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Volunteer Cheerleader – “July”

By Will Oliver, December 28th 2017

Volunteer Cheerleader is the duo of Chris Blackman and Jordan Sommerlad, two Ohio grade school friends who are now based out of New York City. This year they released their self-titled five-song EP, which we had already shared it’s first single “The City Is A Bone” back in October.

Today we are sharing another cut from the EP, the very summer sounding cut “July,” along with its official music video. It instantly warms you up with some great vocals that pair perfectly with it’s clean, glossy rock sound that has elements of power-pop and smart hooks that slowly work their magic on you.

You can find the video for “July” posted below and find the entire EP available to stream and purchase over at their bandcamp.
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The Babe Rainbow – “Johny Says Stay Cool”

By Will Oliver, December 27th 2017

Australian psych-rockers The Babe Rainbow released their self-titled debut album via Danger Mouse’s 30th Century Records earlier this year. We previously shared with you the album’s first single “Peace Blossom Boogy,” and today we are back with another sunny slice of paradise from the album in the form of the funky fresh music video for the albums very 70s groovy cut “Johny Says Stay Cool.”

The video is directed by Kristofski and can be found for your enjoyment below.
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Morgxn – “xx” (music video)

By Will Oliver, December 27th 2017

Back in May we shared with you a seductive little electro-pop jam titled “xx” by Los Angeles producer Morgxn. It’s got a big addictive chorus and a big electronic groove that doesn’t take long to win you over in a winning manner.

Today we share with you a dazzling visual component in the form of the songs official music video which was directed by MOSES.

Enjoy the fitting music video, which we’ve embedded below.
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Everything Everything – “Desire”

By Will Oliver, December 8th 2017

This year saw British rockers Everything Everything return with their fourth album A Fever Dream, released this August via RCA Records.

The band have a signature blend of indie rock that is very much their own and this stays very much true on the records third single “Desire.” If nothing else, it doesn’t take long for the track to stand out with those signature vocals that are as unique as they are unmistakably catchy.

You can take a listen to “Desire” below in the form of its official music video.
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The New Madness – “Lovesick”

By Will Oliver, December 6th 2017

There’s a ton of elements from classic rock felt in “Lovesick’ the winning single from The New Madness.

“Lovesick” also happens to be the official debut release from the Danish rocker who come swinging hard out of the gate with a rock sound that has a ton of hooks to go with its undeniable swagger. These guys have a classic sound but give it a bit of a fresh engaging spin that’s hard not to dig.

You can find the official video for the song posted below
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Be The Bear – “Erupt”

By Will Oliver, December 5th 2017

Be The Bear is the project of Swedish musician Christina Wehage. It won’t take long for her debut single “Erupt” (released via her own label Loud Attic Records via Kobalt) to erupt in a big way or win you over.

It does everything that bland American electro pop gets so wrong. Offers some smart production with strings, big vocals, and a smart and effective chorus that proves you don’t have to dumb things down to write a beautiful pop hook. It’s yet another wonderful pop offering from Sweden, who would’ve guessed?

The fact that this is her debut single is downright unfair. This is so fully realized and well made, she’s got a promising career ahead of herself, that’s for sure.

Enjoy a stream of “Erupt” below, along with the official video.
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Gold Class – “Twist In The Dark”

By Will Oliver, December 5th 2017

Gold Class are a four-piece punk rock outfit from Australia who released their new album Drum on August 18 via Felte. Based on tracks like “Twist In The Dark,” the band have quite nailed the brooding dark sinister punk rock sound that hits you like a ton of bricks.

It’s smartly handled, giving off a sense of the classic moody Brit punk rock of say the 80s, almost like an Australian male version of Savages. In other words, it’s good stuff.

You can find a stream of “Twist In The Dark” posted below and find the official music video as well. The whole album is also available to stream/purchase on their bandcamp page as well.
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Dan Croll – “Bad Boy”

By Will Oliver, December 4th 2017

It’s been a few years since I last caught British indie rocker Dan Croll play. He had been away for a few years working on his sophomore record Emerging Adulthood, which was released this summer via Kobalt Music.

Leading the way for the album was the big-sounding “Bad Boy,” which has that signature Croll sound of delightful indie pop with some confident songwriting power. I’ve posted both it’s official music video as well as it’s soundcloud stream, both of which you can find posted below.
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Portugal-based group First Breath After Coma released their 2015 album Drifter, which recently caught out attention thanks to beautiful new music video made for the album’s especially haunting track “Nagmani.”

Imagine the haunted atmosphere of Sigur Ros mixed with the devastating vocals ofAndre Barros which remind a bit of Peter Silberman of The Antlers. It combines both to create something familiar yet special to them that just hit’s a chord. The video was made in collaboration between the band and CASOTA Collective who produced and directed.

You can enjoy the lovely music video posted below and find the bandcamp stream below that as well. The whole album is also available to stream/purchase at their bandcamp page as well.\

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