A.D.K.O.B – “Giraffe”

By Will Oliver, November 20th 2017

A.D.K.O.B. are a indie outfit based out of Sydney, Australia made up of Mark Piccles, Jane Doutney, Hewett Cook and Harry Simpson.

It doesn’t take their song “Giraffe” long to announce itself as a song that you can see blowing up online, with a catchy guitar lick that feels larger than life and bound to find an audience in a big way. There’s a mix of the live indie rock inspired instrumentation, with a bit of an electronic haze to it that gives it a memorable glow that really stood out to me.

The single is out now via Wonderlick Recording Company and will feature on their sophomore EP which is due out sometime next year. For now, get lost in its groovy sounds from its official music video, which I’ve shared below.
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Lazy Bones – “Take It Back”

By Will Oliver, November 20th 2017

Lazy Bones are a newly formed band out of Ithaca, New York comprising of Brendan Olivieri, Sam Stein and Caleb Matheson.

They have released their debut single “Take It Back,” and damn, this is quite an impressive first effort from these guys. The warm combination of the bassline and the clean vocals create a winning combination that the rest of the track builds upon nicely in a dreamy melancholic fashion. This is a extremely impressive first effort that has completely won me over. I have these guys firmly on my ones to watch radar, as should you.

Enjoy a stream of “Take In Back” below, or just grab it for free over at their bandcamp.
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BNNY RBBT – “If I Were Human”

By Will Oliver, November 20th 2017

We’ve previously already featured a few songs from the mysterious artist known as BNNY RBBT who has been re-thrust into the world after some “old VHS footage was discovered” and slowly but surely we have been getting new song after new song.

The clever project has kept it’s momentum going strong with another wondrous song that uses electronic effects to its power and creates something quite beautiful and sprawling as well as oddly addictive and very much its own thing. There’s definitely a special sound that it has tapped into over these releases and it’s exciting to see what else is revealed to us over time.

For now, enjoy a stream of “If I Were Human” below along with its music video.
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Old Red – “Over The Garden Wall”

By Will Oliver, November 20th 2017

Old Red is the project of a Brooklyn based-musician named Dash Hammerstein who has set out with this project where he will work with a few different producers.

The first song released is a track by the name of “Over The Garden Wall,” a classically written pop song with a retro-future sense about a rainy road trip up the northern coast of California. There’s a bit of Beach Boys/Beatles in there with a modern twist.

It will be interesting to see what else comes out of this project, but for now enjoy the stream of “Over The Garden Wall” below.

M.A.G.S. – “Drugs”

By Will Oliver, November 20th 2017

M.A.G.S. is the Buffalo-based indie group led by Elliott Douglass. This September he released his self-titled debut album (via Admirable Traits Records) and based on current single “Drugs,” it’s an album far too many have slept on.

The track dives deep into the deliciously dreamy sound of 60s rock, almost like a modern day take on Beach Boys. The vocal work is pristine and just hits this layer of warmth that is certainly more than welcome with the cold days of winter slowly making their presence known.

You can find a stream of the wonderful “Drugs” posted below and buy/stream the entire album over at bandcamp.
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As a longtime fan of The Vaccines, I’ll admit I was bummed to see drummer Pete Robertson announce his departure from the band. But the prospect that he would venture out to make music of his own under the moniker Sunan was an exciting prospect.

Robertson spent the last year reconnecting with family and friends and ended up building his own studio to record, but with no definite plans in mind. The result was over 50 pieces of music were recorded, anywhere from minimalist string quartets to big 80’s-style prog pop.

You can peg his debut single “Faster” in the latter category. It’s a big sounding track that has a ton of ambition and executes with relative ease. For his debut solo offering, it’s quite fully realized and confident as all hell.

This is a good taste of what the future holds for Robertson, just the very start of an exciting solo career with tons of potential.

The song is out now via AWAL and can be streamed in full below.

Leggy – “Not What You Need”

By Will Oliver, November 12th 2017

Leggy are the Cincinnati trio of VĂ©ronique Allaer, Kerstin Bladh and Christopher Campbell. They describe their sound and lush punk and based on their new single “Not What You Need,” this is pretty damn spot on.

It’s a wonderful slice on 90s-inspired rock and roll with inspired vocals and some shiny guitar riffs that hit hard but also tap into something very dreamy at the same time. It follows their self-titled album that was released last year and served as a compilation of all of their releases to date into one place. Based on this track, we can only hope a proper album is on the horizon.

Enjoy a listen to “Not What You Need,” which I’ve shared below.
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Goon – “She”

By Will Oliver, November 12th 2017

Los Angeles rock group Goon have caught my attention with their recently release single “She.” It’s a dreamy and atmospheric cut of rock that channels the more recent work of Ty Segall, with some great production and powerful vocals that capture the essence of the mood of this track in a convincing and moving fashion.

When talking about the track, lead singer Kenny Becker explained that he wrote the song back in 2012 after a breakup and a realization that he had begun to lose his faith. He shelved the song since then but when he began recording new tunes it reemerged and they decided to complete the song. It just so happened that he was again going through another breakup and the lyrics took a renewed meaning and it all came together.

The track is taken from the bands new EP Happy Omen which you can stream and purchase over at bandcamp. You can enjoy a stream of “She” right now as it’s posted below.

[new]: Sunflower Bean – “I Was A Fool”

By Will Oliver, November 3rd 2017

(photo by Andy DeLuca)
New York trio Sunflower Bean are back with “I Was A Fool” their first release for new label Mom + Pop. The single sees them enter a new sonic territory, with a rather dreamy Fleetwood Mac-like approach, that turns back the clock, which blends in seamlessly with their own signature sound.

We can expect the song be included on their upcoming sophomore album out next year. In the meantime you can catch them here in Brooklyn at new venue Elsewhere on 11/30 and tickets can be found for sale here.

Enjoy a stream of “I Was A Fool” below.
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Stereo Honey – “The Bay”

By Will Oliver, November 1st 2017

With the recent announcement that Wild Beasts are calling it quits, it seems that fellow London quartet Stereo Honey are stepping up in their place.

The new group consisting of members Pete Restrick, Nicky Boiardi, Ben Edwards and Jake Black have captured a very Wild Beasts like sound based on their track “The Bay,” the lead single off of their debut EP Monuments which is out later this month on Beatnik Creative. It’s a seductive track features some stunning vocals and a rousing indie rock sound that feels incredibly accomplshed for such a fresh-faced band.

Take a listen to “The Bay” and keep an eye for the release of their EP.
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