The Guilty Sparks – Get Some Sleep EP

By Will Oliver, September 5th 2013


I’m always looking for new music. But while reading the front page of reddit, I didn’t expect to make any new music discoveries. I was reading a thread about instances when people under estimated you and you proved them dead wrong. One redditer told a story how no one expected anything from his band during a battle of the bands competition at his school, and he proved them dead wrong. He posted a link to his bands EP, and naturally, I checked it out.

Glad I did, because it’s a promising little EP. They’re a band called The Guilty Sparks made up of 4 Suffolk University students out of Boston. They’re EP is titled Get Some Sleep and its 5-song of really enjoyable guitar rock. If you guys remember a band out of Sheffiled, England (no not the Monkeys) named Milburn, these guys remind me a bit of them.

They’re a young band, but this is a very enjoyable little EP that these guys have released. I’m glad I stumbled upon that reddit page. No one should be underestimating these guys anymore.

Listen to their EP below, and find the band on facebook and twitter.

Introducing: Brave Young Lion

By Will Oliver, June 26th 2013

Brave Young Lion

I’ve been in a little blog slump as of late. But with that said, not too much new stuff has really stood up and grabbed me. But that changed with one e-mail from a young band named Brave Young Lion. They come from Denton, Texas and just released their debut EP Same Old Game.

In their e-mail they say that they feel like they belong in a surrounding such as New York City, with influence from bands like The Strokes, Vampire Weekend, The Killers, Kings of Leon, & Artic Monkeys (I approve). All of this shows on their sharp and exciting EP.

Things kick off nicely on lead track “122A” which sets the tone in style. “Ebbs & Flows” hits the ground running with a powerful guitar riff that instantly catches on to you. Add its glorious chorus and it becomes something that you’ll have stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You sense that these guys know how to write a hummable chorus again on “Bodies/Hours” and hear some impressive instrumentation on the impressive “Same Old Game.”

There was an instant connection when listening to each track on this impressive little EP. This connection is really hard to find. But when you find it, or rather, it finds you, it really hits the spot.

Take a listen to two tracks below, and if you like what you’re hearing, be sure to grab the EP from their bandcamp page for free. I also have it posted after the jump. Enjoy.

[mp3]: Brave Young Lion – Ebbs & Flows
[mp3]: Brave Young Lion – Same Old Game
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Introducing: Sugarpuss

By Will Oliver, May 1st 2013 — with 1 comment

Sugarpuss are a 5-piece from Perth, Australia who have a quickly endearing sound that is pop-rock at it’s most loveable level. One listen to their single “Drinking Alone” and you will see what I mean. It’s got a easy breezy feel good nature that is made to sing along in a big summer festival crowd, with a cold beer in hand. It’s the type of song that will become an earworm, stuck in your head all day, seemingly out of no where.

It’s off their debut EP Psychotic Teenage Supermodels, out now on bandcamp.

You hear this same good-time fun on the sugary “Falling Outta Love” which is the funnest song I’ve ever heard about this particular topic.

Don’t be surprised if you hear these guys all over the radio someday, sort of in the fashion of Foster The People in 2012.

If I were to tell you that Archie Marshall – otherwise known as King Krule – had a hip-hop project on the side, you probably would be skeptical, and understandably so. But he does just this under the moniker Edgar The Beatmaker.

It’s him, and he has a surrounding cast of friends that seemed to have joined him on the project, as there are more than one voices taking part in the songs. He’s released 7 songs as an EP titled Darkest Shades Of Blue. They are all available to stream on bandcamp right now. I got an embed of the EP so you can listen right below.

Artist To Watch: Oscar

By Will Oliver, April 18th 2013 — with 3 comments

The beauty of music listening online is the ability to stumble upon something new at random. While browsing tracks on soundcloud, a few songs ended up playing after each other. Usually the songs that start playing on their own are of no interest to me, but tonight that changed. Immediately upon hearing “Never Told You” by an artist named Oscar, I knew it was something special.

All I know about him is that his full name is Oscar Scheller, and he’s based from London. His voice is a deep baritone, rich in the ways of Zach Condon, of Beirut. He effortlessly commands your attention with a distinctive voice that haunts its way over the loose but funky backbeat that he’s created. For what I’m assuming is a one man bedroom type operation, he’s done quite the job, as this may be the purest – and best – pop song to have graced my ears so far this year.

The song is fairly simple in construct, but every breath song by Oscar is well executed. The line “I never told you how much I want you” is something we can all relate to, but the way that Oscar sings it makes us believe him and feel his pain, as if it was us having our heart torn out.

I’m impressed, and terrifically excited to see what else Oscar will bring us.

[mp3]: Oscar – Never Told You

Introducing: Split Single

By Will Oliver, April 8th 2013


Britt Daniel is a busy man. When he’s not fronting Spoon or playing in Divine Fits, he is also keeping busy with yet another band: Split Single. The band is a trio that includes Daniel (on bass), along with Jason Narducy (guitar, he’s in Bob Mould’s band) and Jon Wurster (who drums in the Mountain Goats). Their motto is “three guys, one mic. Jist like Elvis and Yes recorded.”

Split Single have kicked things off by releasing a few singles, as ever appropriate as that is. The songs are titled “Fragmented World”, “Waiting for the Sun”, and “Last Goodbye.” They don’t sound quite like what you would have guessed they would based on Daniel’s participation. Their an early 90s shoegaze-pop sound that is equally dreamy as it is poppy. It’s a nice change of pace for sure.

Give a listen to all three songs below.

Local Channel – Arctic

By Will Oliver, February 20th 2013 — with 1 comment

Local Channel

Local Channel are a new band out of the Silver Lake area of LA. Their first offering is their debut single “Arctic.” It starts with an atmospheric beginning that wets your palette a bit before jumping into a fully stretched out mesmerizing jam.

It’s an impressive track, especially if it’s their debut single. I’m liking what I hear, and I am excited to see what else these guys have on the way.

[mp3]: Local Channel – Arctic

“Arctic” will be on an EP that will be released early this March.

Strangeheart – In Another Life

By Will Oliver, February 8th 2013 — with 1 comment

Strangeheart - In Another Life

Strangeheart is the project of L.A.’s Jeff Thompson and Brandon Queen. Recently formingĀ  after Thompson’s old project Dreamwavers disbanded, which resulted in the new project.

The first track heard from Strangeheart is “In Another Life.” It’s pure shimmering electronic-pop bliss. It’s all kinds of catchy with a simple sugary synth groove joined by packs and packs of hooks.

This is one of the catchier songs you will find. If you’re being affected by this winter-storm like me, this song should do you some good. I’m keeping an eye on Strangeheart, they are one of the best finds of 2013, so far.

[mp3]: Strangeheart – In Another Life

Sheep Man – Elementary

By Will Oliver, November 14th 2012 — with 1 comment

Checked my inbox and received an email from a Canadian fella named Harley Alexander who shared his latest single under his Sheep Man guise, “Elementary”. It struck instantly with me, drawn in to it’s tremendous guitar hook and alt-country laden vocals. An all-around uplifting spirit can be found on its sky’s the limit chorus, making it one of the nicer gems that I have stumbled upon so far. It’s a must for you’re new music additions this week:

[mp3]: Sheep Man – Elementary

It comes with a b-side titled “Mattress Friends” which you can also grab below. Find more of his music on his bandcamp.

[mp3]: Sheep Man – Mattress Friends

[Introducing]: Buckaroo

By Will Oliver, November 1st 2012

Buckaroo are a band from L.A. who released their first single in October. The single features two songs, “Attention” and “Grounded” that lean towards the alt-country fair.

“Attention” sounds like it picks off right where She & Him left off. It’s alt-country done right, with an ultra sweet female vocals that you will fall in love with. “Grounded” has more of a rock stomp to it, but it’s got just as much sincerity to it with great vocal work.

Take a listen to both songs below and grab the 7″ here if you’re really digging them.

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