Oblik Lines – “Ghost On The Tape”

By Will Oliver, September 3rd 2017

Oblik Lines is a French composer and sound designer involved in various music project, one of which is the creation of some ambient electronic music.

This summer Oblik Lines released Call, their first EP, full of songs of introspection and electronic musings, such as the colorful atmosphere of “Ghost On The Tape,” which takes your senses on an unforgettable journey through it’s never lagging four-minute runtime.

Take a listen to the track posted below and head to their soundcloud page for more.
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BNNY RBBT – “Waterfalls Down”

By Will Oliver, August 30th 2017

Earlier in the year we introduced an artist named BNNY RBBT who has his own fair share of mystery behind him. As legend has it, the only footage of his existence is on some old forgotten VHS tapes. Slowly but surely some of his work has been discovered, in the form of tracks like “Big World” and “Bombs.”

Another little nugget has been uncovered ripe for rediscovery in the form of “Waterfalls Down.” It’s another haunting piece of electronic pop with effect-heavy vocals that create a song that’s somewhere between a glorious dream or terrifying nightmare. The song continues the sense of melancholy and loss that the others ones did as well, making us believe that there are plenty more gems just waiting to be found.

For now, enjoy a stream of “Waterfalls Down” below and head to the BNNY RBBT page for more info on the mysterious artist.
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The Analog Girl – “More Than You Know”

By Will Oliver, August 19th 2017

Straight out of The Analog Girl started out as a lo-fi bedroom project using portable synthesizers and cassette tape records. It has since evolved it’s a dreamlike technicolor pop universe, headed by the mind of Singapore musician The Analog Girl.

Take her 80’s indebted track “More Than You Know” a dreamy little electronic excursion that is a pure blissful delight. It’s taken from her new album Golden Sugar Crystals, which was released earlier in the year.

Find it posted below via it’s trippy music video, featuring fashion animation by digital artist LS528 from her virtual fashion fantasy flower show.

2Beeps – “Something Special”

By Will Oliver, July 18th 2017

2Beeps is the project of Brooklyn producer Matt Verzola. This year he returned with a brand new EP titled Little Lights that he self-released via his own 2Beeps Records.

It doesn’t take long for single “Something Special” to live up to it’s name, creating a dreamy swirling world of electronic delight that will let your mind float away from all your worries for the duration of its crisp 3-minute runtime. As an instrumental it ebbs and flows with a ton of emotional layers and heart, all for a one memorable journey that will have you hitting the repeat button in no time.

Take a listen to “Something Special” below and head to his bandcamp to stream/buy the full EP.
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Den-Mate – “Fall”

By Will Oliver, May 29th 2017

Den-Mate is the project of Washington, D.C. artist Jules Hale. In April she released her new EP Entropii via Babe City Records.

The EP’s first single “Fall” shares a lot in common with another group based in D.C., our friends in GEMS. “Fall” is similar to a lot of the dark ethereal electronic sounds they create but done with her own stamp and signature sound. Hale so easily summons up this dark atmosphere and matches it with more uplifting, spiritual vocals, that shape-shift into something pop-minded, yet also darkly textural.

Take a listen to “Fall” below and take a listen to the entire EP over at bandcamp.
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Haux – “Touch”

By Will Oliver, May 27th 2017

Haux is the project of photographer-turned-musician Woodson Black who resides the The Berkshires of Massachusetts.

He recently returned with “Touch” an electronic fusion of folk-rock that is every bit as emotive as it is pop-minded as it is well textured in production flourishes. Something of a love song for the internet age, made with as much human emotion as possible.

“Touch” follows the release of his sophomore EP All We’ve Known last year. Take a listen to “Touch” below and head to his soundcloud to stream the rest of his work.
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Crisopa – “I Am The Lord Of These Ruins”

By Will Oliver, May 27th 2017

Madrid producer Santiago Lizón produces under the moniker Crisopa. He recently caught my attention with his latest track, “I Am The Lord Of These Ruins.”

Opening with some soothing sounds, the song soon opens the door for some gentle rising waves of sound, that gradually build into something rather beautiful, totally overwhelming the senses. There’s a lot of emotional layers packed into this song, one that can be most easily described as eternally blissful.

Take a listen to “I Am The Lord Of These Ruins” below.
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Draumr – “Hydrangeas”

By Will Oliver, May 27th 2017

Draumr is the project of Paris-based musician Gabriel Cheurfa. My introduction to Draumr came via the colorful music video for the equally colorful track “Hydrangeas.” It’s a synth-led psych-pop gem that is like a child between Toro y Moi and Tame Impala.

Not only does the track rule through the finest explorations of dream-pop, it features a memorable video companion thanks to the work of artists Kathleen Ponsard & Ivan Herrera, members of the Chroniques Cosmiques Collective, who both animated and directed the video.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more chill track this weekend. Grab a cold one, dig in, and let your mind go wherever the hell it takes you.

Find the video posted below, along with a soundcloud embed.

Morgxn – “xx”

By Will Oliver, May 27th 2017

Morgxn is a Los Angeles-based producer who doesn’t need much time to reel you in with the addictive sounds of “xx,” the latest single from his soon to be released debut EP, vital.

Equal parts dance anthem, as well as a bit of a indie rocker (a bit of Warpaint can be heard in there), “xx” features a chorus that’s bound to get lodged into your head and stuck there for the rest of the day. It’s the type of indie rock/pop crossover that’s hard to argue with.

If the rest of his debut EP is this sharply written, it’s going to be one hell of a release.

Take a listen to “xx” below and head to his soundcloud to check out some more songs from him if you like what you hear.
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Bels Lontano – “Smokkr”

By Will Oliver, May 27th 2017

“Smokkr” is the rather impressive debut song from Michigan-based produced Bels Lontano. Opening with vocal samples and some airy electronics, it soon expands into a colorful scene for your imagination to dwell in for the entire duration of it’s all too brief runtime of 2:19.

The press release for the song gives us some insight into the projects origins:

“many of the tunes from the project began as a way to cope with stress and anxiety while navigating through academia and themes like acceptance, frustration and the sense of being overwhelmed are many times at the fore of the music.”

It’s an impressive listen to matter how you spin it, but even more so when you consider it’s a debut release. Excited to see what is up next, but for now, enjoy “Smokkr” below.
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