Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt – “The Locals”

By Will Oliver, July 4th 2018

Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt is a one-man San Diego-based indie slacker project who is set to release new album Vegas Of Feelings on July 13 via Already Dead Tapes.

“The Locals” is the chill first single from the album which perfectly taps in into the hazy slacker bedroom rock that they make seem so easy. Perfect for a listen on a summer day such as today, you can find a stream of “The Locals” below.
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Guilt Coins – “Iza Crime”

By Will Oliver, June 27th 2018

Guilt Coins is the Essex-based band featuring Chris Jones, Cliff Fitzpatrick, Scot Lewis and Marc Sephton.

They recently released their debut single “Iza Crime,” a rather smooth-sailing breezy garage rock tune that may not change the genre but it knows what it is and absolutely knocks it out of the park. As far as debut offerings come, this is a real winner. It’s off of their debut album Keep the Kick which dropped earlier in the month.

Enjoy a stream of “Iza Crime” below and if you like what you hear you can buy it now from iTunes.

Das Body – “Boys”

By Will Oliver, June 24th 2018

Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Das Body make delightfully odd indie pop that is distinctly very much their own thing. They’re set to release their self-titled debut EP this Fall via Luminelle Recordings, the new label helmed from our buddies over at music blog Gorilla vs. Bear and Fat Possum’s House Arrest Label group.

Today we gladly share with you “Boys,” the terrific lead single from the EP, an oddball pop tune that sounds like a mix of early Cults with some big 80s-inspired pop influences, such as the ones found on MGMT’s latest album. This is very much its own thing and considering its their first proper single off their debut EP, we are very excited to see what else emerges from Das Body in the future.

Enjoy a stream of “Boys” below and find the track available to buy here, along with the whole EP.
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Hans Pucket – “Straight To My Heart”

By Will Oliver, June 20th 2018

Hans Pucket are a New Zealand indie-rock trio of Callum Devlin, Oliver Devlin and Jonathan Nott. This April they released their debut album Eczema and today we are sharing one of its standout cuts, “Straight To My Heart.”

The band more or less keeps a simple garage rock approach with the track that charms you in a very easy-going manner but it works in some interesting psych-rock bits towards the end that remind you a bit of some of the earlier days Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Find “Straight To My Heart” available to stream below and the whole album is streaming in full at their Bandcamp.
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The Oceans – “My Copenhagen Love”

By Will Oliver, May 30th 2018

The Oceans are the duo of Copenhagen multi-instrumentalists Dan Joe & Linus Valdemar. They describe their sound as “a pulsing, paradoxical sea of chaos, noise, and serenity.”

Based on their single “My Copenhagen Love,” off their debut EP, the band already has a readymade rock sound that feels limitless, almost like a more shoegaze-influenced The War On Drugs. Their sound is rather huge and inspiring, a perfect fit for blasting down a sunlit highway without a single care in the world.

As we wait to see what else they offer us on this EP, stream “My Copenhagen Love” below and find it available to purchase from iTunes.
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Sunan – “Aflame”

By Will Oliver, May 30th 2018

Sunan, the solo project of former The Vaccines drummer Pete Robertson, debuted last November with his first single “Faster.” 

Roberston has since returned with new single “Aflame,” another expansive electronic track that shows off his killer pipes and inventive production that creates this floaty imaginative sound that sounds and feels absolutely limitless. It’s another interesting and exciting new effort from Roberston who seems full of surprises. I’m looking forward to seeing what else he has in store for us.

Find a stream of “Aflame” posted for you below and if you dig it, you can buy the song over on iTunes.
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Coral Pink – “Daydream”

By Will Oliver, May 30th 2018

Coral Pink is a new duo out of Paris who just released their first track, “Daydream.” While getting lost in the appropriately titled “Daydream,” you’ll have a hard time believing that this is their debut release as their sound is so assured and confidently delivered.

It occupies the same space of bedroom pop that sits somewhere between the worlds of Mac DeMarco, MGMT, and Toro y Moi. There’s a lot of hazy dreamlike qualities at play and this lo-fi charm that feels like it could’ve been released back in the heyday of good ol’ music blogs and chillwave.

Ok, hyperbole aside, this track fucking rules and we have it on repeat over here. You should do the same. Find “Daydream” available to stream below (and download for your own price here) and stay tuned for more from Coral Pink very soon.
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Freyr – “Over My Head”

By Will Oliver, May 30th 2018

Freyr is the project of Swedish-Icelandic folk artist Freyr Flodgren. He’s been in the world of music for some time now, including a few bands, but he has finally embarked on a solo career on his own with “Over My Head” serving as his debut for this new solo venture.

It only takes a few seconds for “Over My Head” to comfort you over like a warm blanket on an unforgiving winter night. His vocals have this traditional folk quality that is familiar yet still so striking. You get a sense that this man is a natural songwriting talent and that this is a song that you have needed for some time, yet didn’t know it. It’s delicate, personal, striking and magical in only the way a powerful folk song can be.

Quite frankly, “Over My Head” is one of the best folk rock tunes I’ve heard in some time and one of the best songs released in 2018 so far. Hey Newport Folk Festival, book this man right now!

Find “Over My Head” below and please go buy it on iTunes.
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Lexie Roth – “Drive”

By Will Oliver, May 29th 2018

Los Angeles actress and musician Lexie Roth recently released a collection of sonic and visual art with her Move Me EP.

Today we are sharing with you “Drive,” one of the standouts from the EP.  As she describes it, the song is “A love song between a woman and her car.” It’s the cinematic tale about a woman leaving her sorrows and troubles behind and not looking back. There’s definitely a theraputic and nostalgic quality to the production and arrangement of the song, fronted by her confident vocal performance.

Find “Drive” available to stream below and you can find the whole EP available to stream/purchase from Bandcamp.
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Shook – “I Will Be There”

By Will Oliver, May 29th 2018

Shook is the project of J.R.F Wijnands, a producer, and composer based in The Netherlands. He’s gearing up to release his new album Bicycle Ride in June, with lead singer “I Will Be There,” paving the way for what is most certainly one hell of a preview for the record. He produced the record during his tough battle with pancreatitis, focusing on a “surreal experience of life, and finding beauty in simple things.”

“I Will Be There” sits firmly in the realm of dream pop, finding a retro groove with Juliet Klaar who co-wrote the song and added some well-placed vocals that give the song a bit of a vintage 80s vibe that is just an absolute blast to listen to.

Enjoy a stream of “I Will Be There” below and find the whole record available to preorder at Bandcamp.
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