Keep Shelly in Athens – “Denial”

By Will Oliver, March 2nd 2018

Greece synthpop group Keep Shelly In Athens have returned with their new single, “Denial,” which is backed by b-side “Tokyo Lane.”

It’s got a warm wash of synths and build up that gives it a distinctly 80s feel. Paired with some great vocals the track finds a colorful and dreamy soundscape to occupy and allow the listener to get completely lost within.

Enjoy a stream of “Denial” below and find the track available to buy from their Bandcamp.
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Kunzite – “Vapors”

By Will Oliver, February 21st 2018

Kunzite is the new collaboration between Mike Stroud of RATATAT and Agustin White of White Flight. We recently shared with you their debut offering “Monks” and today we are sharing “Vapors,” another track from their debut album Birds Don’t Fly, which will be released on March 2 via Sol System Records.

It’s another colorful electro-rock fusion that is tailor-made for some late night summer listening. It’s a feel-good jam that fans of Ratatat should have no problem connecting to.

Find the entertaining music video for “Vapors” below and find the album available to pre-order over at their Bandcamp.
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Lilyer – “Never Getting Closer”

By Will Oliver, February 6th 2018

Growing up in Norway, Marte Solbakken was raised by two musician parents. But when her family fell apart, she quit music and didn’t pick up an instrument for nearly a whole decade. This finally changed during a New York blizzard, where she picked up a guitar again and began writing what would become her first songs.

She eventually spent time in bands as a member of WATERS and fronting Elskling. Both of these experiences were leading up to her launching a solo project of her own under the name Lilyer for which she will release her debut EP Maybe This Is All You Can Be on April 13 via Norweigan record label Jansen Records.

Lead single “Never Getting Closer” is a perfect first glimpse at the talented musician who seems to be a natural fit for glowing electro-pop that is done in both grand and intelligent fashion. If only American pop music was this good.

Find “Never Getting Closer” below and find it available to buy on her Bandcamp.
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Bed Scene – “Easy On The Eyes”

By Will Oliver, February 6th 2018

Bed Scene is the project of Miami producer/composter Nick Aponte. He combines elements of indie rock and psych-pop to create smooth songs such as the previously shared “Day In A Dream.”

Today we return with yet another track from his self-titled debut EP with the seductive and lush “Easy On The Eyes.” More of a calm soothing effort that plays with some airy synths that work beautifully to create a highly enjoyable bedroom pop ballad that reminds a bit of some Toro y Moi.

Stream “Easy On The Eyes” below and find his EP available to buy on iTunes.
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Hibou – “Fall Into”

By Will Oliver, February 2nd 2018 — with 1 comment

Hibou is the project of Peter Michel, formerly a member of Craft Spells. Fans of theirs will find plenty to love in Michel’s airy electro-rock that has a life of his own.

He will return with new album Something Familiar which will come out on March 2 via Barsuk Records. He’s recently shared the album’s stunning single “Fall Into,” a song that packs a hell of a punch.

It instantly showcases some air-tight production that allows its funky bassline and 80s synth lines to do their work, totally paving the way for his floating vocals. Just when you think you know where “Fall Into” is going it shifts gears and becomes even more expansive to the point where you’re wondering why Hibou isn’t a much bigger name yet. But based on “Fall Into” and the promise of the rest of the record, it’s only a matter of time.

Find the official music video (directed by Kelia and Luca) for “Fall Into” posted below. If you dig what you hear you can preorder the album here.
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Kunzite – “Monks”

By Will Oliver, February 2nd 2018 — with 1 comment

Kunzite is the new the new project of Mike Stroud of RATATAT and Agustin White of White Flight. They’re combining their talents to create a bit of an electro-rock fusion that definitely feels a bit like RATATAT, only with some more electro-pop experimentation.

For a taste of their sound, look no further than their debut single “Monks,” which showcases a vibrant and lively sound that features a bit of those signature RATATAT guitar riffs. It’s off of their debut album Birds Don’t Fly, out on March 2 via Sol System Records.

Enjoy a stream of “Monks” below and head to Bandcamp to preorder the record right now.
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Lawrence Lui – “Requiem For Vega”

By Will Oliver, December 29th 2017

Lawrence Lui is a producer out of New York who just released his debut EP Retroism. It’s a wonderous, genre-defying release that combines lo-tech house with some classic avant-rock of greats such as Suicide, Spacemen 3 and Brian Eno.

Take his sublime effort “Requiem For Vega,” a tribute to the late great Alan Vega of Suicide, who passed last year. The track opens with a wistful electronic hum that could’ve been included in Blade Runner 2049 and then soon opens up to a flood of lively atmosphere and instrumentals that act like a true beam of light and hope. It’s a rather beautiful listen that offers many surprises along the way.

It can be found streaming below and the whole EP is available to hear and buy over at Lui’s bandcamp.
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Firstworld – “Firstworld”

By Will Oliver, December 29th 2017

Firstworld is the moniker for Kris Alvarez, a 26-year-old producer out of Miami, Florida. Taking influence from the likes of chillwave artists such as Toro y Moi, Neon Indian and even playing as a part of Millionyoung’s live band, there’s a natural gravitation towards this genre for sure.

His self-titled track “Firstworld” was written in the summer of 2016, during some downtime with his former band, Sigh Kicks. It definitely carries over the influence of chillwave with a late night vibe that deserves some listening with the lights dim and a good set of headphones to help guide you through his world.

You can find “Firstworld” available to stream below and grab the track over at his bandcamp page.
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Telete – “Basketball Boy”

By Will Oliver, December 29th 2017

Telete is the duo of Perth, Australia’s Mai Barnes and Hayley Ayres. They make chamber-pop/synth-gaze inspired music that they say is maybe best described as, “like being slowly mown down in a field of violets.”

There’s definitely a familiar warmth and glow to this lovely synth sound that definitely reminds a bit of acts like Beach House. On the songs’ soundcloud page description, the duo say that “the song was written and recorded on the stolen land of the Whadjuk Noongar people. We pay our respects to elders past and present, and acknowledge that sovereignty has never been ceded.” Not only that, but the song has a powerful message at its core:

We are hoping this track highlights the enormous emotional burdens/amount of emotional labor women/gnc are expected to do, even to simply justify their own feelings – and reclaim the right to not have to do that anymore.

It’s a beautiful listen, one deserving of your time. Find it posted below and go grab it from their bandcamp page for whatever price you’d like.
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Kate Boy – “True Colours”

By Will Oliver, December 29th 2017

This month Swedish/Australian duo Kate Boy returned with their first new song in two years with single “True Colours.”

They maturely ease into their return, deliver slow-burn ballad that has some nice atmospheric sonic touches that call to mind some of The Knife here and there throughout its production. It’s just good to have them back and to return with such a thoughtful, layered song is good to see.

Take a listen to “True Colours” with it’s official music video below or grab it right now from iTunes.
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