Eyeclimber – “In The Ashes”

By Will Oliver, December 8th 2017

Eyeclimber in the Munich-based project of Dominik Feike, who makes what he describes as “Dreambient pop.” We get our first taste of this on track “In The Ashes,” which is featured on his recently released four-song EP Summer’s Dawn.

It’s a dreamy slice of electronic music which operates as a melancholic indie rocker at its core. It’s got some lovely vocal works that works in tandem with its swirling synth world, acting as a combo of say Washed Out and Youth Lagoon.

You can enjoy a stream of “In The Ashes” below and find the whole EP availavble to stream and purchase over at his bandcamp.
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Vilde – “Stimuli”

By Will Oliver, December 8th 2017

Vilde is the project of Melbourne/Stockholm producer Thomas Savage. You may remember that earlier this year we shared his track “Maintain,” our first taste of the genre that Savage calls “study dance.”

He’s since returned with another offering of “study dance” music, in the form of his track “Stimuli.” Imagine a full on electro rock verison of an Alt-J song and you have something close to the latest work of Vilde.

You can find a stream of the track and if you have yet to hear Vilde’s full length release Study / Dance, a compilation of all his singles to-date, which is available to stream in full on bandcamp.
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The Radio Dept. – “Just So”

By Will Oliver, December 7th 2017

Last year the always great Swedish group The Radio Dept. returned with their new album Running Out Of Love. This year they finally returned to New York for a live performance at Bowery Ballroom and later in the year they returned with a new EP entitled Teach Me To Forget (via Labrador Records) that features two new songs, three remixes as well as a new version of the title track.

Today we are sharing with you one of the new songs included on the EP, the throbbing electronic dance track in “Just So.” It features the signature sound that they have owned for well over a decade but also adding a mix of house/dance influences to the mix of dreamy indie rock.

Take a listen to “Just So” below.
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NRVS LVRS – “Castling”

By Will Oliver, December 6th 2017

NRVS LVRS is the dreamy “darkwave” project of husband and wife duo of Bevin Fernandez and Andrew Gomez. They cite acts such as Kate Bush, Massive Attack and Can as influence, giving us dreamy electronic offerings such as their single “Castling.”

The heavenly vocals stand out in such a way that they are painted with a kind brush of nostalgia, really capturing an emotional moment.

“Castling” is taken from their sophomore album Electric Dread, which was released this summer via BIG BLDG RCRDS. You can stream “Castling” right below and find the whole album available to stream/purchase at their bandcamp.
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Salt Cathedral – “Always There When I Need You”

By Will Oliver, December 5th 2017

Salt Cathedral have been a part of the live NYC for some time (we caught them this year and in 2015), with their reputation as an act to watch coming from nearly everyone whose seen the duo of Juliana Ronderos and Nicolas Losada perform.

The band is finally preparing to release their debut album Big Waves / Small Waves and it is looking mighty promising based on lead single “Always There When I Need You.”

Influenced by tropical sounds and channeling the liveliness and dance culture of the pair’s Colombian upbringing, they capture a beautiful energy that sits nicely between the worlds of Slyvan Esso and Hundred Waters. It’s a winner.

Find the track available to stream below and stay tuned for more on their debut album very soon.
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Be The Bear – “Erupt”

By Will Oliver, December 5th 2017

Be The Bear is the project of Swedish musician Christina Wehage. It won’t take long for her debut single “Erupt” (released via her own label Loud Attic Records via Kobalt) to erupt in a big way or win you over.

It does everything that bland American electro pop gets so wrong. Offers some smart production with strings, big vocals, and a smart and effective chorus that proves you don’t have to dumb things down to write a beautiful pop hook. It’s yet another wonderful pop offering from Sweden, who would’ve guessed?

The fact that this is her debut single is downright unfair. This is so fully realized and well made, she’s got a promising career ahead of herself, that’s for sure.

Enjoy a stream of “Erupt” below, along with the official video.
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Au.Ra – “Set The Scene”

By Will Oliver, December 4th 2017

Australian electro-rock duo Au.Ra is made up of Tim Jenkins and Tom Crandles and this summer they released their sophomore album Cultivations, which was released via Felte. We previously shared album cuts “Nowhere” and “Applause” and today we are back to share the rich dreamy goodness of “Set The Scene.”

The band themselves say that the track is about heartache, desire, and suicide, influenced by Leo Tolstoy’s The Devil.” “Set The Scene” is really does set a scene of its own upon the listeners head and keep the imagination running wild during its hazy like framework.

Find a stream of “Set The Scene” posted below.

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DWNTWN – “Bloodshot Eyes”

By Will Oliver, October 31st 2017

Los Angeles trio DWNTWN released their debut album Racing Time on July 21 (via Jullian Records) and today we are sharing with you the album’s first single, “Bloodshot Eyes.”

It’s a track that takes a page out of the nostlagic rock of the 80s, finding a Cure-like groove that sense of wonder that adds some glossy vocals and guitar riffs to make it a very pleasant and memorable listen that speaks well for the rest of the record.

Take a listen to “Bloodshot Eyes” below and if you like what you hear, the album is available to buy on iTunes.
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Postiljonen – “Crazy”

By Will Oliver, October 31st 2017

Postiljonen’s share members from both Norway and Sweden, combining the talents of Mia Brox’s soaring vocals and the production of Daniel Sjörs and Joel Nyström Holm resulting in some soaring dream-pop which has made them a band to watch.

Take their lovely single “Crazy” which is the follow-up to their well-received 2016 album Reverie. It’s got a big vocal performance that sounds free and full of life, well accompanied by some joyous and colorful arrangements that sounds like a grand mix of Chvrches and Chromatics.

This is a real delight and it can be heard via the stream posted below.
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Au.Ra – “Nowhere”

By Will Oliver, October 31st 2017 — with 1 comment

We previously shared the track “Applause” from Au.Ra, the Australian electro-rock duo of Tim Jenkins and Tom Crandles.

This June they returned with their sophomore album Cultivations, which was released via Felte. This time around we are sharing their track “Nowhere.” This is a much more experimental take on their sound with some shoegaze freakout moments with some more blissful moments of ease in-between.

Take a listen to “Nowhere” below and check out the rest of the album over at their bandcamp page.
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