Ariel Beesley – “Slower Than Usual”

By Will Oliver, December 29th 2017

23-year-old Ariel Beesley channels 80s new wave and electronic pop with confidence and ease on her single “Slower Than Usual.” It’s a winning formula that results in a refreshingly sincire and bright-minded delivery that a lot of mainstream pop is missing.

“Slower Than Usual” was recorded uring a songwriting retreat at Aviici’s studios in Stockholm, and the influence of Swedish pop on the track can definitely be felt in the tracks DNA. Plain and simple, this is pop music done right folks.

Enjoy a stream of “Slower Than Usual” below and you can grab the track over at iTunes.
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Teen Daze – “Kilika”

By Will Oliver, December 28th 2017

Teen Daze was arguably a product of those good old blog days, he’s no stranger to these parts. He’s one of the few still going strong with his music, just releasing his new album Themes For Dying Earth earlier in 2017.

In November he returned with Themes For A New Earth, an album of instrumentals and ambient pieces that were also made during the recording ofThemes For Dying Earth. One of those is the stunningly beautiful atmospheric piece in “Kilika” that sounds like a quiet, meditative dream, just bursting with life and energy.

You can stream “Kilika” below and find the whole album available to hear and purchase over at bandcamp.

Amera – “Connected”

By Will Oliver, December 28th 2017

Amera are an electronic out hailing from Los Angeles that returned this year with a new self-titled EP full of lively electronic offerings that take listeners on a true sonic journey with big epic soundscapes and moments that stand out. Take the track “Connected,” a big track that slowly emerges into its worldview before welcoming you with the lovely vocals of Brooke Adams, before it slowly picks up pace and atmosphere. It has this wild kinetic energy and percussion that feels like it would fit in a big John Wick style chase or fight scene.

The track is posted below for your streaming pleasure and the EP can be streamed in full and purchased over at the Amera bandcamp page.

Reflexson – “Shattered”

By Will Oliver, December 28th 2017

Reflexson is the project of Houston-based producer Paul Cox. On his lovely track “Shattered,” Reflexson takes his listeners down a rabbit hole of sonic exploration and textured atmosphere.

It leads off his new EP It’s Broken, which was released this fall via Cox’s very own 226 Recordings. The track slowly opens up its world of sound and slowly but surely builds up into something hypnotic and full of color and life.

You can stream “Shattered,” with the stream that is posted below and you can also find the entire EP available to listen to/purchase over at bandcamp.
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Yvan Poisson – “Latent Period”

By Will Oliver, December 28th 2017

What struck me about “Latent Period” a track from Switzerland based produced Yvan Poisson, is the jazzy-influence that he so effortlessly blends into his electronic sound.

What results is a wild and colorful soundscape that is way beyond most of the traditional electronic music that the masses pump out. It’s a thoughtful and carefully constructed effort that pushes boundaries and creates something very alive and free. The track is taken from his newly released EP of the same name which can be heard in full over at his bandcamp page.

You can find a stream of “Latent Period” posted below.
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Agency – “Backwards”

By Will Oliver, December 28th 2017

Agency hits back on his latest track “Backwards,” a politically charged effort with something to stay.

What starts off as an electronic effort shifts gears with some passionate and soulful vocals that have something to say about today’s world at large, all while creating a lively electronic journey for these ideas to bounce off of. “Resist” isn’t quite focused or limited to just one genre, but rather combines many to create something personal and rich that he can call his own.

You can find a stream of “Backwards” posted below
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Joshua Worden – “Bivens Arm”

By Will Oliver, December 28th 2017

Atlanta artist Joshua Worden has returned with his new EP Cinders, his first bit of new music in nearly three years. He sports a variety of influences on the electronic spectrum, seen on Cinders lead single “Biven’s Arm.”

A bit of a chillwave mixed with a soulful electronic take, this is a well produced and well-played effort that is moody in all the right places and transports the listener his sonic landscapes.

Morgxn – “xx” (music video)

By Will Oliver, December 27th 2017

Back in May we shared with you a seductive little electro-pop jam titled “xx” by Los Angeles producer Morgxn. It’s got a big addictive chorus and a big electronic groove that doesn’t take long to win you over in a winning manner.

Today we share with you a dazzling visual component in the form of the songs official music video which was directed by MOSES.

Enjoy the fitting music video, which we’ve embedded below.
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The Nursery – “Timeless Eye”

By Will Oliver, December 10th 2017

The Nursery hail from Toronto but makes 80s-esque electronic rock that sounds like it comes straight out of a movie.

Take their track “Timeless Eye,” a track that creates Blade Runner like sounding synths with some lush melodies that remind of some of the work of Smith Westerns. It’s a good combination that results in a real dreamy effect that suites them well.

The song is taken from their debut offering Life After Wartime which was released in July. Stream “Timeless Eye” below and head to their bandcamp to stream/buy the album in full.
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B•R•A•U•N – “Silent Science”

By Will Oliver, December 8th 2017

B•R•A•U•N is the Portland, Oregon-based project of Ben Braun. He made a mark as a part of the synth-pop duo Mackintosh Braun, going on to release three albums with the band. This year he released Silent Science, his debut solo album as Braun, which Diving Bell Recording Co. put out.

Today we are sharing the big sprawling slice of 80s-inspired synth pop with some great colorful synth workings and dreamy vocals that blend into something rather blissful.

The album is available to purchase and stream in full at his bandcamp but you can also enjoy a stream of “Silent Science” below.
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