Warbly Jets – “Between The Lines”

By Will Oliver, February 26th 2018

Los Angeles’ Warbly Jets kept busy in 2017, releasing their self-titled debut album and opening up for Liam Gallagher’s North American tour, including Terminal 5.

The band is back with new single “Between The Lines,” a new single that they released on the new Amazon Original playlist Love Me Not that was released ahead of Valentine’s Day. The track continues their trend of capturing some early 2000s Brit Rock with a lively confidence that works in their favor.

Enjoy a stream of “Between The Lines” below.
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Hibou – “Junipero Love”

By Will Oliver, February 26th 2018

Peter Michel caught our attention earlier this month with “Fall Into,” his stunning new single as Hibou.

While he flashes some electronic and dance elements on “Fall Into,” his latest single “Junipero Love” takes a bit of a different course, resulting in a dream-pop anthem, one that was indeed inspired by famed Black Mirror episode “San Junipero.”

Both songs are taken from Hibou’s new album Something Familiar which will come out on March 2 via Barsuk Records.

Enjoy a stream of “Junipero Love” below and preorder the album here.
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Dryspell – “Can’t Wait”

By Will Oliver, February 26th 2018

Austin, Texas indie rock group Dryspell are set to release their new EP More on March via via Highland Park. The group is led by Hunter Thompson, who you may know best as a member of White Reaper.

He leads the charge with confidence as Dryspell as seen on “Can’t Wait,” the latest single released from the EP. It’s a charming rock jam that is a more laid-back effort than the previous single “You Without Me”. It shows that Dryspell is a band already showing a solid range and ability on just this EP.

You can stream “Can’t Wait” below and buy it now from their Bandcamp.
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red steppes – “I Did Not Speak It”

By Will Oliver, February 22nd 2018

red steppes is the Oakland-based project of singer-songwriter Nika States. Her songwriting has a fine sensibility to it that sees her write in a way that captures a distinct time and place that is personal and most importantly, true.

She’s gearing up to release her new album A Mouth May Grow and has shared it’s first single “I Did Not Speak It,” a lovely folk tune that tells of a salt marsh in the town of Rawbridge that she was introduced to by her mother. In essence, a song that shows how music can take us back to places important to us, or ones that we used to know.

It’s a lovely song and one that you can enjoy below via it’s official music video, directed by Cooper Kenward.
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Death By Unga Bunga – “Soldier”

By Will Oliver, February 21st 2018

Norweigan rockers Death By Unga Bunga return this Spring with their fifth album, So Far So Good So Cool. It will be released on April 6 via Jansen Records but you don’t have to wait to hear it’s first single, “Soldier.”

The track dives deep into 70s rock and roll with plenty of crunchy goodness that is totally infectious and feels readymade for a night out on the town. Someone needs to make a tour happen with both them and White Reaper, like yesterday.

Stream “Soldier” below and you can preorder the album right now on their Bandcamp.
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Kunzite – “Vapors”

By Will Oliver, February 21st 2018

Kunzite is the new collaboration between Mike Stroud of RATATAT and Agustin White of White Flight. We recently shared with you their debut offering “Monks” and today we are sharing “Vapors,” another track from their debut album Birds Don’t Fly, which will be released on March 2 via Sol System Records.

It’s another colorful electro-rock fusion that is tailor-made for some late night summer listening. It’s a feel-good jam that fans of Ratatat should have no problem connecting to.

Find the entertaining music video for “Vapors” below and find the album available to pre-order over at their Bandcamp.
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We Are Scientists – “One In One Out”

By Will Oliver, February 21st 2018

Brooklyn’s We Are Scientists recently announced the release of their sixth album Megaplex on April 27 via 100% Records.

The group recently shared the album’s first single “One In One Out,” a track that fans of the band will have no problem warming up to. It does a lot of what the band has been doing for the past decade, diving deep with one of their signature hook-filled chorus that is right in their wheelhouse.

Find the official video posted below, which was directed by Jedidiah Mitchell who also handled the visual effects. The band have also announced some new tour dates, including a performance at Bowery Ballroom on June 16. Tickets are currently on sale here.

Ed Ling – “Waiting For Sharks”

By Will Oliver, February 19th 2018

London-based singer-songwriter Ed Ling is preparing the release of his forthcoming sophomore album Aside From Sadness and has shared its first single “Waiting For Sharks.”

The album was inspired by emotions and some unexpectedly positive events set in motion following the sad death of Ed’s father in 2005. He had this to say describing the lovely folk tune which could’ve made a fitting piece on the Garden State soundtrack with its melancholy and reflective nature:

Ten years on, I wanted to reflect on how life had changed for the better and that in many cases, Dad’s death was the catalyst for that change. That’s where the album title, “Aside From Sadness” came from.

Enjoy a stream of “Waiting For Sharks” below and if you like what you hear you can buy it now over at his bandcamp page.
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Ritual Talk – More Than I Can Mention

By Will Oliver, February 12th 2018

Brooklyn’s Ritual Talk have just released their new standalone single “More Than I Can Mention.” It starts off as an enthusiastic slow-burn folk rocker, teasing some sharp guitar work and production as it slowly teases much more. Before you know it, it slowly expands into a much bigger art-rocker that still carries over those same impressive vocals, just with a totally new world supporting them. The group somehow manages to combine elements of folk, psych-rock and art-rock into one immediate and catchy three-minute wonder.

“More Than I Can Mention” is their first release via their own Sonosoma Records and can be found ready to stream below.
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Haley Heynderickx – “Worth It”

By Will Oliver, February 10th 2018

Something tells me Portland’s Haley Heynderickx is going to have a breakout 2018. We first shared her music on here late last year with her lovely track “Oom Sha La La,” taken from her debut album I Need To Start A Garden, which will be released on March 2 via Mama Bird Recording Co.

Today she’s released the latest track from the album, the powerful and sprawling folk effort “Worth It,” a track which fans of Angel Olsen should fall in love within no time. At nearly 8-minutes, it takes the listener to a faraway place and packs a hell of an emotional punch throughout every devastating second of its dramatic run.

Enjoy a stream of “Worth It” below and stay tuned for more on Heynderickx very soon. Her album is up for preorder on limited vinyl right now.
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