Introducing: Latimer House

By Will Oliver, March 4th 2014 — with 1 comment

Latimer House

Heading from Prague are a delightful new band by the name of Latimer House. On February 10 they released their debut album All The Rage via their own label, Honk Records.

One listen to the band’s debut single “This Is Pop, will win you over. If you’re a regular around these parts, chances are you’ll dig the groovy English guitar rock style that Latimer House produce. Crisp and clean melodies wit a bouncy groove. There’s also the equally awesome “Shake!” that will get your foot tapping as well.

All The Rage is available to buy/stream right now at bandcamp. Check out streams of “This Is Pop” & “Shake!”, both of which are posted below.
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Introducing: Bronx Cheer

By Will Oliver, February 24th 2014

Bronx Cheer

Bronx Cheer are a new three-piece band out of New York featuring Michelle Myers (on Bass/Vocals), Steve Glauber (Drums) and Rich Weiss (Guitar/Vocals). Earlier in the month they released their debut EP Is This Right? , which they recorded one weekend over at The Silent Barn.

The 4-song collection is a steady set of sludgy song dipped with a influence of 90s indie rock. Fuzzy guitars and raw vocals pave the way for some rock solid jams that hit home instantly. From the delightful opener “Prozac Dreams” to the grand rock out of “Well”, there’s a real honestly to Bronx Cheer’s sound that captures you and begs for a few more spins.

It’s hard to find accomplished releases from a new group, but Bronx Cheer have released something that feels strong and tight. For a debut release, it’s as good as they come. Excited to see what’s next for the group, but for now let’s enjoy this EP.

The entire EP is available to stream below. You should also go download it at their bandcamp right now. It’s free.
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Introducing: Man From Glove

By Will Oliver, February 11th 2014


Man From Glove may be new to you, but let’s change that. The band hails from Palisades, NY (which is my neck of the woods in Rockland County) and features Sam Seeger (guitar & vocals), Jimmy McQuade (bass) and Raza Abdullah.  Last weekend I had the pleasure of catching their performance at the Lit Lounge, and it was a good one. Read the rest of this entry »

Introducing: Hospital

By Will Oliver, December 10th 2013 — with 1 comment


Hospital are a band that come all the way from Russia, and are a freaking treasure of a find.

I become introduced to Hospital through their wonderful, uplifting, new single, “Lust For You.” Listening to it will instantly connect on an emotional level, as it gives you the pick-me-up of a lifetime. This is a the type of song with potential to soundtrack movies and commercials, big and wide enough that is deserves to be heard in the biggest of arenas.

Surprisingly, Hospital released their debut album When The Trees Were Higher earlier this year (in January), and it’s been overlooked by practically everyone. Don’t continue ignoring these guys, you’re going to want to head to bandcamp to check that out, and dig your teeth deep in “Lust For You.” It’s one of the best songs that you have yet to hear this year.

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Band To Watch: Greyjoy

By Will Oliver, December 10th 2013


Let me introduce you to Greyjoy, a duo (Karlin Courtney & Matt Crockett)  from Australia who you should be listening to. If you read this blog, there’s a good chance you’re going to become a big fan of these guys after hearing their sounds.

This summer they released their debut EP, which consists of 5-tracks that bath in all the best elements of synth-friendly dream pop. They live in the finest world of dream-pop wonder on the shimmering “Idle Thoughts” which features quite a delicious bassline. “Distane” has some elements and melodies that remind me of Passion Pit, minus the heavier synth overload. Then you have the lovely ballad “Emerald.”

Most recent singles “Complications” is a r&b jam that could be happily mistaken as a lost Hot Chip track. They’ve got the right ideas to transcend many different genres and elements, all while creating their own unmistakable sound. I’m quite impressed with how far along this young duo is, and urge you to check them out and keep them locked on your radar.

These guys have a bright future ahead of them, and are a band you need to watch. Mark my words, Greyjoy are the real deal.

Below, grab a free mp3 of “Complications” and below that, stream their EP. You’ll be sorry if you didn’t. Read the rest of this entry »

Introducing: The Glade

By Will Oliver, December 10th 2013

The Glade

The Glade are 4-piece folk-rock band from Sweeden. The band includes Jonas Carping on lead vocals. If that name sounds familiar, that’s because we featured his solo work here not too long ago. The same elements that worked so well for Carping as a solo artist are brought to fruition in a different way with his band, rounded out by Tobias Gustavsson on bass, Nils Janlöv on guitar, and Martin Karlsson on the drums. Read the rest of this entry »

Introducing: Jonas Carping

By Will Oliver, November 1st 2013 — with 1 comment

Jonas Live -1 - 720 × 478

When not playing with his band The Glade, Jonas Carping is also a very talented solo musician. Hailing from Stockhold, Sweden, Carping has just released his debut solo album, All The Time In The World.

While appreciative of folk rock music, it’s not my genre of “expertise”, but whatever a good folk artist needs, Jonas has got it going on. He knows how to tell a story. On opener “Left In Here” he sings about the pain and worries that come with that doubt your left with in relationships, afraid of the loneliness of being left alone. It’s a brilliant opener, he sets the tone for the rest of the the record.

From the first strum of the guitar on “Underground” you instantly make a close personal connection with Jonas. His vocal has a homely draw, something like a foreign Matt Berninger of The National. It’s easy to recognize that he has a natural ability to right a song with a memorable melody, something that just sweeps you into its world with gravity and grace. And this is just the first track from an artist that you’ve likely not even heard of yet. Well, that should change.

All The Time In The World is built on 10 songs, which are self-described as “a story of hope but also of loss of hope and finding it again at places not always expected.”

On the album, Carping worked with many different musicians such as his collaboration on “The Sting” with Sigrid Nilsson on vocals. Anyone whose ever dealt with the heartbreak of a relationship can find some form of emotional connection to this powerful song, which has snuck up on me later in the year here in November as one of the better songs to be released all year. The beauty of Jonas’ songs is that their so natural and sincere that you will be sure to find some semblance of reflection or something that you can take away that’s personal and unique to your own self.

In a short time, Jonas has made a great impression on me, impressing me with his ability to share his feelings over incredibly satisfying melodies and vocals, finding ways into your heart and soul with ease.

Take a journey into All The Time In The World, you won’t regret it. The album is currently available to stream and purchase at his bandcamp page. You can also find him on his website, facebook, and twitter.

The Guilty Sparks – Get Some Sleep EP

By Will Oliver, September 5th 2013


I’m always looking for new music. But while reading the front page of reddit, I didn’t expect to make any new music discoveries. I was reading a thread about instances when people under estimated you and you proved them dead wrong. One redditer told a story how no one expected anything from his band during a battle of the bands competition at his school, and he proved them dead wrong. He posted a link to his bands EP, and naturally, I checked it out.

Glad I did, because it’s a promising little EP. They’re a band called The Guilty Sparks made up of 4 Suffolk University students out of Boston. They’re EP is titled Get Some Sleep and its 5-song of really enjoyable guitar rock. If you guys remember a band out of Sheffiled, England (no not the Monkeys) named Milburn, these guys remind me a bit of them.

They’re a young band, but this is a very enjoyable little EP that these guys have released. I’m glad I stumbled upon that reddit page. No one should be underestimating these guys anymore.

Listen to their EP below, and find the band on facebook and twitter.

Introducing: Brave Young Lion

By Will Oliver, June 26th 2013

Brave Young Lion

I’ve been in a little blog slump as of late. But with that said, not too much new stuff has really stood up and grabbed me. But that changed with one e-mail from a young band named Brave Young Lion. They come from Denton, Texas and just released their debut EP Same Old Game.

In their e-mail they say that they feel like they belong in a surrounding such as New York City, with influence from bands like The Strokes, Vampire Weekend, The Killers, Kings of Leon, & Artic Monkeys (I approve). All of this shows on their sharp and exciting EP.

Things kick off nicely on lead track “122A” which sets the tone in style. “Ebbs & Flows” hits the ground running with a powerful guitar riff that instantly catches on to you. Add its glorious chorus and it becomes something that you’ll have stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You sense that these guys know how to write a hummable chorus again on “Bodies/Hours” and hear some impressive instrumentation on the impressive “Same Old Game.”

There was an instant connection when listening to each track on this impressive little EP. This connection is really hard to find. But when you find it, or rather, it finds you, it really hits the spot.

Take a listen to two tracks below, and if you like what you’re hearing, be sure to grab the EP from their bandcamp page for free. I also have it posted after the jump. Enjoy.

[mp3]: Brave Young Lion – Ebbs & Flows
[mp3]: Brave Young Lion – Same Old Game
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Introducing: Sugarpuss

By Will Oliver, May 1st 2013 — with 1 comment

Sugarpuss are a 5-piece from Perth, Australia who have a quickly endearing sound that is pop-rock at it’s most loveable level. One listen to their single “Drinking Alone” and you will see what I mean. It’s got a easy breezy feel good nature that is made to sing along in a big summer festival crowd, with a cold beer in hand. It’s the type of song that will become an earworm, stuck in your head all day, seemingly out of no where.

It’s off their debut EP Psychotic Teenage Supermodels, out now on bandcamp.

You hear this same good-time fun on the sugary “Falling Outta Love” which is the funnest song I’ve ever heard about this particular topic.

Don’t be surprised if you hear these guys all over the radio someday, sort of in the fashion of Foster The People in 2012.

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