Premiere: Whiplash Girlchild – Walden

By Will Oliver, April 20th 2018

Whiplash Girlchild are a indie-psych group based out of Toronto who has caught my attention with the stunning world of their dreamy new single “Walden,” which we are excited to premiere with you guys today.

Fans of the now defunct San Francisco duo Girls will find some solace in the beautiful vocals that lead the charge for the lush instrumentals that are perfectly suited for the comforts of warm weather that soon await us.

This is an absolutely gorgeous listen from start to finish and we are honored to have the chance to be the ones to share it with you.

Find a stream of “Walden” below and if you like what you hear, you can buy it right now from their Bandcamp.
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DEGA – “Ocean Love”

By Will Oliver, April 10th 2018

DEGA is the Athens, Georgia husband and wife duo of Aslyn and Kalen Nash. We first caught them just last summer when they opened up for Washed Out at Brooklyn Steel. The duo impressed me with their immediately hooky electronic music and the large scale sound they were able to create as just as duo.

The band are back with a new self-titled album that they released back in February via Lemonade Records. Today we are eager to share with you the record’s great single “Ocean Love,” a track that does remind a great deal of the dreamy goodness created by fellow duo Beach House, with a bit more of an electronic synth spin to give them a different dimension. They knock this one out of the park, delivering something with an emotional center but also an addictive outisde finish.

You can find a stream of “Ocean Love” below and buy the album now over at iTunes.
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Emma McGrath – “Butterfly”

By Will Oliver, April 7th 2018

At only 18-years of age, London singer-songwriter Emma McGrath has a ton of talent already bursting out of her. We first discovered her through her latest single “Love You Better,” taken from her sophomore EP Silent Minds.

“Butterfly,” also taken from the EP, is another promising slice of indie rock that has some elements of pop mixed with delicate traces of folk-rock that give it a good ebb and flow. You can find a video of McGrath performing “Butterfly” live at Urchin Studios below, along with an official stream of the studio version.

El Tee – “Hold On”

By Will Oliver, April 4th 2018

Hailing from Australia, El Tee is the project of singer Lauren Tarver. She’s been performing solo since 2013 and also spent 2014-2016 performing with French post-punk goth band Gomme. She’s since returned to making music of her own and has recently released a beautiful song by the name of “Hold On,” that hits with a deep emotional core that reminds of other such as Angel Olsen and Sharon Van Etten.

There’s a raw fragility to the song that seems to come naturally to Tarver, something that’s felt instantly and never wanes at any moment.

The single is a part of her newly released EP Radio Silence and is a promising sign of whats to come from the talented artist. You can buy the song over at her Bandcamp or find it available to stream below.

Never Betters – “Pictures”

By Will Oliver, April 1st 2018

Never Betters are an Ontario based rock band who are comprised of members of various others bands in the southwestern Ontario punk scene such as Strange Ways, Wasted Potential, Foam, and Grievances. A few weeks ago they released a split single with Grievances that kicks off with their excellent new song “Pictures.”

The single comes charging out the gate with some big guitar riffs and a lavish garage rock sound that feels like a super-charged version of what Snail Mail is doing. It’s got a real big anthemic feel to it with tons of energy that is downright infectious.

Stream “Pictures” below and find the split single available to stream/buy on bandcamp, as well as physically from Grooves Records.
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Mree – “In The Kitchen”

By Will Oliver, April 1st 2018

Mree is the project of Portland-based multi-instrumentalist Marie Hsiao. She blends elements of classical music with both electronic and folk, a combination that has some dubbing her unique sound “folktronica.”

She is inspired by Japanese artists such as composers Mahashi Hamauzu and Shiina Ringo and on her dreamy single “Mree” she reminds me quite a bit of artists such as Julia Holter, Joanna Newsome, Kishi Bashi and Andrew Bird. The combination of her vocals over the lush instrumentals give off a real ethereal quality that wastes no time winning you over with its warm glow.

Enjoy a stream of “In The Kitchen” below and if you like what you hear it’s available to buy on iTunes.
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Hibou – “Malison”

By Will Oliver, April 1st 2018

Last month Peter Michel returned with Something Familiar, his new album as Hibou, released via Barsuk. We had previously shared with you “Fall Into” and “Junipero Love,” the first two singles from the record. “Malison” is the third single to be released from the record and it also opens the whole thing up.

On it, Michel straddles a line with the dreamy electronic-rock while also finding some elements of 90s shoegaze, adding another layer to the albums ever-expanding sound pallette.

“Malison” is available to stream below and the whole record can be streamed on Bandcamp and bought here.
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The Mooks – “Going Steady”

By Will Oliver, April 1st 2018

“Going Steady” is the first single from upcoming Toronto trio The Mooks. They confidently give new life to old sounds, inspired by the likes of retro singers such as Roy Orbison.

The band started after singer and guitarist Mookie Morris wrote and recorded a bunch of songs in his home studio and brought bassist Owen Norquay and drummer Luis Figueroa in to help him rework the songs.

Listeners can expect much more from The Mooks in the near future but for now, enjoy a stream of “Going Steady” below and find it available to purchase on Bandcamp.
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Ginger Root – “Call It Home”

By Will Oliver, March 9th 2018

Ginger Root is Cameron Lew, a film student from Huntington Beach, Calirfornia. He makes chill music that can classify in the early bedroom indie pop/rock of say, Toro y Moi and Mac DeMarco.

We previously shared with you his track “Two Step” from last year and now we are pleased to share his latest single “Call It Home.”

It’s a step-forwarded for Lew, who shows off some pretty impressive vocal range and delights with some undeniably funky and fresh synth ideas that make the track a delight from start to finish.

Enjoy a stream of “Call It Home” below and find the track available to download for whatever price you want on his Bandcamp.
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Dan Lyons – “Big Moon”

By Will Oliver, March 6th 2018

Dan Lyons was previously better known as drummer for South London post-punkers Phobophobes. He has now stepped out on his own as a solo artist, releasing his debut single “Big Moon.”

“Big Moon” has a bit of a a classic 80’s songwriter sound but amps things up with a distinct sound and atmosphere heightened by sharp guitar work, haunting backing vocals and some wonderfully placed violin. There’s a bit of The Cure heard throughout this track and that certainly isn’t a bad thing.

The song is out now via Shaker Records and can be bought over at his Bandcamp, along with b-side “22nd Century Boy”.” Lyons will also be making the trip to SXSW in a few weeks and has a

PledgeMusic for it, which he has reached, but every little bit surely still helps) as well as some of his SXSW dates, which you can find below, along with the song.
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