’s a true indication of my favorite songs of 2014. These are the 100 songs that I played and enjoyed the most and are still playing on regular rotation. They came from the most established artists like Beck, as well as newcomers such as Alvvays, Leon Bridges and Flyte. It’s a bit all over the map stylistically, which is a good thing if you ask me.

I’ve posted the list of songs below from 100-1. I’ve turned the entire list into a spotify playlist (keep in mind some tracks weren’t on spotify so if that’s the case, just come back here and you can click the song it will take you to the tracks soundcloud/youtube page). Head to the bottom of the page for the spotify playlist, or just head here.

With that said, here are my favorite songs that were released in 2014, finally:
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Best Albums of 2014

By Will Oliver, February 12th 2015 — with 6 comments


(artwork by Dana Pacifico)

We are almost a month and a half into 2015, but I finally got around to publishing a full list of my favorites albums of 2014. There was a lot of great music released, so much so that I had to make a separate honorable mentions list of records that just missed the cut. Which makes the 50 records that did make it even more impressive.

If anything, these albums are more so my favorites of the year than “the best” as it’s all totally objective. But these were the albums that defined the 12 months of 2014, soundtracking endless drives into the cities, summer festivals, moments of solitude, as well as parties and celebrations of all kind. Looking back, it really was a pretty damn good year.

With that said, here are my 50 best albums of 2014:
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Best Albums of 2014: Honorable Mentions

By Will Oliver, February 9th 2015 — with 2 comments


(artwork by Dana Pacifico)

There was a lot of great music released in 2014, a lot more than can be represented fairly in a top 50 list. Sometimes some quality stuff just slips through the cracks, just barely missing the cut. But that doesn’t mean that these albums didn’t get plenty of love from me throughout the year.

This year I decided to do a separate posts of some honorable mentions for albums that just fell shy of making the list. All of these are well worth your time. They’re posted below in no particular order or ranking:
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