Freyr – “Over My Head”

By Will Oliver, May 30th 2018

Freyr is the project of Swedish-Icelandic folk artist Freyr Flodgren. He’s been in the world of music for some time now, including a few bands, but he has finally embarked on a solo career on his own with “Over My Head” serving as his debut for this new solo venture.

It only takes a few seconds for “Over My Head” to comfort you over like a warm blanket on an unforgiving winter night. His vocals have this traditional folk quality that is familiar yet still so striking. You get a sense that this man is a natural songwriting talent and that this is a song that you have needed for some time, yet didn’t know it. It’s delicate, personal, striking and magical in only the way a powerful folk song can be.

Quite frankly, “Over My Head” is one of the best folk rock tunes I’ve heard in some time and one of the best songs released in 2018 so far. Hey Newport Folk Festival, book this man right now!

Find “Over My Head” below and please go buy it on iTunes.
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Tender Glue – “Rudy”

By Will Oliver, May 28th 2018

Tender Glue is the project of New York singer-songwriter Tom Gluewicki.

He’s caught my attention with his latest track “Rudy,” which is released via Don’t Label Me Records. Gluewicki wrote the song six years ago about this encounter with a girl he once met. Some of the lyrics are based on the real scenario but a lot of the song takes that and gives it an imaginative twist. The song itself has a simple but effective personal folk approach that didn’t take long for me to warm up to.

Find “Rudy” streaming below and if you dig the track, grab it from iTunes.
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Bryde – “Euphoria”

By Will Oliver, May 28th 2018

London-based singer-songwriter Bryde has caught our attention of late with stunning offerings from her debut album Like An Island, which was released in April via Seahorse Music. We had previously shared both “Peace” and “To Be Brave,” and today we offer up the touching album cut “Euphoria.”

Her songwriting ability has this natural gritty emotional touch that usually takes artists a few albums to get right at this level but it seems that Bryde is a natural at it.

Find a stream of “Euphoria” posted below and if you dig her sound you can grab the album in your desired format here.
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Rett Madison – “Mother’s Girl”

By Will Oliver, May 22nd 2018

Rett Madison is a singer-songwriter based out of Los Angeles, by the way of West Virginia. She recently shared her debut song “Mother’s Girl,” a heartbreaking folk tune with a genuine touch that feels like its from an artist with decades of experience. This is a hell of a debut offering and it comes with a rather heavy emotional meaning behind it. The song depicts the complex relationships that children of addicts have with their parents who are a struggling with substance abuse.

There are just some artists that you hear and instantly know that they got “it.” Well, it only took a few seconds into “Mother’s Girl” for it to win me over and I’m eager to see what Madison has coming up next. Based on this, she’s one to keep a watchful eye on.

Find a stream of “Mother’s Girl” posted below and find it available to purchase on Amazon.
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Alice Phoebe Lou – “She”

By Will Oliver, April 13th 2018

Alice Phoebe Lou was born in South Africa and grew up in Berlin where she developed her dreamy folk sound while busking on the streets.

She’s come a long way since then but still delivers a raw and passionate sound on her most recent single “She” that is every bit as personal as it is ethereal and otherworldly. It’s easy to get lost in her atmospheric sound that is colorfully presented but also grounded with her passionate vocal performance. It should appear on her forthcoming new studio album which she’s currently working on.

Enjoy the stream of “She” below and if you dig it you can buy it now on iTunes).
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El Tee – “Hold On”

By Will Oliver, April 4th 2018

Hailing from Australia, El Tee is the project of singer Lauren Tarver. She’s been performing solo since 2013 and also spent 2014-2016 performing with French post-punk goth band Gomme. She’s since returned to making music of her own and has recently released a beautiful song by the name of “Hold On,” that hits with a deep emotional core that reminds of other such as Angel Olsen and Sharon Van Etten.

There’s a raw fragility to the song that seems to come naturally to Tarver, something that’s felt instantly and never wanes at any moment.

The single is a part of her newly released EP Radio Silence and is a promising sign of whats to come from the talented artist. You can buy the song over at her Bandcamp or find it available to stream below.

Dogeyed – “Dry”

By Will Oliver, February 26th 2018

Bristol, UK band Dogeyed was originally meant to be the solo project of singer/guitarist Harriet Elder. Last year she was joined by Jonathin Minto on drums and Tim Rowing-Parker on bass to expand the project as a trio.

They’re gearing up the release of their debut EP Throw The Bones, which will be released on May 11 via Specialist Subject Records. They’ve shared the lead single “Dry,” a stunning song that showcases the clear songwriting talents of Elder and the strong bond between her and the rest of the group.

For a debut offering, it feels smartly written and accomplished in a way that not many songs do. This band has already shown quite a bit of promise and should definitely be one that you keep on your radar.

Stream “Dry” below and find the song/EP available to buy from theirBandcamp (the vinyl is limited to just 300 copies on coke bottle green)
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red steppes – “I Did Not Speak It”

By Will Oliver, February 22nd 2018

red steppes is the Oakland-based project of singer-songwriter Nika States. Her songwriting has a fine sensibility to it that sees her write in a way that captures a distinct time and place that is personal and most importantly, true.

She’s gearing up to release her new album A Mouth May Grow and has shared it’s first single “I Did Not Speak It,” a lovely folk tune that tells of a salt marsh in the town of Rawbridge that she was introduced to by her mother. In essence, a song that shows how music can take us back to places important to us, or ones that we used to know.

It’s a lovely song and one that you can enjoy below via it’s official music video, directed by Cooper Kenward.
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Ed Ling – “Waiting For Sharks”

By Will Oliver, February 19th 2018

London-based singer-songwriter Ed Ling is preparing the release of his forthcoming sophomore album Aside From Sadness and has shared its first single “Waiting For Sharks.”

The album was inspired by emotions and some unexpectedly positive events set in motion following the sad death of Ed’s father in 2005. He had this to say describing the lovely folk tune which could’ve made a fitting piece on the Garden State soundtrack with its melancholy and reflective nature:

Ten years on, I wanted to reflect on how life had changed for the better and that in many cases, Dad’s death was the catalyst for that change. That’s where the album title, “Aside From Sadness” came from.

Enjoy a stream of “Waiting For Sharks” below and if you like what you hear you can buy it now over at his bandcamp page.
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Haley Heynderickx – “Worth It”

By Will Oliver, February 10th 2018

Something tells me Portland’s Haley Heynderickx is going to have a breakout 2018. We first shared her music on here late last year with her lovely track “Oom Sha La La,” taken from her debut album I Need To Start A Garden, which will be released on March 2 via Mama Bird Recording Co.

Today she’s released the latest track from the album, the powerful and sprawling folk effort “Worth It,” a track which fans of Angel Olsen should fall in love within no time. At nearly 8-minutes, it takes the listener to a faraway place and packs a hell of an emotional punch throughout every devastating second of its dramatic run.

Enjoy a stream of “Worth It” below and stay tuned for more on Heynderickx very soon. Her album is up for preorder on limited vinyl right now.
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