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Car Seat Headrest – “Nervous Young Inhumans”

By Will Oliver, January 15th 2018

Car Seat Headrest has re-recorded his 2011 album Twin Fantasy which was originally self-released through Bandcamp and will come out with a revamp and more produced version of the album via Matador Records.

The first new take of the album that he’s released is the music video of “Nervous Young Inhumans,” which Will Toledo self-directed and shows himself putting some fancy footwork on display while singing into the camera with some split-screen camera action. The song itself basically is re-recorded to capture the band at their current prowless as live performers and with some finer production at their disposal. It sounds great, although I’m sure diehard fans will naturally prefer the original.

But so often bands record some great work themselves and the result is a good lo-fi record, but sometimes you wonder what it would happen if they re-recorded it when they actually had some money and a label overseeing the recordings (Smith Westerns debut comes to mind). Well, Toledo has actually done just that. I’m excited to see what he’s done to the rest of the record.

For now, enjoy the video for “Nervous Young Inhumans” below.
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Sea Offs – “Occhiolism”

By Will Oliver, January 14th 2018

Sea Offs play at the Oak Mountain Hideaway Concert Series in Frenchville, Pa. on Feb. 11, 2017.

Sea Offs is the Philadelphia duo of Olivia Price and Rashmit Arora. Together they make some passionate and lovely dreamy folk-rock that is touching and sincere.

Take their track “Occhiolism” that starts out as a fragile ballad and soon blossoms into a full-out indie rock jam with Price’s vocals soaring in beautiful fashion.

Enjoy the track with its official music video which was directed by Kirti Kalyandurgmath and was recently premiered over at WXPN’s The Key. Both the video and the track are posted and available to hear below.
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Bridal Party – “Fruitless” (Music Video)

By Will Oliver, January 13th 2018

Canadian indie rock group Bridal Party released their EP Negative Space last year and one of the highlights of the release was the energetic offering “Fruitless,” which we shared earlier last month.

A few days ago the band returned with the official music video for “Fruitless” (directed by Koty Bannouvong) which features the band working in a convenience story all shots with an old school charm, including a nice little homage to Clerks.

Find the video posted below and head to their bandcamp to hear the full EP.
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Kate Boy – “True Colours”

By Will Oliver, December 29th 2017

This month Swedish/Australian duo Kate Boy returned with their first new song in two years with single “True Colours.”

They maturely ease into their return, deliver slow-burn ballad that has some nice atmospheric sonic touches that call to mind some of The Knife here and there throughout its production. It’s just good to have them back and to return with such a thoughtful, layered song is good to see.

Take a listen to “True Colours” with it’s official music video below or grab it right now from iTunes.
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Flyte – “Faithless” (Music Video)

By Will Oliver, December 29th 2017

Flyte has put out one of my favorite records of the year with their wonderful debut The Loved Ones (released via Islands Records). It’s arguably one of the most overlooked of the records (outside of the U.K.) and I wished the band toured here at some point either previously, or this year, to get on the radar of U.S. audiences. But that may change with their scheduled stop at SXSW next year and what we can only assume will lead to some other dates, including here in New York.

If you really want to get a taste for the stylistic grace of Flyte, look no further than the official music video for their lovely offering “Faithless.” The track is a perfect ode to rock music of the past, and the music video definitely reflects that with some 60′ Beatles like imagery.

The video, which was directed by Femke Huurdeman, can be enjoyed below. And if you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and grab the album on iTunes or stream it on Spotify. You won’t regret it.
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Yonaka – “Bubblegum”

By Will Oliver, December 28th 2017

Back in October, we shared with you the firey track “Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya” from up-and-coming British rockers Yonaka.

Today we are here to share another winning track from the band’s debut EP Heavy. It’s the EP’s opening song, “Bubblegum,” a confident rocker that almost sounds like if Sanigold was fronting a buzzy rock band. It’s got a big-time energy to it that just feels natural and full of life, something that it seems just comes naturally to this young Brighton band.

Take a listen to “Bubblegum” below, where you can also find it’s lively music video. The whole EP is available to buy now from iTunes.
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POP ETC – “Fingerprints”

By Will Oliver, December 28th 2017

POP ETC returned this year with their Infinity Singles Collection, releasing a new single every couple of weeks. One of the first releases in this series is a track called “Fingerprints,” which has a laid-back and sunny, mostly acoustic heart to it.

Fans of POP ETC who fell in love with their early work as The Morning Benders may find something for them here, if the bands more electronic/pop offerings weren’t quite for you. This is a bit of an old school sound for these guys and it’s really working for me.

Enjoy the video for “Fingerprints” below.
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Kate Tempest – “Tunnel Vision” (Music Video)

By Will Oliver, December 28th 2017

British poet/rapper/author Kate Tempest moves to the beat of her own drum, doing something that can be considered hip-hop or spoken word but her voice cuts deeper than that. Her 2016 album Let Them Eat Chaos was another thoughtful release from the artist who continues to prove herself to be one of the smartest voices in the game at the moment. She blew me away when she came through to Le Poisson Rouge back in April.

It’s hard not to be moved by her music video for “Tunnel Vision.” with some political statements that are all too relevant in this climate. It’s good to know that we have voices like Tempest to help guide us through these troubling times.

Find the video for “Tunnel Vision” posted below.
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Volunteer Cheerleader – “July”

By Will Oliver, December 28th 2017

Volunteer Cheerleader is the duo of Chris Blackman and Jordan Sommerlad, two Ohio grade school friends who are now based out of New York City. This year they released their self-titled five-song EP, which we had already shared it’s first single “The City Is A Bone” back in October.

Today we are sharing another cut from the EP, the very summer sounding cut “July,” along with its official music video. It instantly warms you up with some great vocals that pair perfectly with it’s clean, glossy rock sound that has elements of power-pop and smart hooks that slowly work their magic on you.

You can find the video for “July” posted below and find the entire EP available to stream and purchase over at their bandcamp.
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The Babe Rainbow – “Johny Says Stay Cool”

By Will Oliver, December 27th 2017

Australian psych-rockers The Babe Rainbow released their self-titled debut album via Danger Mouse’s 30th Century Records earlier this year. We previously shared with you the album’s first single “Peace Blossom Boogy,” and today we are back with another sunny slice of paradise from the album in the form of the funky fresh music video for the albums very 70s groovy cut “Johny Says Stay Cool.”

The video is directed by Kristofski and can be found for your enjoyment below.
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