Have you ever wanted to be able to extract a song from a video that you were watching? It could be that you just want to save the song from a music video, or grab the soundtrack from a movie, or maybe even save the theme song from a TV show that you like.

The good news is that it is possible to extract song tracks from videos, and it just takes a little bit of editing to do so. While you may not be that well-versed with video editing, if you use Movavi Video Editor you’ll find that it is actually very easy to extract the song that you want.

If you want to start now then launch Movavi Video Editor and select the ‘Create project in full feature mode’ option in the menu. After that load the video with the song that you want to edit, by clicking on the ‘Add Media Files’ button and selecting it.

Technically if you want to extract the entire audio track from the video you could immediately click on the ‘Export’ button. When you do you’ll be able to choose the format that you want, and in this case you should use Movavi Video Editor to save it in an audio
format – effectively extracting the audio only.

In many cases however you may want to only save part of the audio track, such as a specific song that you’re interested in. If so, you should first trim video to isolate that song – which is really quite easy in Movavi Video Editor anyway.

To trim out parts of your video in Movavi Video Editor, you should first move the red marker along the ‘Timeline’ till you get to the start of the song. After that you should click on the ‘Split’ button (i.e. the scissors icon) to split the video at that point, then select the segment you want to delete and press the ‘Delete’ key on your keyboard. The same process should be used to trim out excess video after the song, and by the time you’re done you should have isolated it completely.

After you’ve isolated the song, you can then save it in an audio format, as mentioned previously. That is all that is needed to extract and trim a song from a video, but there’s a lot more that you can do with Movavi Video Editor if you choose to explore its other features. In fact by spending a few minutes experimenting with the features that are available you will be able to improve the quality of videos, apply special effects, merge video clips, insert animated transitions, and much more.

As you can see with Movavi Video Editor it is easy to isolate and extract any song that you want from a video. That is what makes it a useful tool to extract songs, as it will let you save just the song that you would like to – as opposed to the entire audio track.

Attending a concert is as much about the experience as it is about actually listening to the music. After all, when was the last time you went to a performance and just sat there, quietly? Fans go to these events to hear their favorite artists, and to increase their sense of connection to them while sharing their love of the music with other true fans. Dancing and singing along are all part of the fun. The best acts understand this and go to great lengths to encourage their fans to join in and share their energy.

Why Is Something So Dangerous So Popular?

This is one of the reasons why smoking is so common at music venues. It helps performers relax and get their creative juices flowing. It also helps the crowds to really get into the sounds and rhythm and helps to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. That’s why smoking is really something that’s almost impossible to avoid if you truly love music. Who hasn’t gone to see their favorite band play live and not caught a glimpse of the musicians smoking a thing or two (or three or four)?  

Safer, Flavor-Filled Alternatives 

Burning traditional tobacco and marijuana products (where permitted by law, of course), however, can release harmful chemicals into the air. Rather than skipping a live performance, there is a safer alternative for musicians and their fans. In vaping, e-liquid is heated by an electronic device to create vapor. This juice does not release harmful carcinogens into the environment. It also comes in a wide variety of flavors and nicotine levels. Vaping only releases harmless water vapor into the air. This is in stark contrast to the dangerous compounds that are released in the secondhand smoke that is created by burning traditional tobacco products like cigarettes and cigars.

Vaping Provides All the Advantages of Smoking

Musicians and fans get to enjoy great flavor, control the amount of nicotine they are consuming and protect those who are standing close by when they vape. Rather than lighting up with cigarettes or marijuana, vaping makes it possible for everyone to enjoy their favorite aromas without harming anyone. If you prefer, you can even mix in a little weed with your favorite flavor when you vape and not have to worry about it affecting anyone standing next to you. The act of vaping will only expel water vapor. 

Vaping is the Future

In addition to creating great sound, most musicians are known for their ability to start new trends.  A growing number of musicians have found the experience of vaping so pleasurable, it’s allowed them to start a new trend of kicking the habit of smoking altogether. Singer Katy Perry has been vaping since 2013. Paul Weller, lead singer for The Jam and The Style Council, calls vaping “the future,” and credits e-cigarettes with helping him give up smoking. 

Even musicians who have smoked so long that cigarettes have been part of their stage persona for decades are turning to vaping. Prime examples of this phenomena include rocker Tom Petty, Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction, and Rolling Stones’ guitarist Ronnie Wood. With so many acts now using vaping to give up smoking, it’s not unthinkable to imagine a day in the not so distant future where top performers create their own vaping blends inspired by their top hits! 

Vaping Equals Peace of Mind – Relax and Enjoy!

The growing popularity of vaping means that you can now stop worrying about what you are inhaling when you go to your next music festival, and focus on what truly matters: enjoying the music and sharing the experience with others!


The Power Of A Collage

By Will Oliver, July 4th 2017

We absorb a lot of content and create a lot of our own. When it comes to apps like instagram or even facebook and twitter, we are always showing off where we are, or what we’re doing. There’s almost too much to show off when it comes to images, which is why so many people are offering a solution in the form of a cool photo collage, sharing all the best photos in one neat package. One of the best options to create a collage that stands out comes from Fotor’s Collage Maker.

Fotor offers many convenient solutions to creating some memorable collages that will make sharing multiple content that much easier, and most importantly – better. With such features such as their webcam effect, crop, poster maker and instagram template, there is a lot of options that will make editing that wild party or unforgettable day of travel so much easier.

Using their instagram post feature, in just four easy steps you will have plenty of new options to enhance your posts. The fotor platform offers a wide variety of options such as photo effects, stickers, text, as well as HDR. You can choose from a wide variety of preset templates and drag your photos or even design one of your own completely from scratch.

Or try their collage maker, with over hundreds of photo collage templates that offer you various style to make collages. You have classic grid designs with the option to even add more cells, or to gov with a more artistic look to your own feel that can go along with any theme that you’re striving for. There are more out there “funky collages” that you can create unique shapes and photo stitching where you can stitch multiple photos together, vertically or horizontally.

There are many great options that your next photo collage shouldn’t be without, so be sure to head to to Fotor and see what you’re missing out on!

Saint Etienne

Not too long ago Taylor Swift made the news when she pulled all of her music from Spotify as a protest for the way music was being distributed without adequate compensation for the musician. As she rightly pointed out, musicians need to have the ability to support themselves and the only way for that to happen in a digital age is if safeguards are put in place to ensure the expectation for a fair wage is firmly established. It would seem as though this is a contemporary issue but financial sovereignty has been an issue in the arts for as long as there have been artists.

The History of Copyright Ownership

In the 1800s a composer named Guiseppe Verdi asserted his right to manage the international distribution of some of his most famous operas. It may seem unusual to think of the composers of some of the most well-known musical pieces from more than one hundred years ago being concerned with the way in which their music was distributed, but the need to maintain artistic control and to receive monetary reimbursement for their work is an ongoing struggle.

In many instances, these types of exchanges are not part of the common history and only come to light when historical autographs for sale and other historic documents become available to consumers from private collections. Without an extensive media presence and the ability to instantly inform fans about what is going on via social media, the information was only available to the parties directly involved.

A more recent example that people may be more familiar with involves the rights to the music produced and written by Prince. He was famously intolerant of having his music distributed by methods which were out of his control. It wasn’t until his death that his musical portfolio began to be available for digital download. A quick search of his songs on YouTube will make it obvious he took unauthorized redistribution seriously, as there are very few songs available even there.

Modern Concerns

One of the reasons artists have become so concerned with the issue of musical distribution in recent decades is the ease with which it can be copied and redistributed through piracy. This represented a major concern for musicians when digital tracks first began showing up but that concern has begun to diminish with streaming services that allow people to pay only for what they listen to.

Unfortunately, the streaming services have caused some artists such as Swift, Beyoncé, Adele, and Garth Brooks to have concerns about the scalability of the economic model for their own careers and the careers of less well-known artists. Because the amount an artist receives is tied to how many times their songs are played, it means those who are not in heavy rotation or who are less well known are less likely to make a substantial amount of money with this format.

The Future of Music

While it is a valid concern that an artist will not receive fair compensation for their work if people are able to freely access it, the reality is shaking out much differently than it originally seemed it would. Instead of being a cataclysmic transformation which destroyed careers, it seems to have leveled the musical playing field and given artists a greater level of control than they have ever experienced before.

Artists no longer have to compete with those who are seen as appealing to a large commercial segment. The only game in town is no longer the radio and television airways. It isn’t necessary to have a sound that is so similar as to be indistinguishable from everything else which is being played. Artists are free to innovate and break any rules and to be as authentically themselves as they care to be. Then they can find their tribe and sell directly to those people who most resonate with their music.

Instead of limiting the number of people who can make a living, the digital revolution is giving a greater number of people to make music their career. While it may limit the number of people who are able to rise to astronomical career levels by being the only option, ultimately it is giving musicians more control of their finances and their art.




Social media has been a democratizing agent for musicians. You don’t need to have a big studio backing you and promoting your work. You can get the exposure you want from YouTube and launch your career. Several singers have been discovered that way after posting a video of themselves singing a great cover. With the right social media strategy, you could even get your music noticed and then promote and sell it yourself, cutting out the studio middleman entirely.

Sign up for a good social media management service like Social Vantage, and you can automate your posts and easily manage your presence online. Here are a few ways you can use social media to boost or maintain your career, no matter where you are in your progress:

Post Candid Photos

Everyone loves to learn more about celebrities and artists, and the media has made a huge business out of this. Fans buy magazines and check websites and social media for new pictures and scraps of information that help them learn more about their favorite artists. You can feed this desire yourself by posting candid photos from behind the scenes on your Instagram account – a photo-heavy site. You can get results on other social media sites, but you’ll see the most engagement from these kinds of photos on Instagram.

Post photos of practice, the time you’re waiting before a show, the time you’re fooling around between sets or after a show, and more.

Share News and Sneak Peaks

Give your fans a reason to follow you and to engage on social media. Let them be the first to get the news about your albums, tours, collaborations, and more. Share this information first on certain social media channels, and make sure you tease the announcement so people know to look for the information.

You can also share samples or sneak peaks of your new tracks to social media first. It will let fans know that there is a big benefit to following you and staying active on social media, and they will be more engaged.

Share Fan Covers

If you have a bit of a following, your fans might be making covers of your music. Some might send you the video directly, and others might post it on YouTube. Encourage engagement by giving a shout out to these fans. Share links to their covers and talk about your appreciation for their interpretation or your love of their technique.

Fans will love seeing you share their music on your social media! They will be much more likely to share other content with you and to engage on your channels in other ways, such as through commenting, liking, and sharing posts in an attempt to attract your attention or to engage with you. The more they engage, the more attention your channels will get, which will get you more exposure and help you reach more fans.

Come Back after a Hiatus

You may have been out of the music scene for a while. Social media is the perfect way to announce your comeback and to get your fans re-engaged. You can do all the things as above, such as sharing sneak peaks and teasing your tour dates, and you can offer fans insider tips about where to meet you or how to get special editions of your music. The more you can do to make it special for them, the more excited they will be. You just need to be engaged and be creative.

Tag Partners and Collaborators

If you get the chance to collaborate with someone great, use social media to connect with their audience, as well. Tag them in status updates and photos, and their fans will see those posts, as well. Then those fans will learn about you and may end up following you on social media, which can help them discover more of your other music and become dedicated fans themselves.

Social media is a powerful tool for anyone, but it is a great equalizer for musicians and other types of artists. Use these tips to help you reach more of your fans and to keep them engaged, whether you are just starting your career or you are trying to restart it.




Them Feels When You Can’t Catch the Concert

By Jane Brown, March 8th 2017

Don’t you just hate it when one of your favorite acts announce their tour but they’re going to be nowhere near your area? It sucks.

Certain areas of the country seem to be in a blackout when it comes to the bigger artists, parties, and events. It makes sense as to why they wouldn’t want to come through certain areas due to finances and booking but it’s still a disappointment to the fans. I live near Orlando so I know what it’s like for artists to straight-up skip Florida.

In the event these acts do come through, it’s usually part of a larger concert series or festival. These big events come at a hefty price (I’m looking at you Ultra Music Festival!). But our love for live music is there so we do what we can to see our favorite artists.
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The Power Of Live Music

By Will Oliver, February 28th 2017 — with 2 comments

There’s nowhere we’d rather be than at the center of the music universe, at a live concert. From the smallest, coolest club, to the biggest artists at the biggest arenas, it doesn’t matter to us. Every venue offers something different and unique that is exclusive to the live music experience. The beauty of live music is that although there may be multiple dates within an artist’s tour, each night is its special thing that is shared between the artist and it’s fans, and no one else.
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5 Ways to Save On Concert Tickets

By Will Oliver, February 6th 2017

Woman giving tickets

Although it might seem like the busiest concert season is still far away, you should start planning for your music schedule already. Concert tickets are not cheap and they can be especially costly if you leave everything to the last minute. Luckily, you can snatch a few good deals without paying yourself sick if you just follow these simple tricks and tips. With the help of these five ways, you can save on concert tickets and add one more concert to your list this year!

Buying At The Right Time From Major Ticket Outlets

Let’s face it. Most of us simply head down to Ticketmaster when it comes to buying concert tickets. The website is the most famous and often the most convenient way of finding tickets for all sorts of events. But it can be a bit pricey, although you can cut costs by being smart with your timing.
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Gaming Music Has A Great Effect On Players

By Will Oliver, December 20th 2016

Gaming music has a great effect on the player, and this says something nearly universal about music and humanity’s relationship to music. Music has always managed to change the human response to just about everything. There’s a reason why the movement to get the music out of movies for the sake of more realism never really got off the ground: audiences want soundtracks and people don’t really want to have to reproduce all of the associated emotions on their own. Gaming music has a great effect on the player, and developers are taking advantage of the way that music is almost magical in its ability to evoke emotion.

The Red Flush Online Casino and similar online casino websites are able to use music to their advantage. Many of them are not going to be specifically using music in the manipulative manner of many older websites. However, they are still going to be able to use music in a way that is ultimately going to be beneficial for players. Gaming music can manage to get players in the mood to play, and it can strike any note that the developers are trying to create.

With the right music, players can feel happy, excited, depressed, elated, intrigued, or energized. People are going to vary in their responses to music, of course. However, certain responses are going to be more common than others. Getting people to feel certain things right away when it comes to music really can make all the difference in the world from the standpoint of marketing. Gaming music has a great effect on the player, and it can have several effects in one.

In many cases, playing slots at Red Flush Online Caisno would not be the same without any sound. People will often feel more connected to the proceedings if they are able to experience sound at the same time. Music has a way of ensuring that players are more connected with whatever is happening around them. The Red Flush Online Casino and similar online casino gaming websites are able to accomplish this in a lot of different ways. However, the auditory measures are often going to be the best ones.

There’s a reason why jingles and commercial background music has always made such a big difference in ads. People manage to get the music stuck in their heads, and they are going to associate the products with these catchy tunes. Even if people are not big fans of the music, they are still going to identify with the tunes in some way, and that can be enough to get people to buy the product. Games are more immersive than that. People are not just passively buying and consuming something. They are actively participating and taking part in something, and it is even more important to have music around in order to get people in the right mood when something like that is going to happen. Gaming music has a great effect on the player, and it makes the games that much more exciting and effective for them.

Being The Tall Guy At Concerts

By Will Oliver, September 9th 2016 — with 11 comments


Hey guys, it’s me. The tall guy in front of you at shows (it’s even in my twitter bio). If you’ve seen a show in the city anytime in the past ten years, there’s a decent chance I am somewhere in the bottom frame of your instagram post. Sorry about that. Lots of people express their frustration to me at shows and I can understand why one would be annoyed when they paid good money to see their favorite artist, and then a tree shows up and destroys the entire evening for you. But trust me when I say that I take no pleasure in this, and often wish I could shrink just so I could enjoy a show without waiting to receive that all too familiar shoulder tap.

As I’m sure you’re aware if you read this blog, I go to a lot of shows, and usually have to stand somewhere near the front in order to take photos as a part of my coverage. And there are some people who understand this once they see the camera, and even without it many people are fine with it, as long as I arrived early, am polite and aware of my surroundings. I do feel bad about it, trust me. Half of my time waiting before the act is spent trying not to look anywhere behind me, as I’m sure there is a thousand eyes trying to stare a hole straight through my head. I’ve been told plenty of times about me being too tall to stand there, been asked passive aggressively what I’m doing standing near the front, all that good stuff. Hell, just last year I was shoved by a woman as I was leaving a venue after the show ended. I was quite shocked and confused at what I did to possible piss someone else to warrant it, until I realized that they were the couple who won the lucky lotto of standing behind me. And what could I possibly do about it? In what universe would anyone believe that a 6’6 man was actually the innocent person in this unwarranted physical encounter with a grown woman?
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