The Tins

Buffalo rock trio The Tins are in the midst of making their second studio album. To help fund it, as well as an accompanying documentary film, they launched a kickstarter with variety of cool rewards for fans that donate at a certain level.

It’s the last hour, with about 12 hours to go, and I’m proud to announce that The Tins have successfully reached their kickstarter goal. But even so, every little bit will still help them out with the recording and documentary, as well as future tours and the like. It’s also the last chance to snag any of the rewards.

You only have 12 hours, so if you want to help The Tins and support a hard working independant band, head to their kickstarter page and help send The Tins on their way. We can’t wait to hear what they share with us on this new record.
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The Tins Launch Kickstarter For New Album and Documentary

By Will Oliver, March 11th 2015 — with 1 comment

The Tins 1

The Tins are longtime favorites of ours here. We’ve been following the progression of their career for years now, and every new move and journey excites us even more than the last. We’re excited to learn that they are in the midst of creating their brand new album along with an accompanying documentary film. Only, they need a little help to get it finished.

They’ve launched a kickstarter campaign to help them get the two projects to completion at the best of their ability. The songs are mostly written, but they need some help covering the remaining studio time, filming budget, as well as the costs of final mixing and mastering. The album is being produced by Robby Takac, of a little band called the Goo Goo Dolls. You may have heard of them.

The Tins 2

Here’s the band’s description of the new album:

The new songs share themes of inner questioning. What is real? How have our expectations changed over time and how do they effect our reality? On the one hand, there is a romantic idea built up around an experience. On the other hand, there is the actuality of that experience. We often find ourselves stuck between both worlds as we long for the mythology that precedes the reality.

And a little bit about the documentary:

Our talented film crew, Jesse Deganis Librera and Thomas Etu, will be working on the documentary. They will be devoting an ungodly amount of time and energy towards shadowing this band for many months…. from the studio, to the tours, to the songwriting, to the everyday.. up until the release of this bad boy (the album). Easier said than done.

The filmmakers want to capture the reality of the band, and to show what is at stake when pursuing one’s passion. The film also plans to showcase Buffalo’s thriving music and arts community. The documentary will be submitted to film festivals worldwide.

You can read some more about the kickstarter at the campaign page, and by checking out the kickstarter video that they’ve shared (with some footage from their show at The Rock Shop last summer), which I’ve embedded below for you. If you’re feeling generous and want to support good honest independent music, head to the page and donate as much as you can.

Support Harriet’s Kickstarter For Their Debut Album

By Will Oliver, December 20th 2012


Harriet, a young band from Los Angeles that I’m excited about, is soon going to begin working on their debut full-length album. They need some help before they can do so. Which is why they launched a kickstarter campaign.

They are almost at their goal, but they can use some additional funds in order to make the best album that they can. If the fund helps them make songs as solid as “No Way Out”, it is well worth every penny.

Read about the kickstarter here, and download “No Way Out” below.

[mp3]: Harriet – No Way Out

Help Camilo With His Bearycalm Kickstarter

By Will Oliver, April 5th 2012 — with 2 comments

My new partner in crime is the ultra-talented Camilo Bejarano, who has done so much for me with the amazing artwork that you see on my header, and throughout all our monthly mixes. It’s our turn to help him out.

Not only is Cam a talented artist, but he’s a visionary who has an eye for created limited edition toys. He’s made a limited-edition hand-made vinyl toy called Bearycalm. Camilo teamed up with Hong Kong artist Bubi Au Yeung came together to bring something together that is a symbol for peace and calmness.

Here’s were we come in: They have started a kickstarter campaign that will help create the toys. If you got a few bucks to spare, please consider it. Every dollar counts. If not just for the unique item at hand, do it as a way to thanks Camilo for all that he has brought to the blog. He’s become an integral part of what is currently We All Want Someone To Shout For, and it’s time to help him out.

So head to the kickstarter page and please consider helping them get their project get off the ground, it will help earn you one of the limited edition collectors items.

The Tins Kickstarter Update

By Will Oliver, September 4th 2011 — with 1 comment

The Tins have 5 days left to reach their kickstarter goal of $8,000. They are currently sitting at $7,305 and are as close as you can come. The kickstarter is to help fund there debut album, something that they can truly use.

Times are tough but if you have any money to spare you should consider helping these guys out. They can definitely do it.

Head to the kickstarter page here and help The Tins make their first LP.

Below are two demos from the album that would sound even better mastered and properly produced….so help them do it.

The Tins – Taking Liberties by weallwantsome1

The Tins – White Out by weallwantsome1

The Tins Need Your Help

By Will Oliver, August 10th 2011

The Tins have a kickstarter going which will help them properly record their debut LP. I’m a big fan of the guys as you should know by now, and I hope you guys share the same sentiments. I already wrote about the kickstarter, but I wanted to do one more post since they are so close, yet still have a little to go.

They have 30 days to go, and $2,844 of the $8,000 has been raised. If everyone chipped in even just a few dollars, they would be well on their way. I know times are hard for everyone, but if you have anything to spare, I’m sure the band could use the help.

The band have allowed me to stream the demo of “Taking Liberties”, a song that would appear on this LP:

The Tins – Taking Liberties by weallwantsome1

If you like it, head to the kickstarter page and help contribute to the production of some great independent music.

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