Great News – “You’re Mine”

By Will Oliver, March 6th 2018

Norweigan indie rockers Great News are a trio that makes some trippy indie rock that reminds me a bit of Tame Impala. They released their debut album Wonderfault earlier this year and we previously shared the title track and single late last year.

Today we are hitting back with another glorious trip of psych-pop with “You’re Mine.” This song indulges in all the best aspects of synth-rock with some sugary vocals to send it all home in a wonderful little package.

Enjoy a stream of “You’re Mine” below and find the whole album available to buy over from iTunes.
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Premiere: Yes Yes Whatever – “Mushrooms”

By Will Oliver, March 6th 2018

Melbourne garage rock trio Yes Yes Whatever is the Melbourne garage rock trio consisting of Oscar Galt, Rory Walker, and Michael Hood. Today the band have unleashed an energetic romper of a track with new single “Mushrooms.”

This morning we have the pleasure of premiering this little gem of a garage rock stomp with an addictive chorus that should someday be used alongside a fast-paced moment in a film or commercial. These guys are a relentless ball of energy that offers a rocker that just chugs along at breakneck speed and by the time you recover the only thing left to do is hit that replay button.

We are happy to premiere this bad boy for all of you and hope that you dig “Mushrooms” and Yes, Yes, Whatever as much as I do. Enjoy the track below and if you like what you hear LINK
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Samia – “Django”

By Will Oliver, March 5th 2018

New York Samia is just 21-years-old but has already signed to Grand Jury. The label has released her stunning debut single “Django,” a lovely and haunting piano ballad that puts her emotive vocals on full display.

This is only her introduction but based solely on this, we can see a very promising career on the way for her, especially being backed by Grand Jury.

Stream “Django” below and if you enjoyed it, go give it a purchase on iTunes.
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Linn Koch-Emmery – “Wires”

By Will Oliver, March 5th 2018 — with 2 comments

You may remember Swedish indie rocker Linn Koch-Emmery for her irresistible single “Forever Sounds,” released last year as a part of her debut EP Boys.

Thankfully she is wasting no time and will release her second EP sometime this month via Welfare Sound & Records. Based on first single “Wires” we are watching the growth of a future great artist who is only starting to realize her full potential. There’s something about Koch-Emmery’s vocal delivery and this hopeful and uplifting sound that captures an indie spirit with some pop smarts that are hidden underneath the surface.

I’m really excited for more people to fall in love her well-crafted sound that is leagues above the rest and she is only just emerging. The future is looking pretty damn bright for her, don’t miss out.

Stream “Wires” below and if you like what you hear go ahead and buy that bad boy over on iTunes. Stay tuned as she is also booked to play her first shows in the States this Spring. We cant wait.
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Rebounder – “Japanese Posters”

By Will Oliver, March 2nd 2018

The release cycle of new music can be a bit routine and predictable these days, so it’s nice to be surprised by an act that has a bit of mystery to them. This happened today when I just happened to stumble across “Japanese Posters,” a very Strokes-y guitar track from an act known as Rebounder.

Scourging the interwebs, not much is known about this Rebounder except that the project comes from the brain of someone who resides in the East Village of New York City and that all of their songs are self-performed/produced.

The DNA of New York can definitely be felt throughout this track with some old school rock vibes that are ever presented and given a nice little modern spin.

Enjoy “Japanese Posters” below and if you dig, it’s available to buy on iTunes and stream on Spotify. You can try to find more on the band on their Facebook and Twitter.
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si,irene – “awful pop song”

By Will Oliver, March 2nd 2018

si,irene are a shoegaze band based out of Japan who have flown under the radar with their 2017 EP BEES.

The band has caught my attention with the lead-off track from the EP the wonderfully titled “awful pop song.” There’s a charming slacker rock with a 90s feel to it that they so naturally riff through on the track, it doesn’t take very long for it to win you over.

You can find a stream of “awful pop song” below and if you dig it you can stream or buy the rest of the EP from their Bandcamp.
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Yaysh – “Daep”

By Will Oliver, March 2nd 2018

Yaysh is a rapper out of Boulder, Colorado who recently released her new single “Daep.”

The word “Daep” means beautiful in Vietnamese. And that’s exactly how one could describe the atmospheric production from producer Troy R8dio Johnson. He gives Yaysh some interesting beats and sonic landscapes to provide her pop-laden rhymes over and it provides some interesting results.

Find a stream of “Daep” below
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Keep Shelly in Athens – “Denial”

By Will Oliver, March 2nd 2018

Greece synthpop group Keep Shelly In Athens have returned with their new single, “Denial,” which is backed by b-side “Tokyo Lane.”

It’s got a warm wash of synths and build up that gives it a distinctly 80s feel. Paired with some great vocals the track finds a colorful and dreamy soundscape to occupy and allow the listener to get completely lost within.

Enjoy a stream of “Denial” below and find the track available to buy from their Bandcamp.
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Bandy – “Older”

By Will Oliver, March 1st 2018

BANDY is the project of Brian Hill of California rock group Ride The Wave. He’s recently started his own solo project as Bandy, announcing the project with the passing of his 27th birthday as well as the sharing of first single “Older.”

It’s a track he both wrote and produced and it captured a youthful feeling of summer and sunshine as well as the growing pains that come with every birthday basically past 21. You can find the track posted below and stay tuned for a music video for it as well as his debut EP.

Enjoy “Older” below and go grab it for whatever price you want from his Bandcamp.
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Black Pistol Fire

All photos by Omar Kasrawi

There are some bands that you drop everything you’re doing to go see. I don’t care what it is, you stop watching the Olympics, you put off doing laundry, you leave the kids waiting after soccer practice in the rain…ok, maybe not that one – I’m pretty sure that the band I’m talking about wouldn’t want you having to talk to child protective services. The band, that you have to see, in this case, is none other than Black Pistol Fire. A band, that for my money (and no, I’m not giving up any money if you disagree), is probably the best rock duo out there. And they proved it once again at Irving Plaza on Thursday, with yet another signature show full of leaps, dives, more leaps, whiplash moves, Delta blues-inspired riffs, and some of the most madcap drumming you’ll ever see.
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